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Whew, marathon week last week - not only our daycamp, but a second daycamp we do jointly with a museum, plus the bumper crop of wildlife this year.  My schedule was thus:
5:30am - feed formula to 7 baby bunnies (which takes about 40 minutes), feed 1 mama opossum with head trauma (doing better but still needs hand feeding), feed 1 raccoon baby still not weaned, go out and gather dandelions and clover for baby bunnies to nibble, feed three baby opossums (drinking from a dish), feed me, pack lunch, fail to shower
7am - leave for work
7:40am - open nature center for before care staff from museum, kids start getting dropped off at 8am, run around and do nature center stuff, get ready for camp activities for the day
9am - 3pm daycamp daycamp daycamp daycamp, and also three more baby opossums dropped off.  Maybe lunch if lucky.
3pm-5:30pm run around cleaning up, answer emails & phone calls, prepare for next day of camp.
6:30pm-7:30pm eat supper and SIT.  Sitting is awesome.
7:30pm-11pm  - feed 7 baby bunnies, feed Bunnicula the rescued bunny and let her out for hoparound time, feed mama opossum and check her babies, feed and clean all 5 baby raccoons, give the little guy his bottle, feed and clean all 10 outside opossums, feed four inside baby opossums, give kitties some love and attention and foods, collect dandelions and clover for all the bunnies, corral Bunnicula back in her pen and clean up any deposits on the carpet, check to make sure no one's been forgotten, BED.  Bed is awesome.

And then, straight into working Saturday instead of my usual Sunday, so that was a looong day, not much accomplished although I did get the July calendar updated and up on the park website, and managed to nod and smile at visitors and tell them pleasantly to please not tap on the beehive and the garter snake tank and to not open up the Pepsi machine out in front which had gotten broken into the night before and was sitting there with the door hanging half open and looking rather sad.  My patience with the foibles of humanity, I could tell it was running a little low, lol, but luckily it was not tested too severely.

So, survived that!  And now two, count 'em, TWO days off in a row!  \o/ I have showered AND eaten breakfast!  Moved all baby raccoons outside this morning, cleaning and de-raccooning of the living room shall commence momentarily (they were in a big crate, but somehow the bits, they get everywhere.  Raccoons are champions of messy!). Bunny babies are now weaned, as of this morning, so that saves me a bunch of time, too.  (Check out this bunny nibble action! Only three days ago they really had no idea what to do with the green stuff: )

And check out this awesome news:  Philae woke up!
Cute yawning Philae:
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My phone app keeps crashing every time I try to upload pictures, so doing this the old fashioned way - with a cord to the phone, whoa, weird! :P

Bunny-cat!  I moved the catfood up onto the dresser to keep her out of it, and walked in to discover she'd jumped up and was munching away.  Doesn't seem to have done her any harm so far, but I'm going to have to up my game to keep her out of it - I'm pretty sure cat food is not good for bunnies long term.


More critter pics! And one spider web but no spider on it. )
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First baby opossums of the year have arrived - they'd been away from their mom for two days, and so weren't in the best shape (there were six originally and now I'm down to four), but the survivors are doing great now, nice and squirmy. Fur and eyes starting to open, so now that they're stable their chances are pretty good.

Still have bunny rabbit - no luck getting anyone to adopt, and all the rescues are full due to recent hoarding cases and pet store confiscations. She probably needs to be spayed (unspayed rabbits are prone to uterine cancer), which normally runs $200-$300, but hopefully the exotic vet will be willing to give me the rescue rate of $50, and I'd also like to get her checked over and just double check I'm doing everything right - I read up on bunny care, but this is the first domestic rabbit I've had more than a few days. Gandalf remains mostly offended by this rabbit shoving him around (the other two cats remain horrified and run away), but the other day I had them both snuggled against my legs with Gan licking the bunny's ears - hee! She stays in a puppy pen in the kitchen during the day, but gets hoparound time in the evening - I've walled off a corridor through the living room and into the spare bedroom where there are no electrical cords to nibble. Leaves some poops here and there, occasional small spot of pee, so not perfect on the potty training (spaying is supposed to help with that, too, by making them less territorial, although since she's already gotten in the habit and gone outside her box it might not work). At least it's pretty easy to clean up.

