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Mar. 5th, 2017 10:03 pm
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I wrote a thing! My first non-Transformers fanfic, although it does have five giant robots that combine into an even bigger robot, requiring a harmonious melding of minds, so...hm. XD This just started rolling out in my head a few weeks ago and I realized halfway through I was pretty much re-writing "Protectobot Beginnings - Shield" in Voltron form, lol. If you go to tumblr tag #platonicvldweek there was a whole platonic Voltron challenge thing that happened to be going on, some fun stuff in there, I managed to get this one in just under the wire although I wasn't writing for the challenge specifically.

Voltron Legendary Defender: Small Fierce Things
Rating: K+
Summary: Pidge is badly injured. Shiro does his best to angst over it, but is foiled.
Word Count: 5244
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Tainry wrote things! Wonderful things! And more to come!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Hatchlings in snowsuits. I repeat, hatchlings in snowsuits. This is not a drill.

In other happy news, groundhog that I rescued last fall that had a probable raccoon roundworm brain infection and poor long-term prognosis...is doing just fine? Still has balance/movement issues, which mainly amount to her moving slowly and occasionally tipping over (very rarely, now, not because she's any better, I think she's just got a better idea of what she can and can't do and is more careful), but has not gotten any worse, and otherwise seems super healthy. I went ahead and put her on my wildlife permits, and she had a small debut over the weekend for groundhog day and rocked it! Her long-term health is still uncertain, but definitely looking brighter :)
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In lieu of vacuuming, or cleaning my bedroom, or other householdly duties yesterday, I wrote a thing! This takes place before Barricade "captures" First Aid, during his first winter with the hatchlings.

Project Resetverse - Winter on Earth is cold. Too cold for hatchlings. Barricade comes up with an organic solution. )
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I wrote a thing! Dragged painfully from my brain, sentence by sentence over the last month, in between trying to be more politically active (which I find drains the creativity out of me like being covered with several worrisome, creativity-draining leeches - still trying to find a happy balance). Also, trying to flesh out six OCs, even if just a little, is hard! Soooooo rusty, but hopefully it makes sense - Happy almost New Year :)

Title: Missing Piece
Universe: Project Reset, Librariobots
Rating: K
Characters: Quig (OC), Librariobots (OCs), Optimus Prime, Prowl, Streetwise, hatchling Jazz
Summary: Optimus was told he was an orphan, the only survivor of his clutch. Many vorns later, he learns he was told wrong.
Word Count: 3858

Ao3 link to Librariobot Beginnings if you need a refresher on the backstory

Optimus put a hand to his chest involuntarily as his spark gave a strange happy surge. )
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Chapter 5 of tainry's Fall Challenge in my Project Resetverse is up, and omg best one of all! The tale of Unicron and Aid/Cade cosmic snuggles, hee! <3333333333


And then there was a birthday box on my doorstep! With many wondrous things in it, including tissue paper \o/ (Toast ate part of a starch packing peanut, too, but one seemed to be enough, lol).
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Copying this here so I can keep track of it - was fun to go poking back through my writings.  It's been so long since I've had time I actually completely forgot I'd written some of them, like the Happy Prime one - was fun to re-read now that we're in the midst of daycamp season again at work :D   And as sister-dear noted, my first lines dive right into the characters.  Which makes sense, lol.  Setting? What setting. Um, ship, base, whatever *vague handwave*

Tagged by @sister-dear

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

The rest of his gestaltmates cried out in protest and alarm as Fireflight ran himself headlong into the energon bars of his cell.  (Potential)

“Ok,” Ratchet said shortly. “You’re clear. Now go.” Silverbolt slid gratefully off the berth, sending a reminder to the rest of his gestaltmates to hurry up and not keep Ratchet waiting; the CMO was not in any sort of forgiving mood. (Little Buddy Bonus Chapter 2)

Even walking the short distance from the makeshift medbay had exhausted them. Wheeljack waited, shifting Streetwise so he was more comfortably arranged over his shoulder, while Groove, Hot Spot, and Blades made their slow way to the door to the Aerialbot quarters.  (Shield Bonus Chapter 1.5)

From: bigrig12357@gmail.com
To: naturelady@yourcityparks.org

Subject: Summer Daycamp Inquiry

Greetings, NatureLady. My name is Optimus Prime.
(Happy Prime)

Moar first lines lurk here. Just lurking, being introductory and stuff. )

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Since I haven't been in writing headspace for awhile, decided to sit down and finally organize all my stuff in Scrivener! I've had the program for a couple years now, and have played around with it for parts of Project Reset and Still Waters, but never really put it to work. So! Starting with Protectobot Beginningsverse - ALL THE THINGS! So far I've gotten everything in here but the older snippets on LJ and snippet/fic ideas. Protectobot Beginningsverse is so big and sprawling it took 4 screenshots to get it all in, lol! Test posting just the first one, to see if it's actually legible or not, and then I'll add the other three if it is. Edit: ok, pretty teeny, but I think it gets the gist

Chapters and parts. Lots and lots of chapters and parts. )
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Got it done! Took awhile to figure out a good way to wrap up the chapter ^^

Title: Little Buddy, Chapter 2
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K+
Characters: Silverbolt, Ratchet, First Aid, Hot Spot, Protectobots, Aerialbots, Wheeljack, Jazz
Summary: The Aerialbots meet the new arrival; First Aid's still a little rattled. Contains references to mpreg.
Word Count: 5392

Little Buddy Chapter 1 link, since it's been awhile

Fireflight would like to inform everyone that Ratchet's not at all scary, except when he is. )
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It's snowing! :D Ginormous clumpy sloppy flakes that are sticking to everything, although they'll probably be all melted by tomorrow. First snow of the season and I don't have to drive anywhere today, so it's all good.

