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Aug. 20th, 2017 10:12 pm
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Catio functional! Toast, my outdoor-lovin' guy, spends about 80% of his time out there, and has mostly figured out the cat door, although if I'm there he meows to be let in even though he's let himself back in several times. One of the unforeseen hazards however, is that he keeps catching things and bringing them inside - nothing like a screeching cicada in the hallway at 2am to get you out of bed fast! Also one big dead mouse and one partially eaten small mouse. Lovely.

I had a ramp system kind of jury-rigged with some boards and bricks, but mom got all excited and ran out and bought me nice sturdy wire closet shelving and some outdoor carpet to put on top of it, and my brother came over and helped attach everything with brackets and things, and now even the not-so-agile Gandalf can make his way around everywhere. He's still scared of the cat door, although I've found him outside on his own a few times now - I always have to hold it open for him to come back in. I held Bones up to the cat door and held it open to see if she'd be interested, and as expected she was utterly horrified and ran away to her nice safe lurking basement. I locked the cat door while we were switching out the ramps, and in one of the photos Toast is pressing his head against it, very frustrated that he can't get it open to go to his happy fun place, lol.

Still needs some work right around where it meets up with the house to make it raccoon-proof, so raccoon baby has only been out for supervised playtime, but she's all over it like a fish to water, so to speak ^^

Here's some pics - I think I've got the permissions set right: Catio/Raccoonio Flickr album
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I have time off! A few days this week, and almost all of next week, although I'm working Sundays and some Sat/Fri programs (Perseid Meteor Shower this Saturday, forecast was looking pretty rainy/cloudy but it keeps getting better every time I checked, so fingers crossed).

This is the point in the year where I am Very Done With People - other than grocery and shopping errands and texting mom, haven't talked to a single soul since Tuesday, ah, bliss! XD The plan is to catch up on as much of the backlog of life maintenance as possible and complete my raccoon enclosure/catio. The catio is something I've been researching and saving up for for several years, finally found what I wanted and got a small windfall in the form of an escrow refund check due to overpayment, w00t! With small raccoon becoming more raccoonlike every day, the need is suddenly more urgent, lol, although she's really doing very well. Being a tiny girl and slightly mobility limited keeps her out of some, but not all, trouble (the similarities between a 4-month raccoon and an almost!three-year-old niecelet are really quite striking!) This lull is pretty much my only chance in the year to have time to assemble and get it all set up before things rev up again for fall. So, the plan:

Herein lies The Plan. Will I accomplish even half? Tune in next week to find out! )
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Mom's rescue kitty is doing great! She's just got some nasal/sinus stuff going on, which makes her breathe really loud at times, but other than that she checked out healthy.  She spent yesterday hiding under the couch when all the relatives were there, but today came out and said hi - it was just four of us and niecelet, so much quieter.  Except for niecelet, of course, but kitty was less scared of niecelet than she was of me - a few times she hissed when I tried to walk up to her, but if I can get her to trust me long enough to pet her she's all over it.  Nieclet crawled right under the table with her and got up in her face, and she seemed totally cool with that.

Everyone loves The Box but Gandalf )
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Brother and Sis-in-law acquired a stray cat a few weeks ago that had been hanging around with a broken front paw for some time - he finally got friendly enough they were able to nab him and bring him inside. Big white fellow, not neutered, no microchip, friendly once he wasn't living rough although he still won't let me pet him, and is getting along fine with their other two cats and niecelet. Paw turned out to be old healed damage with a new infection, so that's being treated now too. And then another stray showed up during the bitter single digit cold snap we had last week, so mom took this one in, bringing our grand family total to nine cats, three at each house!

This one's a real cuddle bug, super sweet, doesn't mind the dog or other cats or slightly unpredictable 2-year-olds. Looks almost exactly my mom's 16-year-old other cat except a bit more compact body and she doesn't have white whiskers. Mom said her breathing didn't sound good when they brought her in, and she was still a bit wheezy sounding when I was over there tonight - she's got a vet appointment on Monday to get that all checked out.
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The kitties are enjoying the spider drawings left over from my program last week - obviously just for them :)

Spiders, so relaxing )
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We had a cold snap last week, so I brought several trays of plant seedlings and put them on a tarp in the living room. Once I moved the plants back outside, I noticed Miss Bones using the tarp to pee on, and when I wiped it up the urine was full of blood - not good! No other symptoms or signs anything was wrong, she'd been playing and galumphing around the living room and bossing Toast around as normal all day.

