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Decided to name newfish Legolas, since he's a lovely fairy-fish with long flowy blond fins. So of course I had to also get an African dwarf frog and name him Gimli. As you can see it was love at first sight:

Redfish is also feeling the romance )
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Finally getting a day off here and there to catch up with life (although not quite the break I was hoping for, since my volunteer coordinator resigned so taking over a lot of her duties and starting the hiring process all over again, hurrrg). Things accomplished: kitchen cleaned, carpet shampooed, laundry, grocery, and outside opossums cleaned out. Yet to be done: mow the grass.

It's been a really good month for monarch butterflies, at least in my area! Very heartening to see them after their lowest overwintering population ever.

Baby things and hey I found my own perfect birthday card )

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Noticed yesterday that Toast was limping a little on one of his hindfeet, and that he just wasn't acting like his normal chipper active self - vet today confirmed he's running a high fever, but couldn't find an injury or obvious cause (of course he didn't limp at all at the vet). He's got some antibiotics to see if that helps, and I've got him isolated in the bedroom to keep track of intake and output from the other end - he's been eating, although he prefers the regular crunchies to the fancy wet food I got him. None of my kitties really like any of the canned noms I've offered them, weirdos.

More pics - critters and plants, also slime warning! )

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I has a tumblr! I haven't had much time to figure it out, so feel free to leave tips, point out fun stuff, let me know if you're there so I can add you or follow you or tumble you or whatever...

A few critter and flower pics for anyone who needs them today )

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Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight/tomorrow morning for all of us northern hemisphere folks!  Sorry southern hemisphere :(   I used to do 2am-5am programs, which are the best hours for meteor watching, but almost no one came, I can't imagine why, lol.  Now I do it from 10pm-12am, which has fewer meteors, but early on is when the really long, bright ones tend to appear.  Every once in awhile I'll get a call from someone asking if I could possibly reschedule the program for a weekend, since they have to get up early to work during the week...entirely flattering that they think I have control over the workings of planetary/comet orbits like that (I also get this request for lunar eclipse programs XD).  I mean, I'm good, but I'm not that good :P 

Sky and Telescope article if you want more info


In other news - babble and picspam )


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"How do frogs get laid?" 

For the record, the questioner was an adorable little laddie in the first grade in my school program on Friday, and what he meant was "How do frog eggs get laid?" 

I managed to keep the poker face and answer the question he meant, just barely - if I'd made eye contact with any of the other teachers and parents I'd've been lost!  Whoo, hee - some days I really love my job :D  
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But first, have some skunk fun and games: 

Under the cut we have two more videos, a cute itty bitty spring peeper frog, and an absolutely adorable mother wolf spider with her abdomen all covered with her hundred or so teeny weeny spiderlets.  Mama spiders giving piggyback rides to their babies gives me the warm fuzzies, but I understand this is not the case with everyone, so click at your own risk!
They really are sweet, even if they do...seeth...a little bit. ) 
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After the deep freeze, we've thawed out again big time!  Near 70's F and rainy, which means FROGS!  LOTS OF FROGS!!!  The little western chorus frogs were singing full tilt in the pond today - totally awesome and I may have suffered some hearing loss while video taping, but it was worth it!  Just look at this handsome little guy EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Pondward we go... )


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