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Rating: K
Word Count: 1135
Characters: Jazz, Prowl, Bluestreak, Optimus Prime
Notes: No buds yet in this one; just the early days of figuring what the heck is going on.

Jazz catches Prowl sleeping on the job. This is less amusing than he might have imagined. )
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Gearing up for a crazy week here (co-worker's wife went into labor this morning, so he's out for the next two weeks, so I'm working late tonight, the whole weekend, and straight into all-day daycamps next week and we just lost a daycamp counselor to a full time job; awesome for her! Not so much for us, alas @_@), so deliberately trying to take it easy and loaf around a bit today, as much as possible. Hence writings! :D

Rating: K
Word Count: 727
Characters: Ratchet, Wheeljack
Warnings and Notes: asexual alien reproduction, fluff, sorta mpreg but not really?

Ratchet has a harder time doing his job with all of his little 'helpers' )
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Rating: K
Word Count: 1338
Characters: Ratchet, Mirage, Hound
Warnings and Notes: asexual alien reproduction, fluff, medical talk, sorta mpreg but not really?
Summary: One of Hound's buds needs to be detached ahead of schedule.

Oh hey, look what happened! A whole day off yesterday and all these words showed up! )
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This bunny's been floating around in my head for awhile, but the hydra with their little daughter hydras made me think of it again: what if Transformers budded by growing new little robots on their armor that could pop up just about anywhere?

“Truce, then?” Optimus asked, with a hint of a smile, the bud attached to his shoulder peering at Megatron with bright blue optics.

Megatron stood with one leg bent at an awkward angle, careful not to jostle the bud just below his knee joint, and one hand rested on the back of a second grey bud at his hip, both of them tiny replicas of their parent. They were just old enough that they were beginning to respond to movement and sound, and the bud on Megatron’s knee reached out curious hands towards the equally curious blue-and-red bud waving and reaching from Optimus’ lower leg.

Both budlets began squawking and beeping, loudly and insistently, and with a shared rueful glance both he and Optimus limped closer until the two could touch. Megatron watched as the the two buds grabbed arms and bumped their tiny helms together and tried to stuff one another’s finger digits in their mouths.

“Truce,” he sighed, over the sound of their delighted burbles and squeaks.


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