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Was playing with Playdoh with niecelet the other day, and she was having trouble getting the lid off one of the Playdoh containers.
"Fukkin lid" she says around her pacifier. And then says it several more times, glancing up at me to see if I noticed. I managed to remain boringly non-reactive mainly because I wasn't quite sure that's what she was really saying.
"Havin' trouble getting the lid off?" I say all casual-like.
"Fukkin lid," she tells me again, in her wee little 2.75-year-old voice, managing to get the lid off herself finally. "People say that. That's a dirty word."
"Mmm. Watcha gonna make with that color?" And we moved on. XD
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Niecelet loves these "colors" videos on youtube, and it's all sweet and happy and cute until they start pulling the eyes off and digging the face out to find the hidden egg! There's one horrific one where they have clay faces over little plastic Pez dispensers and they rip off the clay faces to reveal the second creature hidden underneath D: Niecelet started copying me, "oh no, they're going to smush the face up!" and giggling, and then we had fun pretending to smush each other's faces up. Good times! XD

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I watched the first several episodes of the original 90's Pokémon cartoon on Netflix today - studying up for a nature program we're doing next Saturday, comparing actual animals in the park with Pokémon critters, so totally work research, lol. Fun to watch, and parts of it are familiar now that I see it, probably caught some of it when it first came out. It's been very helpful - apparently I've been pronouncing "Rattata" all wrong, it's more Tuh-may-toe than Toe-mah-toe. Still, I also find parts of it a little disturbing, as they catch these poor critters and keep them in little balls and then these fairly sentient-seeming beings are enslaved and forced to fight each other to the point of debilitating damage, hrm. I keep reminding myself these are alienish beasties, and they turn to energy-forms in the Pokeballs so presumably they're comfy and not squashed in there, and they seem to enjoy the battles? Some of them? More like a partnership with their trainers? Hrrm...

In other news, niecelet was playing with a cupcake pan and measuring spoons, and scooping water out from the one cupcake mold I'd filled with a teeny amount of water and drinking it, and I asked if it was delicious water, and she went around the rest of the night offering everyone sips of "delicious water" - quite a mouthful for a not-quite-two-year-old, but she pronounces it very clearly, super hilarious and adorable.

Not so clear was what she wanted when she kept leading me into the bathroom and asking for a "hammer" and pointing to the sink area. She also pointed to the Neosporin on the sink, so I dabbed it on an old scrape on her knee, but she still wanted the "hammer" - but not her little plastic musical toy hammer. Her dad texted me the answer to the mystery later: they have a set of Band Aids shaped like food, and she wanted a "hamburger" Band Aid for her knee. Of course! XD
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Happy Valentines my dears! *snugs* *chocolate*

I'm sitting here with a Gandalf on my lap, after readjusting him a bit (he likes to get as close to my face as possible, until he's breathing my breath, until he's kneading my neck. I...need a leetle more space, lol) and watching Buckaroo Banzai, which happened to be on. Lovely snowy day - about 2 or 3 inches, had to work but being a Sunday no rush hour traffic, so driving wasn't too bad either.

Critter updates:
Legolas-fish and Gimli-frog continue to florish. Gimli is out and about more now, and has a few favorite perching spots in the tank, and has figured out food comes from above - very cute to watch him frogging around just under the surface, stuffing his face with pellets.
Redfish still holding steady in his little senior tank, added two more frogs to Bluestreak's tank since Gimli was doing so well. She seems to like to watch them.
Skeleton Kitty has moved in with my mom, and she's doing so much better than I ever expected! Not buddies or anything with her two cats, but just some occasional hissing and glares, and she doesn't mind the big barking dog whatsoever! Mom spoils her completely, and she's able to have the run of a whole big house. She's even gained a bit of weight. Mom calls her Winifred, or Winnie for short ^^