So off to the vet we went yesterday - Bonesy very cooperatively peed all over the exam table when they felt her bladder, so they were able to test, and it looks like she's got urinary crystals. She's supposed to go on a prescription diet for life and antibiotics for the next several days. Of course, she doesn't seem to realize the prescription food is...food. Just stares at it and then back at me, waiting for me to bring out the REAL food. I got both the dry and wet versions, and at least the wet version got a sniff, but then she tried to cover it up like she would a poop. Antibiotics are not going over well either - she was already mistrustful of me after I nabbed her and stuck her in a crate to go to the vet, and after getting her first dose of antibiotics she now hides under the couch any time I try to get close to her, haven't managed to get a dose in her tonight. I'll probably see if I can find a nice gooshy food she will eat, and then try mixing the antibiotics with that - transitioning to the prescription diet might have to wait a bit. And she just slunk past me and made a run for the basement, awww, poor kiddo. I feel like a big ol' meanie, I do.


Dec. 26th, 2015 08:52 pm
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Kitties have been enjoying the boxes and wrapping paper - cut a couple holes in this bigger box and it's become a favorite hidey hole/ambush-and-chase spot.

Wrapping paper is super comfy )
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Because there can never be enough kitty pics. Also, my phone memory is full and I need to start deleting some, because kitty pics.

MORE kitty pics  )
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Finally had very late Christmas with brother and sis-in-law a few weeks ago and lookee what they got me!

I got the back license plate, too, so Glyph is now officially emblemed! Grunged up already with road salt, and there are these little black plastic bits that are supposed to fit over the screws but couldn't figure out how they were supposed to stay on - maybe I'll get some black paint.
More pics - car, p-bot layer cake, kitties opossums squirrel! )
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Finally getting a day off here and there to catch up with life (although not quite the break I was hoping for, since my volunteer coordinator resigned so taking over a lot of her duties and starting the hiring process all over again, hurrrg). Things accomplished: kitchen cleaned, carpet shampooed, laundry, grocery, and outside opossums cleaned out. Yet to be done: mow the grass.

It's been a really good month for monarch butterflies, at least in my area! Very heartening to see them after their lowest overwintering population ever.

Baby things and hey I found my own perfect birthday card )

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The usual story - found out in the woods by a visitor, there are no nearby homes for miles, so most likely dumped, not a stray. She'll hang out in my office until I can get her a home or an appointment with the local rescue.

she was very shy and scared, until I brought out the string and noms )

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Today's things what I did:

Fed leucistic baby squirrel (she's in an outside pen now, doing squirrel things! Two more baby squirrels rescued by mom of a co-worker coming tomorrow, so she'll have some buddies soon).

Attended First Aid/CPR training in the morning - abbreviated 2-hour version instead of the daylong training we used to have. Due to budget cuts, maybe? Just the very basics; I think I'll read through one of my old first aid manuals before the daycamps start. Some new dummies for the CPR that have green lights if yer doin' it right. I could only maintain green lights for about 10 seconds, just can't CPR like I used to - my wrists don't hold up anymore, alas. I'd probably do better to just sit on someone's chest and bounce up and down >_>

Treated turtle pond with a mosquito dunk rather than dumping out all the zooplankton and dragonfly nypmhs and any other fun stuff that came with the water lilies I'm baby sitting for work - the dunk is a bacteria that only targets the mosquito larvae, safe for turtles and even most of the other creepy crawlies in there.

Stocked up on rawhide chews for Kettle and five long plastic planters for starting more milkweed seeds and zinnias. I should not wear sage green T-shirts while in garden stores - folks always think I work there and come up asking me questions, lol. Today a gentleman wanted to know what plants he could buy for full sun.

