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Look what a few days off in a row will get you! I wrote fic! :D Also I cleaned my basement, which was a solid two day project involving two trips to Goodwill, at least eight bags of trash, and a full bin of recycling (why the heck did I keep so many cardboard boxes and enough bubble wrap to mail my car to the moon?) It's all lovely and organized now, and I won't have to shovel a path through it when the sewer hook up folks come to give estimates on hooking up to the city sewer (oh joy. also, oh $$ O_O).

Title: Supply Run
Characters: Blades, Aerialbots
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K
Word Count: 1037 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Wherein Blades needs snuggles. The Aerialbots take Blades on a supply run, but have a hard time remembering just how young he really is. Takes place shortly after the events in Shield

Also, Blades hasn't had much of a chance to learn the fine art of the insult yet, but there's no better inspiration than Slingshot! )


Dec. 31st, 2010 07:48 pm
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Posting this without my usual private test-post this time, so apologies if cut is mucked up initially - LJ notifications should be functional though!  Also, Happy New Year! *throws confetti*  \o/

For the [info]gestalt_love  December 2010 Anniversery Challenge.  Prompt:  Aerialbots, Rescue Mission:

Title: Potential
Universe:  Aerialbot Beginnings AU  
Rating: K+
Warnings:  Cybertronian swearing, mild violence
Characters:  Aerialbots, brief Skywarp, Ironhide, Wheeljack
Summary: The Aerialbots have messed up big time, but don't worry.  Fireflight's got it all under control. 
Wordcount: 1849



Wheeljack was yelling like a crazy mechanism )






Oct. 16th, 2010 04:55 pm
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For the [ profile] gestalt_love  Sept-Oct Graphics challenge, though I'm not sure how well it counts as the "graphics" part is sort of minor - still, it was the jumping off point to write the rest of the fic ^^ 

Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K+
Characters: Protectobots, Aerialbots, Ratchet, Wheeljack
Summary: The Protectobots are recovering from their injuries and hit some speedbumps.  Their older brothers are worried.
Notes:  Takes place shortly after the events in "Protectobot Beginnings: Shield" , though I don't think it's necessary to have read it to get the general gist of this one.
Wordcount: 2465

For someone who referred to the Protectobots as “stupid, annoying sparklings” several times a cycle, Slingshot sure was awfully concerned.  )
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What the heck?  A fic with no Protectobots?  *blink blink*

Title:  May the Road Be Solid Beneath You
Rating:  K
Character:  Silverbolt, Wheeljack
Summary:  Wheeljack's heading out, Silverbolt realizes some things.  Just a quick bit of fluff with a tinge of angst for flavor. 
Word Count:  742 

Back when the P-bots were only a gleam in Wheeljack's optics... ) 

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A/N  This has been mostly written for over a year, so barring unforseen circumstances I should be posting a chapter a night.  Please read warnings - free hugs available at the end for anyone who needs them.

Title:  Taken 2/4  (Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4)
Characters:  Hot Spot, Silverbolt, First Aid, Protectobots, Aerialbots
Rating:  M for mature themes
Word Count: 5392
Summary:  First Aid is stubborn; Hot Spot is worried.  Silverbolt tries to help.   
Warnings:  The heavy angst?  This is the chapter.   Possible triggery material - strongly implied, non-graphic sexual abuse of a minor. 

There were no secrets in a gestalt, not for long )  

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and I am a slow writer, but she made puppy optics - argh!  My current NaNo I'm working on still has a long way to go before it's presentable, but I do have a longish fic that was the second half of my NaNoWriMo from two years ago.  I never posted it because it involved what amounts to the Cybertronian equivalent of non-con of a minor (which is something generally unheard of in my AU, given the rarity of sparklings) -  in no way gratuitous, but still, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, or how to go about warning or explaining it.  I'm overthinking things, probably, but it does have parts I'm very fond of, that I think folks would enjoy ya go.  Please please read and heed warnings, k? 

Title:  Taken 1/4 (Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4)
Characters:  Hot Spot, First Aid, Silverbolt, Ratchet, Prowl, Optimus
Rating:  M for mature themes
Word Count: 4206
Summary:  First Aid has been taken hostage by a rogue group of Decepticons.  Hot Spot and Silverbolt go to get him back.  
Warnings:  for this chapter - angst, a bit of leftover NaNo rambly.  Possible triggery material in next three chapters - heavy angst and strongly implied, non-graphic sexual abuse of a minor.

