Nov. 2nd, 2014 08:37 pm
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Not quite able to tackle a full on NaNo this year, but I'd like to try to poke some writings and get back into the swing of things again, so I'm going to attempt to write and post at least a snippet a day. Or maybe every other day since I'm already behind one! Today's snippet is a Halloween one I didn't quite get done in time for Halloween, Protectobot Beginnings-verse:


“Again, but make it spookier,” Blades coached. “Try a little louder, and wave your arms.”

First Aid’s helm tilted at him in worried fashion, his visor visible as a glowing blue band through the layers of stitched-together sheets. “What if I’m too scary, though, Blades. I don’t want to really scare anyone.”

“I don’t think there’s any danger of that,” Blades chuckled. First Aid dressed up as a giant ghost tended to be more huggable than horrifying.

“Ok. If you say so,” First Aid said doubtfully, drawing a determined vent of air through his intakes. “WhooOOOoo,” he said firmly, waving his hands this time. Blades stifled a giggle; Aid looked like he was patting invisible mini-bots on the helm.

First Aid huffed, able to feel Blades’ amusement quite clearly through the gestalt bond, and put his hands on his hips. “Maybe I should just hand out candy again; I don’t think I’m really cut out for this.”

“No no,” Blades said hastily, remembering what had happened last time First Aid had had direct contact with trick-or-treaters, many of them in costumes portraying horrifying injuries and mutilated or rotting body parts. “You’re doing great, just exactly scary enough.”

“I am, hm?” First Aid’s voice was sceptical, but Blades felt his warm amusement. Aid raised his arms again and made grabbing motions at Blades, clumping towards him. “WHOOOoooooOOO.”

Blades widened his optics and backed away (but not very fast). “Oh no! I’ve...I’ve created a monster!”

First Aid rather ruined any illusion of monstrosity by giggling as he nabbed Blades by the rotors when the helo turned and pretended to run away. Hot Spot, walking up on them as they tumbled around on the ground, didn’t know what they were laughing about, but joined the wrestle-cuddle pile anyway (they eventually had to call Groove and Streetwise for backup to get them untangled from First Aid’s ghost costume).
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36307 words! \o/ (What? It's December? I hadn't noticed :P)
Even better, I have reached The End *victory dance* Of the prequel anyway, haven't even gotten to the actual thing I started writing in the first place. Sheesh, brain. Why u do thees to me? *pokes brain* I was thinking I'd be ending at about 30,000 words, but Barricade wanted to take a grand tour first, and then he got all wordy and sentimental on me towards the end.

Now, to go back and read all 70 pages (yikes!) and see what I've got.


“There,” First Aid said, his fingers gentle on Barricade’s arm again as Barricade’s engine gradually stopped racing, running last scans to make sure everything was in order. He deactivated the medical monitoring access link. “All set.”

Barricade deactivated the reciprocal link, noting as he did so that First Aid’s hands were still sending muted pain signals, though much better than they had been before. Guilt assailed him. When had the kid last gotten a break himself?

First Aid squinted a smile at him, catching the thought, his arms making a small movement as if to reach for Barricade again. “I’m ok. It’s all ok. Go.” Barricade turned abruptly and left. He suspected if he lingered any longer he might end up hugged.

“Um. Thank you,” he said, without turning around. “For everything.” He transformed and drove away, picking a road at random.
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24,928 Hrm. Woefully behind. Rl has intervened the last several days, as it does. Still, I'm reasonably happy with what I've managed to write: rather than forging ahead with gleeful drivel in true NaNo style, I've been waiting until brain sorts out what I actually want to write, which can take awhile, hence the slowness. Also, you know that thing, where people can write bad guys gone good where their inner motivational workings are so completely believably awesomely motivated and yet still retain all their angles and rough edges? I do not think I can do that thing. I keep trying to, and it just all devolves into implausible yet satisfying snuggles, lol. But I have at last completely and utterly broken Barricade's brain, so it's all good :P

snippet! Just mildly alarming Barricade's brain, for now )

Also, in honor of recent Thanksgiving holiday: Mathed Potatoes! XD I recommend to check out the rest of Vihart's delightful creative YouTube maths, if you like that sort of thing ^^ Green Bean Matharole! Doodle Music! Infinity Elephants! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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13,351 - Caught up! Although in full disclosure, that does include several copy-pasted bits from last year's NaNo attempt that still fit into the rewrite version, so cheating quite a bit. Lots of sitting around just talking, catching Barricade up to current events and breaking his brain, with a few interruptions now and then so it hopefully doesn't get TOO tedious...>_>

Here, have a snippet:

Part 37 in the chronicle of 101 ways to break Barricade's brain )
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After a slow start, managed to get fairly caught up to 7308 words today, not too shabby! Queen lyrics managed to sneak in there at some point, not entirely sure how, and I've implied a folk dancing scene I'll now have to find a way to write later on XD Handwaving terribly in many places, it feels like, but some things just don't exist in my head to write.

In other news I've confirmed I'm not allergic to the peach tea, so must have been the fennel, which is good news because the peach tea is very yummy.

