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Yesterday on my way home I was passed by a dark blue Honda FIT with a Decepticon logo! My little turquoise-blue Autobot-Glyph Honda FIT car was most intrigued! I was hoping we'd catch up again at the usual rush hour traffic jam, but didn't see it again, maybe it'll show up another day though :D

The biting pancakes are back from the vet and doing great - they've got a week and half of antibiotic injections before they can be released. Did their first shots today - turtles are much easier than raccoons! Gave them their distemper/parvo shots last week, which actually went pretty smoothly. I've ended up with five of them, orphaned raccoon babies, long term. Everyone else that could possibly take them is full, so I've commandeered the cat pen for raccoons, alas for poor Toast, my outdoors loving kitty. They are expensive and time consuming (I could raise thirty baby opossums with what it takes for one raccoon! Actually, I am raising thirty baby opossums, but that's a whole other post :P ), but on the other hand they're so so hilarious and adorable. I keep filling up my phone memory with videos and pictures, so today I downloaded a whole bunch to YouTube to clear some space. I've been trying to put something new in their cage for them to explore every day - here they are investigating some plastic toys-in-a-pan (complete with fireworks from the neighbors going off occasionally in the background - my neighborhood sounds like a battleground for the entire months of June and July):

If you need a longer dose of raccoon cute and frolics, here's the whole playlist, about 20 videos:
Baby raccoon YouTube playlist
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Finally had very late Christmas with brother and sis-in-law a few weeks ago and lookee what they got me!

I got the back license plate, too, so Glyph is now officially emblemed! Grunged up already with road salt, and there are these little black plastic bits that are supposed to fit over the screws but couldn't figure out how they were supposed to stay on - maybe I'll get some black paint.
More pics - car, p-bot layer cake, kitties opossums squirrel! )
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We've had a fairly mild winter up until now, but no more! -9F by morning, with -25 windchills. My day off, so I can just stay home and snuggle kittehs ^^

Got to test out Glyph in winter driving conditions - not bad! The park hadn't been plowed yet, but she cruised along over 4-5 inches of snow just fine. Discovered, however, that the windshield washer fluid was the warm weather kind (she was a transfer from Texas) and it froze solid. Not so good when you're going 50mph and get splashed by a layer of salty muddy slush and suddenly you can't see. Tried putting very hot water in the reservoir to melt it and siphoning it out, and blowing a hair dryer on it, but only managed to get it half-thawed - it's just too durn cold out! Finally gave up and took her to the heated repair place, where they got it thawed out and refilled with the cold weather washer fluid; working great now. It's nice to see!

Links! Environment, race, gender, religion, Groot! Stuff what I've been poking on the internet and I need to close the tabs, ffr:

Electric cars may be environmentally better than gas ones only if they are fueled by green electricity. Went to visit a big auto show convention over the holidays with visiting aunt and uncle, and was eyeballing the Nissan Leaf electric car - very cute! And short-person friendly, always a plus. But as electricity in Indiana is still produced by a lot of coal, looks like going with a fuel efficient regular car is the most environmentally friendly choice for now. Go me!

My other environmental effort for the season - I asked for LED light bulbs for Christmas now that they are getting into the slightly more reasonable price realm and I've been having fun replacing my bulbs (at least some of the most-used lights; this will be a work in progress - gee whiz I've got a lot of lights in my house!), and cleaning layers of dust off of my light fixtures. Don't think the ceiling ones have been cleaned since I moved in to the place >_>

The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men This is how brains work, and can be affected despite our best efforts; this is how we can change them to act more the way we want them to.

Atheist Ten Commandments Nothing there I can imagine any sort of loving God objecting to. No one right way to live. Clean up yer messes. Yay science and strive to understand. Not bad for crowd-sourcing, not bad.

Lego friends comic on the one change Lego can make to make legos more appealing to girls

I am Groot (Groot's Story) fic on Ao3. This is just so freakin' clever and adorable! Be sure hold your cursor over the "I am Groot"s to see the hover text!

Miss Bones is here in the living room playing with one of the new mousie toys I got the kitties for Christmas, tossing it in the air and frolicking around - too hilarious! I'm impressed, I expected all of them to be under the fridge within a day, but this one is still around.

-3 and still dropping, whee!
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It's so cute! And clean (not that that will last long...). Of course first thing this morning I had to drive downtown with freezing rain for a meeting - luckily the roads were fine where I was, but yikes!
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Watching "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters" for some escapist fun tonight. Only ten minutes in or so, and it's violent and utterly ridiculous, and I'm enjoying it immensely ^^ Kickass brother-sister team ftw!

