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I tried tucking in the Protectobots for a nap but Hot Spot in particular wasn't happy about it.

Must. Not. SLEEP.

Toast Quest

Dec. 7th, 2015 10:20 pm
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Big Bee has been teaching Little Bee how to be a good scout. Today they went on a quest to find some toast:

Alas, I had no bread in the house )
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Toldja I was going to make a little book! Incredibly awesome cover by [ profile] laeona, looks lovely next to my MTMTE's ^_^ I need a stronger stapler - binder clips work for now. Impressive when you print it all out - 36 pages, 1-sided. That's a bunch of words!

Kreon P-bots approve! Toast is wondering if can eat P-bots )
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A longtime park visitor stopped by today with her grandson, probably around five years old, and tried to get him to show me the picture he took of their kitty with her phone (one of my dumped park-rescue kitties from nearly 8 years ago, who landed in the Best Amazing Cat Home Ever. Seriously. They send me Christmas cards from her every year). Kidlet was shy and didn't want to do it, but he did sneak back in my office later to show me his Transformer toy. I didn't recognize this one (he said it was Fracture), but oh did his eyes light up when he saw I really truly was interested and knew what it was! XD And then he left and came back with Optimus Prime. And then Sideswipe. And then he had a Strongarm! Hee! :D
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I kinda knew bring promoted was going to suck, and it has. Need a display of live local spiders, complete with informational signage and spider feeding and handling demonstrations to enlighten, delight, and/or horrify hundreds of schoolchildren and park visitors? I'm your gal! Navigating complex administrative heirarchies? Not so much. I am getting much better at having people unhappy at me over things I can't fix, so yay, life skills? Two more weeks until boss is back from leave (and I got a phone call from a young Chinese speaking lady from boss's work cell number - we got as far as "ok, thank you, bye!" Apparently her new adopted daughter is quite technologically enterprising? XD)

In other news, the antibiotics seemed to have kicked whatever was ailing Toast - I have my third restroom escort back! Although today he's been squinting one eye, and the eyelid seems maybe slightly swollen? Hrrrm.

Thanks to tumblr, I discovered they have Protectobot Kreons!

As it's been rather a rough month, I decided to splurge and order me some )

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Ran across adorable wee TFP Beast Hunters Prowl at Meijer - that's really quite an impressive hammer! He'd better watch out, Ultra Magnus might want to "borrow" it...

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Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!  Since they're really not into the whole chocolate and flowers thing, my crew of little plastic dudes decided to celebrate their good fellowship with a game of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit (ETA - and apparently Soundwave was channeling Omega Supreme; just roll with it :P):


A few highlights from the evening... )
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Mom and I attempted a bit of amateur plumbing on my kitchen faucet earlier in the year, and the faucet never really recovered, so for Christmas mom got me a NEW faucet.  A HUGE shiny new faucet - it's quite the most impressive thing in my whole kitchen:

 (Huh...Duplicate cut is duplicate *scratches head*)

I got home from a bit of shopping today to find... )I got home from a bit of shopping today to find... )



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