At around 15 months, Niecelet has hit the clingy opinionated stage - she used to be pretty much happy with whoever was holding or watching her, but she's had a few meltdowns lately meeting new people, and just wants dad and breaks into heartbroken tears whenever he puts her down or tries to do anything else. Even her Auntie Worms can only keep her distracted for so long, lol, although she loves to do the dishes - I stick her on a chair next to me and she putters around with the water and suds and pouring things (and sometimes trying to drink the suds or pour it down her front...), managed to give her dad a bit of a break anyway. Her sleeping and napping is minimal (it's amazing, she'll kind of zone out for ten minutes, pacifier and blankie, and then, RECHARGED!!! aaand off she goes, for another four hours straight), so her parents are kind of running on fumes - my mom's been taking her overnight once a week to give them a break. Such an adorable little smarty pants, she is - she's figured out how to stack things to climb to things she can't reach, keeps ya on your toes! <3

Working on getting over third cold of the year - it really knocked me flat for awhile, and still feeling very draggy and stuffy. I am quite done with this cold business, please and thank you, feels like I've been sick since Thanksgiving.

In other news, I've discovered podcasts! I can upload them to my phone and listen while driving back and forth to work (generally 30 min one way if no traffic, but 45+ with rush hour and traffic jams) - lots of fun science and neurobiology and study of the human condition type stuff. Today listened to an "On Being" with Ellen Langer, a social psychologist, about the great extent experience is formed by words and ideas we attach to it. I liked the idea of rephrasing "Can I do it" with "How can I do it" and trying to notice five new things about someone every time you see them, fun study about putting some 80 year old fellows into an environment set up to be like 20 years earlier, and they all started acting, feeling, and looking 20 years younger. Also, this great, highly effective drug called "placebo" that we've been ignoring for many years. Some other nifty thoughts too, that I've forgotten, shall have to listen to it again tomorrow!
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I found a little snowsuit for niecelet for Christmas - I was hoping for something like a mini-arctic expedition/baby steampunk style, but all I could find was plain pale pink. It'll do, though! Simple one-piece stick the kid in and zip up - nifty little mitten flaps for hands so gloves can't be lost. Also a pack of baby Star Wars socks and some tiny fleece pants that were on sale and are just so adorable I can't even stand it! Of course, the way things are trending, not sure if we'll see much if any snow this winter - supposed to be in the 50's around here on Christmas; hopefully she'll get a day or two use out of the snowsuit, lol.

Niecelet accomplishments unlocked: walking, putting on of hats, putting on mom and dad's shoes and tromping around in them (or attempting to do so - dad's boots are too heavy and she can pretty much sit in them), high-pitched ear-piercing screeching, locating of belly button, making of kitty sound, doggie sound, still baffled by pig snorting, but she watches my face and makes the mouth movements and it's the funniest thing ever.

Rented Jupiter Ascending from the Redbox thingy last week - enjoyed very much! probably not too spoilery but cut just in case )

Haven't seen Star Wars yet, but have heard from several folks that have seen it that it's a winner, so yay!

This was on tumblr awhile back and I saved it as reference for my "Lost in Space-Time Protectobots" headcanon - they end up drifting in deep space for a long time, maybe vorns, and get pretty creative to pass time and keep from going bonkers while they're separated from First Aid, including making up songs that include a complicated choreography of tapping on one another's armor. I'd imagine Cybertronian armor would be deeper and maybe not so...whatever the word is...tonal? More thunky, since the armor's attached to lot's of other stuff. But anyway, this would be the general idea:
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LJ wants us to lure friends back with paid account time. Huh. Much as I miss folks and would love to see old familiar user names back again (hello dear long-time-no-see folks, if you should be lurking! *wave-glomp*) I just don't see that going over well. Although if anyone's particularly particularly desperate for a month of account time for some reason, hit me up and I'll "lure" you back ^_~

