Apr. 14th, 2017 06:39 pm
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I've managed to dodge all the colds and lurgies going around this year, even after several stints of babysitting a mucus-oozing toddler, but no more - finally got me! Sore throat kept me awake all last night, and fevery enough today to keep being chilled and achy and queasy but still hungry (but if I eat things don't go well, which is super annoying, hmph). Luckily I have two days off in a row to hole up and be glorpy, and mom, bless her heart, came over and mowed my jungle-lawn which was getting out of hand. It's so nice outside though! Temps in the 80's and spring in full blast - was hoping to do something other than sit on the couch snorfling :(
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Got my flu shot at the grocery after work yesterday, no co-pay (thanks, Obamacare!). Going to a conference for work in early November, so figured it would be a good idea to reduce the chances of picking up at least one type of crud. I scheduled it for when I had two days off in a row, because I usually get a mild immune reaction, knew I'd be feeling pretty blah for a day or so, but this time it hit within a few hours, achy and tired (I was baby sitting niecelet and she kept insisting that I was supposed to lie down on the living room floor and brought me a pillow, lol - I must have looked pretty wiped out! Although the 125 kids I had in programs earlier that day might have also had something to do with it...). I was actually shivering with chills when I went to bed, but by morning was fine, not even a sore arm! Which was good, because I had to go in to work anyway to let our bees out of the observation hive (I'd blocked them in while the building was being repainted, so they wouldn't sting the painters) and ended up getting stuck at work for four hours with various sorts of craziness. Hopefully tomorrow's day off will be an actual day off! :D

Other things accomplished today: two youngest opossums moved to larger housing, deep cleaned big baby raccoon crate, chased two baby raccoons around house when they escaped as I was trying to put them back in, took out groundhog for some fresh air, returned spiders and spider props to work from program Thursday, caught four Pokemon, ate a salad.
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Laeona updated her "Gravity" cover to fix a little detail that I didn't even catch, and in the process making it Even More Adorable, which I didn't think was possible! Gravity Shift - can you spot the difference? (spoilers in the comments, lol).

In other less fun news, the "mild cold" that I caught last week morphed into full-blown lurgy by Thursday, sore throat, mucus faucet, stuffy sinuses, headache and hacking cough, the works! Fortunately I was the last in the family to catch it, so hopefully didn't spread it to everyone else over Thanksgiving. Had a pleasant visit with sis-in-law's family, they're such awesome folks, I really like them a lot. I've been in a fun mood all day where I feel wise and imposing as an ancient Prime, possibly because my voice is all deep and gravelly XD

Feeling better today, finally, but hoping my voice lasts through a two hour program with 95 fourth graders tomorrow. Stocking up on cough drops!

Between the lurgy and holiday festivities and being back on work duty all weekend, I didn't get anything posted for Saturday, but I've been poking at a fic bit all week - just working on the ending still, should get it posted maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Also have failed to clean my carpets, but I did pick up my carpet cleaning machine from sis-in-law's sister at Thanksgiving - her carpets were very clean, so apparently it works great! She gave me a whole bottle of cleaning solution to say thanks, so now I don't even have to go out and buy any, w00t!

Flu shot

Oct. 19th, 2014 08:12 am
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Did my part for herd immunity on Friday by getting my flu shot - usually I feel scrungy, kind of tired and achy for a couple of days, so I try to time it for when I have a few days off in a row. This time I was dizzy for half a day after - that's a new one! Got out of the car to run some errands and felt like I was going to either pass out or go floating up into the stratosphere, kind of alarming. But I was still breathing fine, so gamboled that this wasn't one of those Severe Reactions and carried on - it passed and just felt lightheaded and a bit spaced out the rest of the day. Then got the usual tired and achy yesterday, but fine today.

Getting used to being without dog - it's less an open wound in my heart and more a well-bandaged one, only hurts if I poke it. Thanks for all of the kind words, everyone <3
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Also known as Balloon Plant, Swan Milkweed, Family Jewels and several other names, lol, but I'm fond of Hairy Balls :P It's a tropical plant, so I've started the seeds inside since temps can still drop below freezing around here for awhile yet - invested in a plant stand with a clear plastic cover over the whole thing to keep the kittehs out of the nice pots of dirt. Maybe I'll start some cat grass for them again, and bring it out at intervals for nibbles ^^

Today was going to be my go crazy gardening day - first day off where sun is shining and temps near 60F (you think I go a bit daft over snow, you should see me when there's ACTUAL SPRING - the squee would be scary, except I'm usually tired from all the sproinging about to get too out of hand) but instead I ended up curled on the couch most of the day, purging my tanks every time I stood up, blaargh (cramps and a stomach that's been a little touchy all week, but I feel much better now - diet Sprite and lots of oyster crackers, successfully imbibed, w00t!). So today was kind of a bust. Saturday's supposed to still be nice though, and then rain all next week.

