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I just poured Kettle some dog kibble - into her water dish, not her food dish. Kettle gave me a funny look XD What's worse is it took me a bit to figure out what exactly is wrong with this picture...


May. 4th, 2011 08:57 pm
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Today I discovered, much to my dismay, that the herbal salad mix I got at the grocery contained cilantro.  I tried to keep eating, hoping it would grow on me, but every bite with even a teeny shred of surprise!cilantro just seemed to get more...not foul, exactly.  That's not the word for it - I don't think there is a word for it, but it was blech and icky and wrong, the whole salad was absolutely contaminated.  Finally gave up and tossed the entire thing, made a peanut butter and jelly.  *shudders*  I can still taste that...that stuff. 

Apparently I'm not the only one with this reaction - there's a whole blog devoted to the topic:
Lots of folks say it tastes like soap, which is a taste I don't get at all (it's just wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.  I'd rather eat soap!), but there's all kinds of interesting research about people having genetic differences in their abilities to taste certain flavors or smell certain smells.  From this NPR article from a few years back, sounds as if I'm most likely not a supertaster or supersmeller and particularly sensitive to the horrible icky chemicals found in cilantro - the problem is more likely I'm unable to smell something that makes it taste good to other folks.  But even if I could smell the good stuff, I wouldn't like it anyway, I'm quite sure!  :P 


Sep. 27th, 2010 11:46 pm
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So today at work I spent a solid 20 seconds scowling and wiggling the mouse and getting annoyed because my computer was not responding, urg I don't have TIME for this! blasted thing, locking up again *grumble grumble*

...and then I realized I was scootching around the stapler, not the mouse XD 


Sep. 1st, 2009 10:52 pm
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I just washed my last squirrel nipple down the sink.  Squirrel nipples - slippery little doobers they are.  I need to get a drain screen or something...
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*facepalm* )


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