Still trying to kick this cold I've had for almost a month now. Lingering cough stage, which is probably the cause for this inflamed chest cartilage thing I've got going on - feels disconcertingly like every description of a heart attack, sort of a clenching pain right in the middle of your chest, hurts to breath, and it kind of comes on suddenly, but after a bit you figure out you're breathing just fine even if it hurts, and your heart is beating away as usual. It's happened before after lingering cough-type colds, so I knew what was going on, but even then in the grocery store where it hurt too much to reach for the groceries on the upper shelves I kept double-checking - still pretty sure this isn't a heart attack? Yep, breathing, functioning, probably not gonna die, very good. I can see why it sends people to the emergency room, though! Feels much better today, just mildly sore. I can pretend I'm a gestalt member missing my gestalt ^_~

Hansel & Gretel update - don't watch if you'll be squicked by exploding gory body parts! Only half-watching, but still quite fun.

Internets and car dilemmas )


Mar. 27th, 2011 09:35 pm
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When I park my car in a parking lot I try to put it next to vehicles that look like they'd be interesting company.  Yesterday at the grocery there was a handsome tan CR-V, kind of the Honda version of my RAV, and I thought, hey!  They'll have something in common!  :D


Mar. 8th, 2011 09:05 pm
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Happy International Women's Day, all you marvelous womens out there!  <3

I left the kid-stickers on the one back window of new-to-me car, but I got most of the other random inspection stickers and other gunkage scraped off the rest of car today - Goo Gone worked like a charm, thankee :D

Verdict from the doctor today is yes, probably a mild concussion, but neurologically I check out fine (you should see how fast I can touch my nose and then doc's finger and back! *preens*) so just give it time and rest.  The other two times I've been mildly concussed it took about a month for all the symptoms to dissipate, so I'll give it two or three more weeks.  

Some health tl:dr, feel free to skip and go directly to Kettle and Toast napping )

A Few Items

Mar. 4th, 2011 08:43 pm
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Item #1:  Like several folks I'm not receiving LJ email alerts, so if I haven't responded to something or you need to poke me for whatever reason, leave a comment here and I'll check back periodically.

Item #2:  I returned the Verizon Hot Spot widget - no complaints about the net service, but seems it likes to turn off automatically after ten minutes or so (there may be a way to adjust this, but I couldn't find it).  Which means if I get up and feed critters or clean or whatever, when I come back I have to turn it back on, reconnect, and log in again to all my pages - most annoying.  Plus I was obsessively checking my data use all the time, trying to figure out exactly how much is "250 MB" and whether I was going to use it all up and have to pay extra.  'Tis a pity, because I get a nice discount on the plan through work, but I've gone back to my basic AT&T DSL.  Other than the short lifespan of the routers it's been sufficient for my purposes.   

Item #3: Car!  )
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Not a big blue fire truck, alas, it's a little doohicky from Verizon which apparently I can take with me to Rwanda and still check my LJ.  My modem gave out yesterday (again) and they were having a promotion so thought I'd give this a try - so far so good, seems quite zippy.   

Got the verdict on Monday, my little frogmobile is indeed totaled :(  So it's car shopping for me, urg.  I think the car shopping is more traumatic than the crash.  Car salesmen, they remind me of really clingy, needy, boyfriends. @_@  Rental car and I are getting along fine - it has been initiated into the mud and potholes on the park roads, there's already loose change and small rocks and straw from my shoes all over the floor mats, and it has very kindly informed me several times that there was "ice possible" on the road.  It was 40F and the roads were dry, but better safe than sorry I guess :P  

The smush picture, shopping, and scams ) 
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Thanks, everyone, for all the hugs  <3  I was pretty sore and tired yesterday, as expected, but doing better today - just got back from picking up the rental car - a Chevy HHR, and I've been having fun getting to know it.  It's, suave, and very clean, yikes!  I think I'll refrain from hauling bales of straw and muddy shedding doggies for the duration, lol.  It does have a nicely adjustable driver's seat, so my feet reach the pedals and I can see out the windshield and the steering wheel does not touch my chest, w00t!  Handles well, very easy to drive, so it'll do I think :) 

Pic spam! Pic spam! Get your pic spam here, read all about it! More kitteh pics than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means) )
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 My car keeled over today, so I borrowed my mum's new Jeep to get to work, and yeah, definitely not the car for me:

when are they gonna start making cars for hobbits? )

Update:  it was just the battery, thank Primus.  My baby's got nearly 200,000 miles on him and he made a pretty gruesome crunchy noise when he keeled over, so I was fearing the worst, but new battery and we're good to go *knees and pocketbook both give big sighs of relief* 


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