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Twenty-six tiny baby opossums right now that need to be tube fed (about 40 minutes, three times a day, should be four or more times a day but this is all I can swing), plus ten more bigger babies that can drink from a dish, and three baby raccoons. If I'm a little sporadic online that's why!

Experimenting with Flickr photo hosting instead of using LJ, let's see if this works:
Ok, attempt number two with DW's own photo hosting thingy, since Flickr didn't work:

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Just when you think it's safe to pack up the baby bottles for the year...

Two tiny, very skinny late-season babies, obviously had been without mom for several days. Raccoon babies are slower to mature than puppies or kittens - these two are still nursing and have no idea what to do with solid food.

A couple more pics )

Pic dump

May. 8th, 2016 09:30 pm
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My bluebird box had four species of birds fighting over it this spring: bluebirds, house sparrows, chickadees, and Carolina wrens. The chickadees won (I put up a couple more nest boxes - bluebird family has already moved in.)

Spring babies and plants, oh yes, and also one dog vomit slime mold )
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My phone app keeps crashing every time I try to upload pictures, so doing this the old fashioned way - with a cord to the phone, whoa, weird! :P

Bunny-cat!  I moved the catfood up onto the dresser to keep her out of it, and walked in to discover she'd jumped up and was munching away.  Doesn't seem to have done her any harm so far, but I'm going to have to up my game to keep her out of it - I'm pretty sure cat food is not good for bunnies long term.


More critter pics! And one spider web but no spider on it. )
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LJ wants us to lure friends back with paid account time. Huh. Much as I miss folks and would love to see old familiar user names back again (hello dear long-time-no-see folks, if you should be lurking! *wave-glomp*) I just don't see that going over well. Although if anyone's particularly particularly desperate for a month of account time for some reason, hit me up and I'll "lure" you back ^_~

Stray bunny has undergone a complete 180 in personality. She's an absolute scamp, she is. Has broken out of just about every containment system I've devised and has been galumphing around the house (nothing like bunny herding at 3am, lol). Luckily she doesn't seem to be a big nibbler, so my power cords are all intact, so far. Her first few days she would barely eat, and it took her two days to poop and pee (which can be bad in rabbits, if things shut down or there's a blockage - I was a few hours away from calling the exotic vet), but now she's nibbling timothy hay and pellets and all the things she's supposed to nibble: carrot tops and kale and broccoli are all hits, zucchini and mustard greens not so much, and producing piles of droppings and pee on the regular. The first several days she would freeze if one of the cats was nearby and run away if I tried to touch her, now she's hopping up on the couch and shoving Gandalf out of the way so she can get pettings. Poor Gan, he hisses and then gives way to this weird cat, who has also been so rude as to leave rabbit droppings in his litter box! Watching Gan cover them in disgust was one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen XD

New education opossum at work (not at home, thank goodness - opossums and bunnies in the same house are not a good combo, and this bunny won't stay put). This guy was born with deformed front legs - they curl up so that he walks on his wrists - another rehabber rescued him but couldn't keep him, so a conservation officer brought him on Sunday. Kind of scared about being handled still, but he was having a good time stumping around the office yesterday and snorfling everything:

Work has entered full-blown crazy season, with the usual shenanigans that make me want to flop in despair sometimes, but there are frogs and flowers and many good things going on, too, and I truly do work with some amazing wonderful people. I feel like I've rebuilt my work-social circle after pretty much total staff turnover two summers ago, and there's still some weirdness at the upper admin levels, but the Big Boss has grown on me and done some pretty supportive stuff. So yay? Yes, yay. *firm nod*

Niecelet continues to be Cutest Baby in Universe. She's not crawling, quite, but she was planking yesterday - a full body push up! Very impressive, I don't know if I could do that for very long. I was giving her velociraptor screech lessons last week and managed to get video of her doing a perfect mimic screechy-squawk sound *melts* Auntie Worms is so proud :P

Thunderstorms rolling through, mmmmmm, nice *wafts rain towards West coast* Although down to freezing again tomorrow night. I've been growing Jack-in-the-pulpit seeds and they're just now starting to sprout; might be ok since they're early spring wildflowers anyway, but will probably bring them in just to be safe.
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Finally had very late Christmas with brother and sis-in-law a few weeks ago and lookee what they got me!

I got the back license plate, too, so Glyph is now officially emblemed! Grunged up already with road salt, and there are these little black plastic bits that are supposed to fit over the screws but couldn't figure out how they were supposed to stay on - maybe I'll get some black paint.
More pics - car, p-bot layer cake, kitties opossums squirrel! )
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Finally getting a day off here and there to catch up with life (although not quite the break I was hoping for, since my volunteer coordinator resigned so taking over a lot of her duties and starting the hiring process all over again, hurrrg). Things accomplished: kitchen cleaned, carpet shampooed, laundry, grocery, and outside opossums cleaned out. Yet to be done: mow the grass.