I dug up this mostly outlined bit from "Shield" that was supposed to take place between Chapter 1 & 2 and fleshed it out - doesn't really add anything critical to the story, which was why I left it out in the first place, but I think it has some fun bits anyway.

Have some Wheeljack ruminations and injured P-bot puppy pile )
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Working this Saturday, so have an early fic-bit! Got my flu shot yesterday to do my part for the herd immunity - it always leaves me kind of achy and not wanting to do much for a day or two (not exactly fun, but way better than the flu!), so deliberately timed it for when I have two days off in a row. I plan to lie around and baby myself and read and watch tv and play around on the internets today ^_^

In which Megatron is a total mother hen )
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Haven't had much brain for writing - another super busy week at work (November, my slow month, what happened to you?), but trying to keep up my momentum of at least writing something once a week. Skeleton kitty is doing a little better - turns out she's declawed, vet couldn't find anything majorly wrong with her without doing more tests, finally started eating regular canned cat food better yesterday (I'd been feeding her liquid food, but that stuff's pretty expensive), keeps me up most nights wanting to snuggle but gets growly if I try to pick her up.

Warning for some discussion of mech preg, email format again :)

In which treegirl gets the scoop on Happy's first day at camp, among other things. )
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Inspired by previous two posts on variations of Primes and making up names during trainings for our new park registration system at work, I bring you an email conversation between a shameless self insert and Optimus Prime about the possibility of registering his daughter for summer daycamp. Contains some vague references to what is probably some chest-spark-type Cybertronian mpreg.

I feel sort of guilty for charging Optimus full price for his child's daycamp registration, but I don't think he'd accept any discounts... )
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I've run out of mostly-written-out stuff on Still Waters and now have a bunch of jumbled ideas, so sorting out next chapter of that may take awhile. Have some more panicking Ambassador Quig for this week :) Contains some alien marsupial-like reproduction for the Nebulons, so sorta mpreg.

Proceed to made up Nebulon headcanon ahoy! )
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Title: Still Waters (6/?)
Characters: Ratchet, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, cameos by Jazz and Ultra Magnus
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K+
Word Count: 8365
Warnings: Some twin-on-twin somewhat self-harm type violence again in this one. Another dive into angstville but not so deep as previous chapter I think.
Summary: Sideswipe is in dire need of hugs. Sunstreaker remembers something.

Also, when Sunstreaker skips a shower you know it's gotta be true love )
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Niecelet successfully wrangled! Here's part two of the previous snippet-fic (if you're confused, go one post back ^_^)

In which Ambassador Quig realizes he's in WAY over his head )
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So remember that list of plot bunnies and things I posted last week? Brain decided heck with any of them, let's work on this completely different idea instead! Based on this idea for Librariobot OC characters from several months ago. Very short, but there's a second part I've been poking at and might post later today (baby sitting niecelet again, but not as late this time). I'll probably post this as it's own separate fic on Ao3 rather than with the other Project Reset snippets, just in case I get inspired to add more chapters later on. Fall busy season is here in full force, but you never know! :D

Sentinel Prime's opinion on femme-sparks in no way reflects the opinion of the author's )
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Or stuff what I thought about writing and even pulled out and poked at but have not actually written (and heading off to wrangle a 1-year-old until midnight or so, so not expecting to get much done there, either ^_~).

P-bot Beginnings Streetwise shows up in medbay and tells First Aid he has a "hitch in his getalong."

P-bot Beginnings Wheeljack and long-lost Protectobots reunion scene on Cybertron.

P-bot Beginnings Big Bee meets Little Bee for the first time.

Hydra-bots Sideswipe flops around his quarters, bored and achy as he grows two buds on his knees, and not entirely sure he's thrilled about what he'd gotten himself into.

Project Reset Barricade contributes to First Aid's first clutch with a little spark sharing (he's a little nervous because he totally skipped reading the datapad first).

Project Reset hatchling P-bots and their clutchmates are heading into their first molt cycle and get fussed over by Wheeljack and the rest of the science bots.

Project Reset Optimus meets his hatchlings for the first time.

Next chapter of Project Reset with hatchings of reincarnated Jazz and Ironhide.
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Holy Angstville, Batman! I'd forgotten about this Ratchet flashback scene, and good golly. I played around with posting it separately (because also, structurally, two big flashback chapters in a row? but there was really no where else to put it...), but it does fill in a lot of backstory, and so I left it as it was. Just remember, IT ALL TURNS OUT MOSTLY OK IN THE END, K? Free hugs for everyone.

Title: Still Waters (5/?)
Characters: Ratchet, First Aid, Wheeljack, Silverbolt, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K+
Word Count: 6671
Warnings: Allusions to suicide, of the "gestalt member trying to carry on alone" variety. Major angst! Tissue warning! Links to traumatic-but-happy P-bot reunion at the end!
Summary: Ratchet's turn to remember the not-so-good days.

There was only First Aid, here, wavering on a thin knife edge between life and death, not the first time he’d been there, but always before there were his brothers, holding him firmly on the side of life and now they were on the wrong side. )

In case of excessive feels, plz read the following:
Reunion Part 1
Reunion Part 2
Reunion Part 3
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Title: Still Waters (4/?)
Characters: Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, First Aid, Ratchet
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K+
Word Count: 4996
Warnings: some violence in this one, including some twin-on-twin violence in what essentially amounts to self-harm.
Summary: While on First Aid snuggle-duty, Sideswipe remembers some of the not-so-good days.

Sunstreaker is a little particular about his armor for reasons )


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