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Kettle had a relapse over the weekend - turned out to be a spleen tumor causing intermittent internal hemorrhaging. If it had been benign, surgical removal could have given her a few more years, but when she was on the table they found it had spread extensively, just too small to show up on x-rays yet, and I made the decision to let her go. My heart is broken, but Iike all of us who love our fur kids I knew this day would come, I've walked this road before. There is comfort in knowing she didn't catch a weird skunk disease, that there was nothing else I could have done, and that she ended her days a little weak and wobbly, but in very little suffering, still happy to sniff the wind and shove her head under my arm for ear scritches and gobble turkey deli slices and bark insistently and drag the evening caretaker at the vet outside because no way was she peeing anywhere but the grass, heck yeah! My carpet already seems too clean, sadly lacking its usual black lab sheddings. She was a very very good dog, and her happy goofy doggie smile will be in my heart always.


Oct. 2nd, 2014 06:38 pm
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Sweet googly moogly, crazy week! My car seems to be developing transmission trouble, but the transmission guy is completely swamped and can't take a look until some time next week. Transmission stuff isn't usually cheap, ack. Luckily between mom and brother, I think I can borrow cars to get to work and grocery in the meantime. I also got a citation from the health department for my brush pile in the back yard, of all things. It's not a HUGE brush pile, maybe 8 ft diameter, and I keep it for wildlife habitat, like all my "make your backyard a wildlife habitat" books say to do, but I've read rants from people who try to fight the health dept. on this kind of thing and they usually don't win. I have a feeling someone called the health dept on my neighbor who has dragged an entire very large downed tree to their backyard (hooked it up to a pick up truck and dragged it from the front yard - rather ingenious, I'll give them that. I was waiting for the rope to snap and the ambulances to arrive) along with a couple of junk cars, and they saw my brush pile and decided to cite me while they were at it. I just don't have time to haul it out by the Oct. 8 deadline they gave me so I'm paying a tree service a bucketload to clean it out. Maybe I'll get some free mulch in the bargain if they chip it all up though, so there's that.

All the vets know my name... )
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Kettle suspiciously sniffing my second-newest resident, a yellow-bellied slider someone brought us at the park. Poor thing had been living in the washbin she arrived in in our office - we don't have anything big enough for her at work, so I brought her home last week.

Beasts and bugs and present! )

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Noticed yesterday that Toast was limping a little on one of his hindfeet, and that he just wasn't acting like his normal chipper active self - vet today confirmed he's running a high fever, but couldn't find an injury or obvious cause (of course he didn't limp at all at the vet). He's got some antibiotics to see if that helps, and I've got him isolated in the bedroom to keep track of intake and output from the other end - he's been eating, although he prefers the regular crunchies to the fancy wet food I got him. None of my kitties really like any of the canned noms I've offered them, weirdos.

More pics - critters and plants, also slime warning! )

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I mean, just look at that face! "Look mom, I'm wearing the laundry!" Goofbucket XD

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Benson went home for good with his new mom on Sunday. This is the most recent picture of him - kittens, comfy anywhere XD

I'm gonna miss the little crazy fuzzy bean, but so happy he's got a good home. Gandalf seems to be enjoying having snuggles without his little groupie butting in all the time :)

assorted critters and plants and some house stuff, and one tree tragedy )

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No go on the meteor shower program last night, unfortunately, due to some heavy cloud cover that rolled in right around 10pm. It was too late to cancel the program, but only a couple of families showed up early on - we saw bats! and raccoons! and heard barred owls hootin' it up! and for about sixty seconds we could see Vega! so not a total loss ^_~ and I locked up and went home about 11pm.

Photo of moon-in-the-clouds from last night )

Here's a phone video of Kettle and Toast ) being adorable. This actually goes on all the time, but it's rare I can get it on video since as soon as I pull out a camera they both want to come over and investigate :P

Still getting things sorted out for the next chapter of Project Reset: The Prequel (have been very much enjoying all the discussion on chapter 2, btw ^_^), but in the meantime, have a little bonus scene:

Project Reset: The Prequel: Bonus Scene! )
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Read the DotM book version last night and this morning - about what I expected as I've not been avoiding the spoilers at all. I've already cut for spoilers )

Taking Kettle to get her stitch out, then grocery, laundry, some yard work - I've not kept up with the weeds with as busy as it's been, and mom was here last Saturday with her weed sprayer. Me following her around going "NO! Not there!" I said she was allowed to spray the weeds in the driveway, that's all. I love her dearly, but we have somewhat different ideas on teh gardening. I kinda like the shaggy natural look - interesting rather than manicured, and think that the weeds in the cracks of the driveway are nifty, too, but destroying them makes mom happy, so...

Planning to hit the 4pm showing of DotM today, non-3-D. Those glasses are annoying!

Must schedule some soul-searching in here somewhere. I'm in danger of being promoted again at work, to nature center manager, not park manager at least, but still...I really am probably the best person for the job, but a whole lot less creative stuff and a whole lot more budgets, meetings, people managing, and the ever-frustrating building maintenance and red-tape of DOOM. O_o

Ok! Off to ponder and de-stitch! and movie!

