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Another longish one! Found myself in need of some floofage after recent events.

Protectobot Beginningsverse - back to the VERY beginnings )
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Day off today, so we get a little bit longer snippet! Also accomplished - took my two back car seats out of the garage where they'd become a home for mice and hosed all the mouse pee off of them in the driveway while the weather was still above freezing. Fun times! They did clean up surprisingly well - they're drying in the kitchen right now.

Protectobot Beginningsverse Ebil Protectobots AU. Evil Protectobots are, not surprisingly, not very good at being evil. )
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Long day, late night hanging out with some visiting family from out of state who wanted to see the new niece/addition to the family, who is exactly 2 months old today - so that was fun! Just a short snippet tonight though. Protectobot Beginningsverse:

He was badly hurt, but not dying, Blades knew. He knew it with all of First Aid’s surety as his brother assessed his injuries and quickly sealed off the worst of the leaking, blocked the worst of the pain. I’ll get to you, the quick resting of First Aid’s hand against his helm said, before his brother moved swiftly to the next mangled form and faltering spark. This was no false comfort, this was truth as certain as the gestalt bond that linked them. I’ll get to you as soon as I can you’ll be fine.
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This one started as a snippet and ended up a full-fledged fic! I was feeling guilty for all the terrible trauma I keep putting Aid through, so least I could do is give him some fun sexytimes ^^ This is also me having fun turning characterizations on their heads. The twins are usually portrayed as experienced hotties, so I wondered...what if they're not? The experienced part, I mean. The hottie is a given, of course ^_~

Title: Slow Fuse
Characters: First Aid/Sunstreaker
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: M? I think this maybe sort of approaches an M! Go me! :D
Word Count: 1867 words
Warnings/Content: tactile, with some talk of plug-n-play
Summary: First Aid...has no idea what he's doing. Neither does Sunstreaker. Somehow it all still works out.

Don't get too excited now. On a spiciness rating of banana to jalapeno, we're probably at a Taco Bell mild sauce, lol )


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