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I wrote a thing! Dragged painfully from my brain, sentence by sentence over the last month, in between trying to be more politically active (which I find drains the creativity out of me like being covered with several worrisome, creativity-draining leeches - still trying to find a happy balance). Also, trying to flesh out six OCs, even if just a little, is hard! Soooooo rusty, but hopefully it makes sense - Happy almost New Year :)

Title: Missing Piece
Universe: Project Reset, Librariobots
Rating: K
Characters: Quig (OC), Librariobots (OCs), Optimus Prime, Prowl, Streetwise, hatchling Jazz
Summary: Optimus was told he was an orphan, the only survivor of his clutch. Many vorns later, he learns he was told wrong.
Word Count: 3858

Ao3 link to Librariobot Beginnings if you need a refresher on the backstory

Optimus put a hand to his chest involuntarily as his spark gave a strange happy surge. )
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I've run out of mostly-written-out stuff on Still Waters and now have a bunch of jumbled ideas, so sorting out next chapter of that may take awhile. Have some more panicking Ambassador Quig for this week :) Contains some alien marsupial-like reproduction for the Nebulons, so sorta mpreg.

Proceed to made up Nebulon headcanon ahoy! )
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Niecelet successfully wrangled! Here's part two of the previous snippet-fic (if you're confused, go one post back ^_^)

In which Ambassador Quig realizes he's in WAY over his head )
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So remember that list of plot bunnies and things I posted last week? Brain decided heck with any of them, let's work on this completely different idea instead! Based on this idea for Librariobot OC characters from several months ago. Very short, but there's a second part I've been poking at and might post later today (baby sitting niecelet again, but not as late this time). I'll probably post this as it's own separate fic on Ao3 rather than with the other Project Reset snippets, just in case I get inspired to add more chapters later on. Fall busy season is here in full force, but you never know! :D

Sentinel Prime's opinion on femme-sparks in no way reflects the opinion of the author's )
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Inspired by a few tumblr posts about the new combiner Victorion (who I have very little idea what she's all about, from one of the series, idk what *vague handwave*), I suddenly had librarian combiner Vocabularion in my head, with component members Indexia, Asterisk, Journal, Lexicon, and Citation.

Don't mess with the Librariobots, or you'll be filed. :D

Aaaand that's about all I've got for headcanon, except that they're probably all related to Optimus somehow, Archivist background and all...


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