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Unseasonably warm weather where I am - the trick-or-treaters have been steady! Probably 35 or 40 so far.

In other news we got five baby axolotls today at work - only about an inch long and the most adorable things ever!

There are three different color varieties here - brown wild type, white with dark eyes, and white with white eyes (not red like traditional albino - I need to look up what's up with that).

Muaha ha!

Oct. 26th, 2016 09:59 pm
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Dryer conked out last week, so finally got a repair person out today - to his credit didn't even blink at the two opossums in the living room and two more opossums and a groundhog in the basement, lol. It needed a new thing that the belt runs over, and the inside had gotten clogged with lint, in a place that needed the whole back dismantled to access. Nearly $200 later and back in business - ah well, it's been a tough little dryer to handle all the stinky critter towels.

Spent tonight scaring people at haunted house one of our local parks does every year - I laid on the path with a big witch's hat and patted the ground and felt around with my hand wrapped in a "bloody" bandage while I crawled towards them, and then used my other hand to trigger an air compressor to make sudden psssht sounds at them. Always satisfying when you can get a good scream and panicked jumping :D
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Only 12 total trick-or-treaters - gale force winds, drizzle, and a windchill in the 20's kinda cuts down on the numbers, usually I get 40+. I have a whole basket of chocolate and Welches fruit snacks (25% of your daily vitamins! They're totally healthy!) leftover - think I'll take to work tomorrow so I don't end up eating the whole shebang.

And just looked out the window and it's snowing! Not sticking, but still, definitely flakes not rain.
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Halloween has actually been rescheduled to tomorrow night in my area due to epic rain and wind - they're even talking tornado watch later on, so probably a good call.

My phone storage is getting full, so have some random pictures before I delete  )

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Happy Halloween! ooooOOOOOOOOoooo *wafts around making spooky cow noises* I'm waiting for the first of the trick-or-treaters to arrive - not sure how many there will be this year as it's pretty chilly out. We got clipped in Indiana by the edges of Sandy - just a lot of wind and a few days of light rain and drizzle, but still, impressive that we felt it even this far inland. The footage of the damage and flooding where she hit hardest is incredible, and heartbreaking - sending good thoughts to anyone out there picking up the pieces today. Was thinking I should dress up as Global Climate Change for Halloween, that or a Political Ad. O_O Couldn't decide which was scarier.

Although! I woke up at 3am this morning with an allergic reaction to something (maybe the peach herbal tea, which I hope not, because it was very tasty, or more likely the fennel seeds I sprinkled on my salad - those were the only two different things I imbibed yesterday). My lips and the roof of my mouth were all swollen, as well as one eyelid - looked like Botox gone wrong, lol, and would have made an awesome Halloween costume. Weird body. I've never been allergic to anything before, but that's the third time in the past year: had a weird flu-reaction to a honeybee sting, and my fingertips got all swollen and itchy I think from eating pistachios, which I'd always eaten before with no problem. Nothing likely to go anaphylactic, thank goodness, and Benedryl seems to take care of the reaction pretty quickly (although I think the lips are still slightly pouty - mwa!).

Hm, only three trick-or-treaters so far. I'm gonna have a lot of chocolate leftover, poor me! :P
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For a few more minutes anyway, in my time zone.  Only around 12 trick-or-treaters this year - I have LOTS of leftover chocolate.  Yum.
Here, have some rat-tailed maggots! :D  (Warning:  I think they're rather cute, but if maggoty thingies squirming around squick you, might want to skip this one)
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Happy Halloween to all! 

Anyone wishing to carve pumpkins will first plz to be having their work inspected by the official Pumpkin Inspector.

more babble )


Oct. 27th, 2009 08:02 am
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A Halloween fic bunny, it bit me!   

Title:  A Protectobot Halloween
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  1299
Characters:  Hot Spot, First Aid, Blades, and a cameo by Fireflight as "The Very Scary Bat"
Summary:  Some trick-or-treaters get a unique experience.  Fluff and silliness 
Note:  double slashes to indicate "gestaltspeak" borrowed from[info]seikk  ^^

First Aid and Halloween may not be the best combination... )

the horror

Oct. 31st, 2008 06:07 pm
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Please, for Primus' sake, don't click unless you can handle the CARNAGE! )

Trick-or-Treaters are in full tilt around here - hope I have enough candy.  It's always a mob scene in my neighborhood - nearly got cleaned out by a cute little pink Pegasus who grabbed double fistfuls of everything!  Those little dudes - they go for alll they can get, I tell ya what ^^  Check out my pumpkins - they were kind of a rush job this year, but they turned out pretty good for freestyle I thought:


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