And discovered tonight Rescue Bots is on Netflix, w00t! The plan tomorrow is to vote, go to the grocery, pay bills, write, maybe vaccuum if I want to get wild and crazy, do laundry, and watch Rescue Bots all day and not tune in to regular tv until Wednesday at the earliest.


Nov. 30th, 2011 10:18 pm
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Seeing as how I'm completely zonked and I need to get up early tomorrow, I declare myself a NaNo not!quite!winnar! :D *flops* Despite not quite hitting the 50,000, I also declare the month a complete success:

if for nothing else than it produced scenes with Barricade and kittens )

Caught up!

Nov. 16th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Made it to 26746, by dint of having the whole day off and not accomplishing much of anything else, and no wildlife calls or visitors or other unexpected things showing up (and writing lots of gloopy glorp and never ever erasing anything - I just change to strikethrough, save those words, yeah bb ;D). Also, I found a nifty Barricade at the grocery store, who is now sitting next to my computer for inspiration, being fondly nibbled on by kittehs and staring at me reproachfully. Poor poor Barricade XD

November's actually nearly a perfect month for me to do NaNo, with my work schedule, as they're practically pushing us out the door to use our vacation time and I'm not in charge of any big family gatherings for Thanksgiving. Still, after a full day's work I'm usually too worn out by the time I get home to make word count, so I'm not sure if I'll make it to the finish line, but it's got me to the point where the characters start doing things on their own, which is quite fun ^^

Here, have a wee snippet, warts and all )
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Things I learned today - groundhogs have the most adorable yawns in the whole world:
Uncurl from nap
Flatten onto belly
One paw stretched forward
HUGE YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, maybe even has opossums beat, that was a good 180 degree jaw angle it looked like! Not nearly so many toofs though.
Sit back on haunches and nyap nyap nyap. Hee! :D

Babble, kitty pic, NaNo snippet )
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600 words for NaNo so far. Ack! I'm behind already! D: This is last crazy week for fall though:
120 4th graders Monday
88 Kindergartners today
Volunteer training, preschool class, 17 5th & 6th graders, 28 3rd graders Wednesday
Get ready for homeschool students Thursday
130 Homeschool students all day Friday
...and then we're home free! Slow season ahoy, in theory, anyway.

Weird body is doing the same weird thing it's been doing for the last couple of years, with the tired and achy for no particular reason - I've been kind of gimping through the last several days with a particularly annoying flare up or whatever-it-is (not literally gimping - I can do pretty much everything I need to, just have a tendency to want to rub my knees and feet and go "seriously body? what the heck!" And the not!carpal tunnel thing from last year hasn't bugged me at all so that's good). I've suspected for awhile there's some sort of hormonal fluctuation going on, as it's suspiciously cyclic, although I'm actually feeling quite a bit less achy tonight. Which is nice but not quite in accordance with last month's pattern. Hrm. M'kay, whining accomplished. Tired. Bed.

Snuggles to all <3 and good luck to all my fellow NaNoers! Type! Type like the wind! :D
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(I can't get those NaNo wordcount widgets to work for anything - they keep doing some weird spacing thing *grumble grumble*)

The trouble with doing an EditMo instead of a WriMo is that I keep cutting words instead of adding them!  To be on target my word count should be about double where it is, but if I can make it to 25,000 words I'll be happy.  Still babying the wrists, too, so I'm trying to be careful not to overdo things. 

Beautiful weather is beautiful - temps in the 70's, sunny \o/  And I have a few days off to play/EditMo/tackle The List, whoo hoo! (although I'm on standby for Friday for the 120 4th graders, if there's not enough staff). 
I was going to winterize the outside opossums but I'm afraid they'll be too hot if I tack up plastic windbreaks on their walls, maybe wait until next week.  Still in a drought,105 days since our last significant rain - I'm worried about the big Norway spruce at the end of my driveway as it's been dropping an awful lot of needles.  Set up a live trap on the roof and baited it with tuna fish to see if I can catch the raccoon that's pulled open the siding and moved into my attic >_>  It was so hot working in my yard today that I put my hair up in two pigtails since I've already chopped it for winter, too short to get all back in a pony tail.  I look...ridiculously adorable in pigtails, lol *facepalms* 


Nov. 3rd, 2010 10:23 pm
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Upon poking my way through the 50,000 words I wrote last year (that's just been sitting there for a whole year), I've decided that rather than adding 50,000 more words to the pile I'm going to try to get the current pile in shape.  I'm a cheating cheater who cheats, lol, but I'm going to use NaNo to keep track of the total edited word count.  Wrists are still a bit glitchy, too, so hopefully tweaking and twiddling existing words will be less strain on them than typing a bunch of new ones. 

Check out the Smidge - two and a half pounds!  Beware, the SMIDGENATOR!



Nov. 30th, 2009 12:01 am
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Ta Da!

It's horrible! The characters are badly characterized, and the prose is repetitive and stilted, and very strange and improbable and MUSHY things happen, and somehow mpreg has become an integral part of the plot, and that "show don't tell" thing? Ah, heck with that *throws out the window* It's the most awfullest thing I've ever written!