Update: de-stitchification took all of three seconds; Kettle thought it was awesome! :P Somehow managed to buy six paving stones, and a pretty wire trellis to hide the huge standard-issue trash thing we're all required to use now. It's as tall as I am - makes it interesting trying to lift the bags up and over; I've learned not to fill them very full, lol. Also got some pretty, tall nasturtium seeds to grow over the trellis, and a new variety of coneflower. I'm not allowed near a garden store for at least another month!
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Check out the pearly whites! Kettle got her teeth cleaned on Thursday, and a small cyst removed from one eyelid. The cyst was super tiny, but it was rubbing right up against her eye so vet said better to have it off. She has exactly one stitch, which comes out in two weeks. We came home with a whole bag of goodies - a painkiller, an antibiotic, glucosamine/chondritin tablets, eyedrops, and a special enzyme thing to put in her drinking water to prevent tartar build up. She gets the pills as a 'treat' after the eyedrops - she's gotten so she'll automatically roll over for me to put the drops in, awww, such a good doggie <3

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Streetwise my little smartypantsphone has been earning his data plan this week - lots of wild weather, what I like to call "scrambled" weather where you have to be ready for anything and everything:  raging thunderstorms that pop up for ten minutes and then gorgeous blue skies, followed by eerie humid stillness with glowing gray-green clouds that may or may not do anything impressive.  When I'm out in the middle of a wide-open field with 60 fifth graders catching frogs, it's been marvelous to be able to pull up a weather radar whenever I want (last year, as I recall, I had to call back to the nature center and get someone else to pull up the radar on the computer..."so, the red blob, does it look like it's getting bigger and moving towards us?  or smaller and moving away?)

All right, let's see if LJ gesmushes up all my pictures this time... )
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Feeling fairly recovered tonight, sore throat is now a mild earache instead, but it's nice to be not exhausted, for a little bit anyway ^^ Hooray for chilly drizzly weather!  The park was quiet enough today, I finally got...not caught up, but at least less behind than I was.   Have some pics! Possums, kitty, doggy, plants - the usual. )
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But not from car crashes this time - the brainz seem to have recovered from all of that, thank goodness.  It's from the BAJILLION HAPPY FROGS in the pond last Friday night - forty minutes poking around with a bunch of Girl Scouts catching spring peepers by the handful, and I'm fairly sure I suffered some sort of damage to my audios.  Those little doobers are loud!  It was awesome! :D
Some more babble and pictures  )
Thank you, anonymous, for the "Help Japan" V-gift! <3  The notification just finally popped up on my yahoo email today from a few weeks ago. I've switched to gmail for notifications and that seems to be working fine. 


Mar. 8th, 2011 09:05 pm
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Happy International Women's Day, all you marvelous womens out there!  <3

I left the kid-stickers on the one back window of new-to-me car, but I got most of the other random inspection stickers and other gunkage scraped off the rest of car today - Goo Gone worked like a charm, thankee :D

Verdict from the doctor today is yes, probably a mild concussion, but neurologically I check out fine (you should see how fast I can touch my nose and then doc's finger and back! *preens*) so just give it time and rest.  The other two times I've been mildly concussed it took about a month for all the symptoms to dissipate, so I'll give it two or three more weeks.  

Some health tl:dr, feel free to skip and go directly to Kettle and Toast napping )
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Thanks, everyone, for all the hugs  <3  I was pretty sore and tired yesterday, as expected, but doing better today - just got back from picking up the rental car - a Chevy HHR, and I've been having fun getting to know it.  It's, suave, and very clean, yikes!  I think I'll refrain from hauling bales of straw and muddy shedding doggies for the duration, lol.  It does have a nicely adjustable driver's seat, so my feet reach the pedals and I can see out the windshield and the steering wheel does not touch my chest, w00t!  Handles well, very easy to drive, so it'll do I think :) 

Pic spam! Pic spam! Get your pic spam here, read all about it! More kitteh pics than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means) )

Round Two

Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:58 am
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We really lucked out - instead of another inch of freezing rain we got mostly sleet, which doesn't stick to the trees and power lines, plus temps rose above freezing for about three hours last night, which I think started to loosen a lot of the ice already on the tree branches.  The wind today is knocking a lot of the ice off the trees, so we haven't seen the extensive tree damage and power lines coming down - from what I can see in my neighborhood lots of small branches down but nothing major.  Other parts of Indiana were a lot harder hit, but in my area, at least, we're doing great!   The roads and sidewalks are still coated with a whole pancake layer of ice, sleet, melted sleet, freezing rain, and now some snow on top, so most folks are staying home today (including me, yay!  Haven't heard what shape the park is in yet, but I have a feeling things are a bit messier up there) to let the road crews try to chisel us out. 

A few more ice pics, plus some Toast )
ETA:  Another day off tomorrow - the park is still closed as well as most of the schools.  The parking lots and stairs and walkways are all ice skating rinks and most folks don't have nifty Yak Trax.  The ice is so thick crews just haven't been able to make much headway clearing it out. 
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I found my video camera!  \o/  It's been MIA for over a month now, and I was starting to give up hope - last time I remember seeing it was on my desk at work, and I remember thinking I needed to take it home and blank.  Couldn't remember what I did with it, couldn't find it anywhere, figured someone must have snatched it off the desk even though we've never had anything taken from the offices before, and especially not during the slow season.  Found it tonight in a bucket on top of Smidge's house, when I was doing a little cleaning up - oh yeah!  I had a bunch of little random stuff to carry from the car, so I tossed it all in the bucket to make it easier to carry!  *facepalm*

The other little camera I've been using does better for resolution, if I ever want to enlarge something, but not quite so good with the close-ups or action shots.   In kitten photography, most shots are action shots, I've discovered :P

Blurry Kettle and Toast frolics under cut )

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Kitty is starting to really show his personality - he's still a bit clingy, trots after me from room to room, but so much more relaxed and playful now.  Total sweetheart!  I don't think he'd ever seen a dog before, but he made friends with Kettle the first night. 

Argh, I nom yer tail!

Warning for levels of adorable achieveable only by kittens )

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(Lookee - I did a youtube!)  Apparently, a walnut in a hole is WAY freakier than the 50 or so under the tree.  Kettle is so fun to tease - it's terrible, but I just can't help it!  What better way to spend the afternoon than chasing your dog around the yard with a walnut?
A walnut in a hole is freakier than 50 under the tree )


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