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Tainry wrote things! Wonderful things! And more to come!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Hatchlings in snowsuits. I repeat, hatchlings in snowsuits. This is not a drill.

In other happy news, groundhog that I rescued last fall that had a probable raccoon roundworm brain infection and poor long-term doing just fine? Still has balance/movement issues, which mainly amount to her moving slowly and occasionally tipping over (very rarely, now, not because she's any better, I think she's just got a better idea of what she can and can't do and is more careful), but has not gotten any worse, and otherwise seems super healthy. I went ahead and put her on my wildlife permits, and she had a small debut over the weekend for groundhog day and rocked it! Her long-term health is still uncertain, but definitely looking brighter :)
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Benson went home for good with his new mom on Sunday. This is the most recent picture of him - kittens, comfy anywhere XD

I'm gonna miss the little crazy fuzzy bean, but so happy he's got a good home. Gandalf seems to be enjoying having snuggles without his little groupie butting in all the time :)

assorted critters and plants and some house stuff, and one tree tragedy )

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One of my fellow wildlife rehabilitators had a groundhog (aka woodchuck, aka whistle pig) she wanted to release in the park - he had been recovering from a head injury and wasn't 100% yet, but the weather's going to turn cold soon and she wanted to give him enough time to find a spot to hibernate. So we let him go on Friday, and he wandered off, nibbling the greenery and looking steady enough, but then this morning I got a call about a groundhog at the Marina, wandering around in circles. Went to check, and yep, it's our guy. He was very skinny, too; he's obviously just not ready to go yet, so stashed him in my office today where he devoured an entire bag of lettuce, a cup of sunflower seeds, a pack of blueberries, and my ear of corn I brought for lunch.

Groundhog ommings and nommings, plus bonus baby opossums! )


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