Stray bunny has undergone a complete 180 in personality. She's an absolute scamp, she is. Has broken out of just about every containment system I've devised and has been galumphing around the house (nothing like bunny herding at 3am, lol). Luckily she doesn't seem to be a big nibbler, so my power cords are all intact, so far. Her first few days she would barely eat, and it took her two days to poop and pee (which can be bad in rabbits, if things shut down or there's a blockage - I was a few hours away from calling the exotic vet), but now she's nibbling timothy hay and pellets and all the things she's supposed to nibble: carrot tops and kale and broccoli are all hits, zucchini and mustard greens not so much, and producing piles of droppings and pee on the regular. The first several days she would freeze if one of the cats was nearby and run away if I tried to touch her, now she's hopping up on the couch and shoving Gandalf out of the way so she can get pettings. Poor Gan, he hisses and then gives way to this weird cat, who has also been so rude as to leave rabbit droppings in his litter box! Watching Gan cover them in disgust was one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen XD

New education opossum at work (not at home, thank goodness - opossums and bunnies in the same house are not a good combo, and this bunny won't stay put). This guy was born with deformed front legs - they curl up so that he walks on his wrists - another rehabber rescued him but couldn't keep him, so a conservation officer brought him on Sunday. Kind of scared about being handled still, but he was having a good time stumping around the office yesterday and snorfling everything:

Work has entered full-blown crazy season, with the usual shenanigans that make me want to flop in despair sometimes, but there are frogs and flowers and many good things going on, too, and I truly do work with some amazing wonderful people. I feel like I've rebuilt my work-social circle after pretty much total staff turnover two summers ago, and there's still some weirdness at the upper admin levels, but the Big Boss has grown on me and done some pretty supportive stuff. So yay? Yes, yay. *firm nod*

Niecelet continues to be Cutest Baby in Universe. She's not crawling, quite, but she was planking yesterday - a full body push up! Very impressive, I don't know if I could do that for very long. I was giving her velociraptor screech lessons last week and managed to get video of her doing a perfect mimic screechy-squawk sound *melts* Auntie Worms is so proud :P

Thunderstorms rolling through, mmmmmm, nice *wafts rain towards West coast* Although down to freezing again tomorrow night. I've been growing Jack-in-the-pulpit seeds and they're just now starting to sprout; might be ok since they're early spring wildflowers anyway, but will probably bring them in just to be safe.
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(Except without the bullets because they keep being weird when I add them.)

I did the Humble Bundle pay what you want thing, so now I have all the MTMTE so far! Except I haven't had time to download and figure out just where I want to put them and what format - pdf? or for my Kindle app I think it's MOBI, but they don't all have a MOBI version.

Niecelet learned to roll over yesterday! And she wouldn't stop doing it - every time I put her on her back, it's floop! Belly time. Sometimes with trapped arm, lol, she hasn't quite figured out how to get that out of the way consistently. And she wants to crawl so bad! All those things she could stick in her mouth! Just out of reach! Mom and I managed a smashing rendition of "Row Your Boat" sung in a round while we were watching her - Mom has a book with a baby schedule (like the pirate code, more guidelines) that says baby should be sung to for 10 minutes, so we gave it a try, but after "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Rockabye Baby" we ran out of songs! The audience was appreciative of the ones we knew, however - we got the Happy Airplane Arms and even a bit of squealing along ^_^

Refinancing final approval thing tomorrow night. Mortgage people, coming to my house - eek! At least house just needs a good last-minute vacuum of the cat fur to be mostly presentable.

Daylight savings this morning - I've been having to get into work extra early all week for various events or to allow extra time for bad driving conditions, so it wasn't much of a transition, except brain very helpfully decided to wake me up three hours early instead of just one *yawn*

Snow is melting! And under the snow there will be epic mud. Temps in the 40's and sunny, it felt almost tropical today! Hopefully the ponds will thaw enough for my pond study class next Saturday.  Maybe there will even be froooooggsss! :D 

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Reported to be quite wiggly. Has a very lovely spinal cord and a wee little chin and a very round skull. Still under construction, but due to arrive early October-ish. Can't wait to show her all the important girl things, like how to pick up crawdads without being pinched, how to set up a fish tank, how to play house with giant robots, how to wiggle one eyebrow at a time and flare your nostrils on purpose (although my brother can do these things too, so I'm betting she'll be an expert by the time she's one!).


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