I'm also terribly proud of it *beams*

Here's a fun little teeny bit that's mostly presentable )

M'kay. I'm gonna go bed nao. *Staggers off*
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36,000 words on NaNo...I'm so tiiired, waaaaaaah. I don't wanna write any more *flops around dramatically* But I have actual days off next week! Whoo hoo! So that should help. I'm in the middle of all these sad and angsty parts and I've been writing and positively blubbering. Blubbering I tell you! One of my neighbor's rang the doorbell with a question and there I was all red-eyed and sniffly: "No no, really I'm fine...just...uh...reading a sad story..." *facepalm*

The vet came on Friday to do the check ups on all the critters (for my USDA permit I have to have an on-site vet visit once a year). They sent the new vet in the office since I do most of the handling - piece of cake, they told her, it'll be an easy housecall for you, no problem. I didn't expect her to go right for the skunk's face O_o Long story short, CHOMP! Jazz the skunk got her good, right on the finger. She was fine... once we go the bleeding stopped...>_> but I felt really awful, nonetheless. And then when Luna the skunk got her rabies shot she bled all over the kitchen floor (she's fine, too, just looked impressive for a bit there). My kitchen looked like a crime scene or something!

I was checking my email at work and decided to glance through my spam, which I hadn't done for awhile, just to make sure that nothing important was getting shunted in there, and found myself just giggling hysterically. Some of it was pretty standard fare, it just me, or have the male enhancement spammers gotten a lot more creative/strange with their titles? Anyway, have a sampling, in case you are missing out in your own email, lol (warning for some crude, as you can imagine, but nothing too shocking I think):

'If you had a goldfish'...whut? Some of these don't even make sense! )
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Note to self: AlkaSelzer Nighttime cold medicine, next time take a half dose. I've had a hacking lingering cough keeping me up the past few nights so I thought I'd give it a try, and whooee! It's after lunchtime and I'm still so spaced out I might as well be on Neptune @_@ Taking some Cub Scouts stargazing tonight, so hopefully I'll be a little more clear-headed...or not, might be fun, who knows! "Spaaaaaaaaaaace, children. The final frontier. Come on, let's all be planets and ROTATE! Now REVOLVE!!! Now DO BOTH!! WHEEE!!!"

Found this in the mail yesterday and thought it was quite amusing:

Optimus and Barbie, sittin' in a tree... )

Keeping up with NaNo sort of, although I'm still running a few thousand words behind. And what a mess! Don't know if anything coherent will come of it, I've got plot holes the size of small continents O_o Here, have a little snippet:

A Little Snippet )

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The germs - they got me!  Been home today with the snorfly crud - just a cold though, no fever or anything.  I've been snuggled up on the couch catching up on things and putting together a presentation for tomorrow (filling in for my boss - we're both sick, but she's throwing up so I'm the more functional between the two of us).  Tried to get ahead on NaNo but instead I got carried away rewriting an earlier ficlet - oh well!  Keeping up with my NaNo goals so far *gasp flop*  just barely!  I knew this was going to be a rough week for it - work is still in crazytimes mode - but if I can make it through the next week I'm home free. 

More blabber, and some videos )
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Happy Halloween to all! 

Anyone wishing to carve pumpkins will first plz to be having their work inspected by the official Pumpkin Inspector.

more babble )
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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!  Hopefully everyone is far to busy carousing to read this now, but if you need something to entertain you later while you're digesting and/or hiding from relatives:

Protectobot Beginnings: "Gravity"
1343 Words
Rating: K

Oh dear, Streetwise has the giggles... )



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50,461 words, yeah babee!  Whoo HOO!

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This NaNo thing is going much better than I expected!  I this *blinks in astonishment*  30,000+ words holy cow!  Definitely going for the quantity, not quality, and I was doing this mostly to indulge my silly inner fantasy world, but here are a few of the unedited "gems" of my NaNo scribblings (yes!  I kid you not, these are the gems.  Ah well *pats NaNo fondly*), in which I attempt to give form to the Protectobot saga that TOOK OVER MY BRAIN and is entirely the fault of certain authors who wrote cute!First Aid, who proceeded to show up in my head with all of his brothers and they started singing at me, and when I tried to figure out why they were singing it SNOWBALLED into a massive epic.  Then the Aerialbots showed up and now there are 10 of them running around.   Basically this is all part of my Evil Plan (patent pending) to turn Giant Alien Robots into baby opossums, and traumatize them for the sole reason of snuggling them up all cozy...don't let the deepness overwhelm you :P  

(The first two scenes were loosely inspired by my childhood trauma of coming from  World's Most Placid, Laid-Back Family and witnessing one of my friends have a full blown shouting screaming match with her siblings for the first time.  I was appalled - I truly thought the world had ended...and then they were suddenly friends again.  Huh.) 

Have some Protectobot angst )

and now for some Protectobot Aerialbot fluff )

one Optimus speech )


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