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Very sweet, very tame domestic duck someone left at the park today. Seems to be imprinted and thinks it's a people - it practically walked into my arms and makes anxious baby duck sounds if I walk out of sight. Hopefully I can find it a new home soon - ducks don't make the best housepets, lol
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All ur Easter are belong to me.

Found this cute little doober at the vacant house across the road and lured her in with carrots and some fresh pear slices.

More slightly blurry bunny pics - she doesn't hold still! )
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Got a frantic call from the gatehouse lady at the park today about 4pm - someone had dumped a kitten at the park and she had it in the gatehouse and she didn't know what to do *flail flail flail*!  So I picked him up and drove home with him loose in the car (which I don't recommend, as a rule, but I was at work and all my crates and carriers happened to be at home, of course, and traffic is pretty light on a Sunday afternoon).  Poor little doober was cold (it was barely 20F out today!  People just...I mean, HOW CAN ANYONE DO THAT!) and skinny and massively traumatized - he has been meowing continuously for nearly three hours and sticks to me like glue.  I had to leave him in my office while I locked up the nature center to go home, and it was like dropping off your kid at preschool for the first time and they stand at the door and wail their little heart out. 

I've got him home now, and he's warm and fed and other than being a bit bony, seems to be healthy.  I'll probably keep him for a week or so, on the unlikely chance that he's an escapee and someone claims him, and then find him a good home (already have one possible taker). 

Kitty photos, plus a doggie and opossum and wrist update )


Jul. 31st, 2009 10:08 pm
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On my way to work this morning I was zipping on to the interstate up the entrance ramp at 50 some mph and there was this teeny little black fuzzball starting across the road as I went by and my mind went KITTY!!911!!!11!!111!!!! O_O  and I pulled over as fast as I could and turned around to watch this ITTY BITTY KITTEN go toddling across the interstate ramp in rush hour traffic and start working its way up the side of the grass median to the freaking OMG Interstate!  

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But this is ridiculous!  Meet my houseguest for this evening, a sweetheart of a bunny rabbit someone dumped in the park today.  Luckily some nice park visitors spotted the not!wild rabbit and found me just as I was heading home, before the poor thing could be eaten by coyotes or die of exposure - it was 73F today, but we're getting thunderstorms and the temperature's dropping to 32F by morning!  Grrrrrrrrrrrr - I'm quite mild-mannered, normally, but Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So now bunny is nice and cozy, munching on a carrot, the object of great fascination to my dog, who considers them the ultimate uncatchable beast and now there's one RIGHT HERE IN THE HOUSE!OMG!!! *pant pant pant wag wag wag*  I'll take her to a rabbit rescue group tomorrow - she's so sweet and easy to handle I don't think they'll have any trouble finding her a home.


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