And, in keeping with my current juvenile humor mood, this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Warning for a bit of cat anatomy, but if you have a cat it's nothing you haven't seen before! XD
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So, despite four hours of sleep, getting up an hour earlier than normal with a sore throat and beginnings of a cough (mid-level achy morning, but not too bad), diving right in to one of the most stressful days of the year wrangling 130 homeschool students (which included, new this year, students during the lunch break attempting to inch out onto the 6-inch wide concrete edging along the building that gradually builds to a 30 foot drop to the ground. They were at 20 feet when we caught them O_O. Plus one of the older students starting a game of "chase and spank other students on the rear," and having to sit next to me - the horror! - the rest of the lunch period and having his mother called,) on my feet all day, talking to gazillions of parents and students and volunteers and staff, hauling critters and chairs and tables...

Despite all of that, I still feel a lot better tonight than I did yesterday, where I spent most of the day on the couch, and managed to scrape together only enough energy for a trip to the grocery store and a bit of typing on my NaNo. I'm pretty darn tired, but it's a tired-from-doing-lots-of-things kind of tired, not an erg-I-don't-want-to-move-and-this-gallon-of-milk-is-so-heeaavvvyyy kind of tired. And my knees don't hurt! Weird, yes?

There might be something to this peri-menopause theory. Possible TMI and more than you ever wanted to know, ahoy! XD )

NaNo word count: 4096, w00t!
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600 words for NaNo so far. Ack! I'm behind already! D: This is last crazy week for fall though:
120 4th graders Monday
88 Kindergartners today
Volunteer training, preschool class, 17 5th & 6th graders, 28 3rd graders Wednesday
Get ready for homeschool students Thursday
130 Homeschool students all day Friday
...and then we're home free! Slow season ahoy, in theory, anyway.

Weird body is doing the same weird thing it's been doing for the last couple of years, with the tired and achy for no particular reason - I've been kind of gimping through the last several days with a particularly annoying flare up or whatever-it-is (not literally gimping - I can do pretty much everything I need to, just have a tendency to want to rub my knees and feet and go "seriously body? what the heck!" And the not!carpal tunnel thing from last year hasn't bugged me at all so that's good). I've suspected for awhile there's some sort of hormonal fluctuation going on, as it's suspiciously cyclic, although I'm actually feeling quite a bit less achy tonight. Which is nice but not quite in accordance with last month's pattern. Hrm. M'kay, whining accomplished. Tired. Bed.

Snuggles to all <3 and good luck to all my fellow NaNoers! Type! Type like the wind! :D

La la la

Jul. 19th, 2011 07:39 pm
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Having a kind of bad reaction to a bee sting from yesterday - not the life-threatening anaphalactic kind, don't worry, just flu-like symptoms and my hand swelling up like a lovely sausage :P Typing is...interesting, lol, and so is turning key in car ignition, and opening doors and pouring things. Came home early from work and was flat out on couch all afternoon, didn't want to mooove or do anything. Finally staggered out and got some Benedryl, and am feeling completely spaced out, but probably 90% better so pretty sure that's what's going on. So, maybe not much typing until I get my hand back, which is driving me nuts because fics! and posts! and lovely comments!


Mar. 8th, 2011 09:05 pm
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Happy International Women's Day, all you marvelous womens out there!  <3

I left the kid-stickers on the one back window of new-to-me car, but I got most of the other random inspection stickers and other gunkage scraped off the rest of car today - Goo Gone worked like a charm, thankee :D

Verdict from the doctor today is yes, probably a mild concussion, but neurologically I check out fine (you should see how fast I can touch my nose and then doc's finger and back! *preens*) so just give it time and rest.  The other two times I've been mildly concussed it took about a month for all the symptoms to dissipate, so I'll give it two or three more weeks.  

Some health tl:dr, feel free to skip and go directly to Kettle and Toast napping )


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