Navigating a difficult situation at work - one of my staff had a tragic personal loss, and my sense was that she really wanted to keep her work life separate from it, but other staff were pulling at the bit wanting to Make Sure She Was OK (she hadn't given details, just that she'd be off work for awhile, but thanks to Facebook tags we now know the details. Thanks, Facebook >_>) and OFFER CONDOLENCES and they really were concerned and worried and we're a close, small staff, but I was inwardly cringing because my instincts were all going "ack, no, she's giving off massive 'give me space and privacy' vibes right now." So, I've been using my words and communicating with her via email and passing on to staff how best to respect her wishes and for our help to hopefully be more helpful than burdensome (I can already feel myself trending towards Inappropriately Cheerful, but trying to accept that there's really no perfect way to handle things, and all we can do is our best to be honest and kind).

On a different note, had an awesome dream last night that I was touring the REAL Hogwarts, not the one they used in the movie. All I remember now is that the staircases were smaller than they were in the movies and that I was trying to take selfies so I could post it on LJ, and I woke up ridiculously happy that I'd actually gotten to see it! XD Alas, I have no selfies of me in dream-REAL!Hogwarts to show you - I will try to put up some critter and flower pics later though.
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LJ wants us to lure friends back with paid account time. Huh. Much as I miss folks and would love to see old familiar user names back again (hello dear long-time-no-see folks, if you should be lurking! *wave-glomp*) I just don't see that going over well. Although if anyone's particularly particularly desperate for a month of account time for some reason, hit me up and I'll "lure" you back ^_~

Stray bunny has undergone a complete 180 in personality. She's an absolute scamp, she is. Has broken out of just about every containment system I've devised and has been galumphing around the house (nothing like bunny herding at 3am, lol). Luckily she doesn't seem to be a big nibbler, so my power cords are all intact, so far. Her first few days she would barely eat, and it took her two days to poop and pee (which can be bad in rabbits, if things shut down or there's a blockage - I was a few hours away from calling the exotic vet), but now she's nibbling timothy hay and pellets and all the things she's supposed to nibble: carrot tops and kale and broccoli are all hits, zucchini and mustard greens not so much, and producing piles of droppings and pee on the regular. The first several days she would freeze if one of the cats was nearby and run away if I tried to touch her, now she's hopping up on the couch and shoving Gandalf out of the way so she can get pettings. Poor Gan, he hisses and then gives way to this weird cat, who has also been so rude as to leave rabbit droppings in his litter box! Watching Gan cover them in disgust was one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen XD

New education opossum at work (not at home, thank goodness - opossums and bunnies in the same house are not a good combo, and this bunny won't stay put). This guy was born with deformed front legs - they curl up so that he walks on his wrists - another rehabber rescued him but couldn't keep him, so a conservation officer brought him on Sunday. Kind of scared about being handled still, but he was having a good time stumping around the office yesterday and snorfling everything:

Work has entered full-blown crazy season, with the usual shenanigans that make me want to flop in despair sometimes, but there are frogs and flowers and many good things going on, too, and I truly do work with some amazing wonderful people. I feel like I've rebuilt my work-social circle after pretty much total staff turnover two summers ago, and there's still some weirdness at the upper admin levels, but the Big Boss has grown on me and done some pretty supportive stuff. So yay? Yes, yay. *firm nod*

Niecelet continues to be Cutest Baby in Universe. She's not crawling, quite, but she was planking yesterday - a full body push up! Very impressive, I don't know if I could do that for very long. I was giving her velociraptor screech lessons last week and managed to get video of her doing a perfect mimic screechy-squawk sound *melts* Auntie Worms is so proud :P

Thunderstorms rolling through, mmmmmm, nice *wafts rain towards West coast* Although down to freezing again tomorrow night. I've been growing Jack-in-the-pulpit seeds and they're just now starting to sprout; might be ok since they're early spring wildflowers anyway, but will probably bring them in just to be safe.
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All ur Easter are belong to me.

Found this cute little doober at the vacant house across the road and lured her in with carrots and some fresh pear slices.

More slightly blurry bunny pics - she doesn't hold still! )
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But this is ridiculous!  Meet my houseguest for this evening, a sweetheart of a bunny rabbit someone dumped in the park today.  Luckily some nice park visitors spotted the not!wild rabbit and found me just as I was heading home, before the poor thing could be eaten by coyotes or die of exposure - it was 73F today, but we're getting thunderstorms and the temperature's dropping to 32F by morning!  Grrrrrrrrrrrr - I'm quite mild-mannered, normally, but Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So now bunny is nice and cozy, munching on a carrot, the object of great fascination to my dog, who considers them the ultimate uncatchable beast and now there's one RIGHT HERE IN THE HOUSE!OMG!!! *pant pant pant wag wag wag*  I'll take her to a rabbit rescue group tomorrow - she's so sweet and easy to handle I don't think they'll have any trouble finding her a home.


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