It was an illusion... ) 

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So tonight the other four Aerialbots decided to serenade Silverbolt with some Aerosmith. And what's more, they did it with absolute sincerity. Just roll with it, 'Bolt honey *pats* ^^

Anyone have any good winter notneccessarily!Christmas holiday music recommendations? Mom's been going on about how she can't find any Christmas music she likes, so I was thinking to put together a mix for her of some sort. I found a few from "Straight No Chaser" I think she'll enjoy (check out their tongue-in-cheek-but-still-very-pretty rendition of Twelve Days of Christmas if you haven't seen it) but I haven't found much that really strikes me, just poking around.
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Instead of working on my NaNo on my day off last week, I got carried away rewriting this one shot from earlier.   It kept following me around, staring at me with mournful puppy dog eyes, so what else could I do?  I was never really happy with it - the two parts just didn't want to jive, and the first part had some bits I liked but was feeling kind of...mushy, even for my relatively high mush tolerance.  I did some major surgery and fused it all into one part, and I think I like this version better - we'll see after it percolates for awhile.  Still very mushy though, I must warn you ^_^ 

Title:  Ten
Rating:  K+
Characters:  Protectobots, Aerialbots
Summary:  Wherein the Protectobot team is in need of cuddling, the Aerialbot team obliges, and Slingshot has an angst attack but cannot resist the Power of Ten.
Wordcount:  2061
  Now with Title and 30% more Slingshot!  Comments, opinions, and random babble all welcome, NaNo-ers excused (along with anyone else, of course ^^).

It's like OMG the biggest puppy pile EVAR! )



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I was looking for songs to make a birthday mix for my mom, poking around on [ profile] tainry's very fun Borealis playlist and thought hey! And I ganked the idea ^^

I have a good hour and a half driving back and forth to work every day, so a lot of these are whatever comes up on the radio that my brain can convert to Giant Alien Robots - which is pretty much anything, lol (traffic jams are a lot less boring when suddenly Groove and Streetwise are strutting around in your head because they're "Bringing Sexy Back" O_o) I'll probably add more songs now and then as they pop up - feel free to add suggestions; my musical repertoire is pretty limited ^^

There're some Aerialbot songs, too, but Protectobot Playlist was nicely alliterative )
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I have no time for fic writing this week, sez I.   I will just dust off some snippets, sez I.  Like this one, nice and short, only needs a little tweaking >_>

Title:  ? Any suggestions?
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  Runaway sentences.  Angst like whoa, weeping mechanical beings.  
Nobody dies though!   
Wordcount: 3103
Summary:  First Aid makes a discovery that rattles the Protectobot team to its core.  Puppy piles mandatory, bonus Aerialbots included.



What's with these snippets lately? They won't stay snipped! )

Edit:  After letting this sit a few days and going back to reread, I found I wasn't happy with the first part at all.  It was too...too *handwavey* too something.  If you're rereading don't be alarmed - I've done some chopping and tweaking to tighten things up a bit, you've not gone crazy :)  I can't help it, I'm a tweaker!  I like to tweak. 

9/3/10 Edit the Second:  Many thanks to Leo Oneal from for the title suggestion "Tears of the Innocent"  Hmmmm, I shall keep it in mind! 

Hee hee

Jul. 25th, 2009 12:33 am
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I was just reading through that ficlet I posted a few days back and:

"Air Raid shook his head in sympathy as he nodded to Wheeljack"

Talented!Air Raid is talented!  XD 
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All of my little snippets keep trying to...grow on me, lately, so I've got all these half-baked writings lying about.  This one...I dunno, I think I'm dragging things out a little bit, but it's finished, anyway, lol.  I apologize for the title, I really do. 

Title:  Brothers in Arms
Characters:  Streetwise, Air Raid, First Aid
Rating:  K
Word Count: 1546
Warnings:  maybe a bit of gore?  Plus some fluff and a bad joke. 
Summary:  Air Raid finds something. 


Do you know how long I've been looking for that? )
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Based on a comment by coriopsis in my previous post - have a bit of silliness, hee hee :P

Characters:  Fireflight, Bluestreak, First Aid, Ratchet
Rating: K


Even cuter than the firefighters... )
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This NaNo thing is going much better than I expected!  I this *blinks in astonishment*  30,000+ words holy cow!  Definitely going for the quantity, not quality, and I was doing this mostly to indulge my silly inner fantasy world, but here are a few of the unedited "gems" of my NaNo scribblings (yes!  I kid you not, these are the gems.  Ah well *pats NaNo fondly*), in which I attempt to give form to the Protectobot saga that TOOK OVER MY BRAIN and is entirely the fault of certain authors who wrote cute!First Aid, who proceeded to show up in my head with all of his brothers and they started singing at me, and when I tried to figure out why they were singing it SNOWBALLED into a massive epic.  Then the Aerialbots showed up and now there are 10 of them running around.   Basically this is all part of my Evil Plan (patent pending) to turn Giant Alien Robots into baby opossums, and traumatize them for the sole reason of snuggling them up all cozy...don't let the deepness overwhelm you :P  

(The first two scenes were loosely inspired by my childhood trauma of coming from  World's Most Placid, Laid-Back Family and witnessing one of my friends have a full blown shouting screaming match with her siblings for the first time.  I was appalled - I truly thought the world had ended...and then they were suddenly friends again.  Huh.) 

Have some Protectobot angst )

and now for some Protectobot Aerialbot fluff )

one Optimus speech )


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