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Yellow swallowtail on purple coneflower
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Saw this on tumblr and OMG best thing ever - a parody of that catchy-but-problematic "Blurred Lines" turned into something much much better! "No Spines" - an homage to invertebrates and creepy crawlies! :D Again, spider & squirmy things warning (also, muscular dude dancing with squid):
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For a few more minutes anyway, in my time zone.  Only around 12 trick-or-treaters this year - I have LOTS of leftover chocolate.  Yum.
Here, have some rat-tailed maggots! :D  (Warning:  I think they're rather cute, but if maggoty thingies squirming around squick you, might want to skip this one)
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Golden autumn tree
Gold rings never thrilled but for 
You I would marry

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Oct. 7th, 2010 11:46 pm
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I found water pennies today!  As much poking around in ponds and streams as I've done, and I've never found water pennies, but today I rolled over a rock there was a little lumpy bit, and I peeled it off and it had LEGS!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD and it glommed on to my finger just like it thought I was a rock *happy flail*  When I put some in a dish they cruised around at the bottom like these funny little trilobites, and they were just so absolutely EEEEEEEE!!!  \o/  New funny bug.  It makes me happy in my soul ^_^  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but here's a YouTube link if you're curious - this one's from Thailand, but looks very similar to the ones I found: 

Water Penny

Hmm, I think I could get a better video than that one, but it would mean going in to work tomorrow, and I have a whole day off.  Two days off, even.  In a row!  But I want to go back and poke more water pennies ^_^
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It is a rule of the universe that the yearly surprise inspection for my USDA animal exhibitor's license (that I'm required to have in order to do educational programs with my skunks and opossums) will be on the day that the house is at maximum clutter and grunge >_>  At least I was dressed - I'd just gotten out of the shower!  The licensing procedures are really designed more for big commercial operations, not little one-gal shows like me, lol.  The kids were all acceptably clean, at any rate, all my critter health records were in order, and Kettle turned on her doggie charm and fawned all over the inspector - new guy, very nice fellow - and my license is good for another year.  
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Houston, we have a hatching!  Remember the teeny luna moth caterpillars?  Six gorgeous adult luna moths hatched out yesterday and today from their cocoons!!  :D  These are two of the females that I released on a big walnut tree.  The male flew away as soon as we went outside, we've got two more laddies that are still drying their wings and will be released tomorrow, and I'm keeping one female in a paper bag over night to see if she'll lay eggs, maybe raise a second generation.



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Being treated to a deafening cicada chorus in the treetops tonight - Indiana summer in full and noisy swing!  :D  Oh yeah, and the fireworks - did those yesterday with mom and the brother, as all three of us had to work today.  

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