Dumped out the worm bin on a tarp on the back porch and spent most of the afternoon peeling off the worm castings bit by bit, as the worms burrowed deeper into the middle. It was long overdue - the bin had gotten so heavy it broke the lid on my secondary bin it was sitting on top of, and the goo at the bottom was anaerobic and rather sour smelling. Still, ended up with four lovely buckets of worm castings that I arranged around the roses and lilacs. Also created 12 mini-worm bins to take in to work for kid programs - used those plastic "mixed baby greens" salad containers I've been saving all year.

Took the kitties out for sunshine - Toast won't stay in the yard anymore, and I hadn't let him outside for quite awhile. Finally converted a big dog kennel (inherited from a co-worker who used to live nearby from when we were taking care of a bald eagle one year that required twice daily medicating) into an outdoor cat playpen. The openings are too big for it to work for most wildlife, so it's just been a storage area for empty crates for several years. Used some of the logs and limbs from the hackberry tree that had to be cut down last year - Toast loves it! Gandalf enjoys it too, but prefers that I be in there with him; he's such a people kitty, lol (except when the neighbor walked up to the fence on the other side, which was apparently The End of The World, and he started growling and flinging himself head-on at the side of the pen O_o) Haven't tried Bones yet - she shows absolutely zero interest in going outside, and I think she'd be distressed, but maybe if I took her out in a carrier as a safe space, and then she could decide if she wanted to venture out or not.

Transplanted some raspberry wine bee balm, planted petunias in the planters, weeded around the Golden Alexanders, mowed one half of the backyard before it rains tomorrow.

Still to do:

Feed and clean the six baby opossums. I wanted to move them outside today - they're getting stinky! - but ran out of time and energy. Plus thunderstorms and rain tomorrow, so maybe better to wait until the weekend.

Shower! I'm a bit stinky, too ^^

Things that aren't gonna get done today:

Laundry, vacuuming, dishes...
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Remember little gray rescue kitty Benson? His new mom now lives out of state and has been super busy, so I hadn't heard much for awhile, but she sent some pics today :)

He's doing great, and is best buddies with Sophie the boxer )
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Kettle suspiciously sniffing my second-newest resident, a yellow-bellied slider someone brought us at the park. Poor thing had been living in the washbin she arrived in in our office - we don't have anything big enough for her at work, so I brought her home last week.

Beasts and bugs and present! )

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I kinda knew bring promoted was going to suck, and it has. Need a display of live local spiders, complete with informational signage and spider feeding and handling demonstrations to enlighten, delight, and/or horrify hundreds of schoolchildren and park visitors? I'm your gal! Navigating complex administrative heirarchies? Not so much. I am getting much better at having people unhappy at me over things I can't fix, so yay, life skills? Two more weeks until boss is back from leave (and I got a phone call from a young Chinese speaking lady from boss's work cell number - we got as far as "ok, thank you, bye!" Apparently her new adopted daughter is quite technologically enterprising? XD)

In other news, the antibiotics seemed to have kicked whatever was ailing Toast - I have my third restroom escort back! Although today he's been squinting one eye, and the eyelid seems maybe slightly swollen? Hrrrm.

Thanks to tumblr, I discovered they have Protectobot Kreons!

As it's been rather a rough month, I decided to splurge and order me some )

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Noticed yesterday that Toast was limping a little on one of his hindfeet, and that he just wasn't acting like his normal chipper active self - vet today confirmed he's running a high fever, but couldn't find an injury or obvious cause (of course he didn't limp at all at the vet). He's got some antibiotics to see if that helps, and I've got him isolated in the bedroom to keep track of intake and output from the other end - he's been eating, although he prefers the regular crunchies to the fancy wet food I got him. None of my kitties really like any of the canned noms I've offered them, weirdos.

More pics - critters and plants, also slime warning! )

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Benson went home for good with his new mom on Sunday. This is the most recent picture of him - kittens, comfy anywhere XD

I'm gonna miss the little crazy fuzzy bean, but so happy he's got a good home. Gandalf seems to be enjoying having snuggles without his little groupie butting in all the time :)

assorted critters and plants and some house stuff, and one tree tragedy )

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Vet follow up visit today - clean bill of health, w00t! Eats moistened kitten chow, uses litter box like a pro, is starting to be more aware of everything and runs around and frolics like a little wind up toy.

if cuteness was measured in midichlorians he'd be Anakin Skywalker )


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