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Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.

Protectobot Beginnings Universe
Links posted in order of when they were written. I might go through and number them in chronological order for the storyline, later.

NaNo Snippets Very first NaNoWriMo bits I was ever brave enough to post, back in 2008, wow! Spoilery for "Shield" and "Taken." November 2008

Streetwise has the giggles; Hot Spot is puzzled. "Care to explain what you find so funny to the rest of us, Street?" December 2008

They had wanted to give them at least a semblance of a normal upbringing, but the Protectobots, it seemed, had other ideas. Wheeljack is a little stressed. January 2009

Shield Chapter 1
Shield Chapter 2
Shield Chapter 3
Shield Chapter 4
The Protectobots are caught up in the war far ahead of schedule, but how much will it cost them? First Aid pays the price for their first battle. January 2009

Ratchet's thoughts as he and Wheeljack bring the Protectobots online for the first time. January 2009

Ye Merry Mechs of Cybertron
Sometimes those he helped caught a brief shimmer of air, as though a messenger of Primus had passed by... February 2009

Small Discoveries
Fireflight, Bluestreak, and First Aid discover the circle of life. March 2009

Cyberswan Song
Grownups are weird. The Protectobots try to be polite. Despite some unhappy!First Aid, humor and fluffage. May 2009

The Art of Sitting Down
Streetwise sure is an observant young mech. Just a short, silly thing. May 2009

Brothers in Arms
Air Raid finds something. Contains a bit of gore and a bad joke. July 2009

A Protectobot Halloween
Hot Spot sighed. The zombies giggled. First Aid and Halloween may not be the best combination... October 2009

Wherein the Protectobot team is in need of cuddling, the Aerialbot team obliges, and Slingshot has an angst attack but cannot resist the Power of Ten. November 2009

Sun and Moon
Sideswipe had been a bad influence on him. First Aid/Sunstreaker December 2009

First Aid's reluctance to shoot things runs a little deeper than Ironhide realizes. January 2010

Love Like Snowflakes
Midnight lessons with Perceptor can be fun! The Protectobots learn all about the fascinating properties of dihydrogen monoxide. January 2010

Taken Chapter 1
First Aid has been taken hostage by a rogue group of Decepticons. Hot Spot and Silverbolt go to get him back.
Taken Chapter 2
First Aid is stubborn; Hot Spot is worried. Silverbolt tries to help.
Taken Chapter 3
The Protectobots try to cope in their own way. Things get both worse and better.
Taken Chapter 4
Ratchet and Wheeljack worry; Air Raid is crazy, but in a good way. February 2010

The Art of Saying Ouch
First Aid keeps things to himself. Wheeljack ponders. May 2010

Jealousy in the Ranks
Even the Protectobots experience a little jealousy of their teammates on occasion... June 2010

Small Fry
Ratchet said he couldn't be saved. First Aid tries anyway. August 2010

May the Road Be Solid Beneath You
Wheeljack's heading out, Silverbolt realizes some things. September 2010

The Protectobots are recovering from their injuries and hit some speedbumps. Their older brothers are worried. October 2010

The Aerialbots have messed up big time, but don't worry. Fireflight's got it all under control.
December 2010

Very young sparklings must be watched over constantly. Even Perceptor finds this challenging at times. February 2011

Little Buddy
When everyone else needs him, First Aid doesn't always pay the closest attention to his own health, but this time really takes the cake. March 2012

Protectobot Beginnings Snippets - previews of fic in progress and little moments and bits that didn't fit into longer story arcs, crack, alternate versions, assorted oddments, no particular rhyme or reason to anything.
Snippets #1 March 2009
Snippets #2 March 2009
Snippets #3 March 2009
(Contains snippet later published on as "Delayed Reaction" - In which First Aid is in need of snuggles.)
Snippets #4 April 2009
(Contains snippet later published on as "One" - The Protectobots reach an important milestone in the midst of war.)
Snippets #5 April 2009
Snippets #6 June 2009
Snippets #7 August 2009
(Contains snippet later published on as "The Platinum Rule" - Wheeljack asks Groove and Streetwise to stand on one foot, and in return they keep him on his toes.)
Snippets #8 October 2009
Random NaNo Snippet 1 November 2009
Random NaNo Snippet 2 November 2009
Snippets #9 May 2010
Snippets #10 July 2010
Snippets #11 August 2010
Snippets #12 December 2010
Snippets #13 March 2011
Snippets #14 July 2011
Snippets #15 July 2012
Snippets #16 September 2012

Project Reset Universe

Project Reset Chapter 1
First Aid snuggles can fix pretty much anything! July 2011
Project Reset Chapter 2
Optimus and Ratchet coo over ponder the hatchlings. July 2011

Project Reset The Prequel - Chapter 1
Two years after the events of Dark of the Moon, Barricade requires assistance. He finds a nice Autobot and asks for help politely. July 2011
Project Reset The Prequel - Chapter 2
Barricade does his best to conceal his inner smushyness, is alternately baffled and horrified, and narrowly avoids a hugging. August 2011
Project Reset The Prequel - Chapter 3
Barricade meets Blades. Everyone needs naps. December 2011

They believed every word he said. It was a lesson they would remember, even when Optimus Prime forgot. October 2011

Random NaNo Snippet 1 November 2011
Random NaNo Snippet 2 November 2011
Random NaNo Snippet 3 November 2011

Project Reset Snippets #1 August 2012 Profile Link
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