It's been a really good month for monarch butterflies, at least in my area! Very heartening to see them after their lowest overwintering population ever.

Baby things and hey I found my own perfect birthday card )

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Half an inch of snow last night, although most of it melted right away, and a freeze warning tonight - my daffodils are looking a bit frosty!

It was a good day to stay home - managed to catch a cold, so spent most of the day cuddled on couch with kitties, reading and watching tv and coughing and sniffling. And lots of sneezing! I half thought I might be developing pollen allergies, since it's supposed to be a rough year for them, but this definitely seems to be progressing in a cold-like fashion, and I was fine all weekend outside gardening.

more plants and critters )

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Kettle suspiciously sniffing my second-newest resident, a yellow-bellied slider someone brought us at the park. Poor thing had been living in the washbin she arrived in in our office - we don't have anything big enough for her at work, so I brought her home last week.

Beasts and bugs and present! )

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Benson went home for good with his new mom on Sunday. This is the most recent picture of him - kittens, comfy anywhere XD

I'm gonna miss the little crazy fuzzy bean, but so happy he's got a good home. Gandalf seems to be enjoying having snuggles without his little groupie butting in all the time :)

assorted critters and plants and some house stuff, and one tree tragedy )

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She's either conquered the purple octopus or they're holding paws/tentacles, I'm not sure which...

Lots more critter pics -75% kittehs )

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This is the little blind girl, from the late-summer litter of ten. The other nine babies have been released, but this one's definitely a keeper although usually she compensates quite well for being blind. It's pretty apparent in the video though that she has a few difficulties with locating the food, keeping her balance, and falling off edges, whoops! She loves her broccoli, thank goodness. My other education opossum is super picky - I have to puree the veggies and hide them in the dog food.
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My old modem has been acting wonky for the last few weeks, and Friday it gave out completely - the lifespan of the AT&T ones seems to be about two years. Best Buy didn't even carry them anymore, but had another brand which would work with my internet service, so got it all set up, internet up and running again, nice and zippy...and I accidentally hit the power adapter while moving my bed up against the wall and broke off the prongs. So now it will be a week or so until the replacement adapter arrives, since Best Buy doesn't sell those separately *grumble grumble* I can still poke about with my phone, thank goodness :)

Pictures! Just 'cause I can. )

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41, w00t! \o/
It's been a good birthday - boss brought me cookies and Taco Bell for lunch (my choice, lol - I'm a cheap date), nice quiet day at work - I finally got the tarantula and giant cockroach colony cleaned out, fed the baby snakes some bits of mouse tail (we have nine babies now, three more to hatch), even got the October and November school groups somewhat organized.

Some wild and windy thunderstorms heading my way tonight :D

Tomorrow, might do something with mom, not sure what. Knowing us we'll probably cruise the end-of-year sales at the plant nurseries ^^

Opossums! Opossums on wheels! Little Flaily Girl from the litter of ten awhile back is the one that keeps getting flipped around - she's definitely blind, but it's hard to tell unless you watch her for awhile.
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Three kids from this spring, ready to go back to the wild, such fine, scary beasts!

More stunning examples of possumhood )

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Three kids from this spring, ready to go back to the wild, such fine, scary beasts!

More stunning examples of possumhood )

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Crazy spring continues to be crazy, but hanging in there, for the most part. My cold from a few weeks ago has progressed to a lingering bronchitis, which has been wiping me out, glurg. I can have some energy back nao, plz? I have a whole day off today at least, to mow grass and do laundry and grocery and perhaps vaccuum if I want to get really ambitious, lol. And catch up on f-list! I see you thar, awesome writings ^^ Other exciting news:

Murray the Purry (aka "The Cat With the Floopy Ear") has been adopted! I made an appointment for him with a no-kill cat shelter, but one of our awesome park volunteers was willing to take on his vet fees, etc. and adopted him instead. She has a dog, so we did a test-meeting to see how that would pan out. Murray hissed and gave doggie the stink eye, but didn't even bother to get up from his cozy spot on the couch, so I think they'll be, if not best buddies, at least able to tolerably coexist. And since he's still sort of "in the family" I'll be able to get updates on how he's doing ^^

Here, have a video of the latest batch of baby opossums - mum hit by a car, the usual. I've never seen a set of babies so obsessed with grooming! All day long, wash wash wash. XD Four total, although there are only two in the video.

Note the advanced double-handed ear cleaning technique )
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On the night before the biggest, craziest event of the year, a litter of baby opossums arrives.

They're huge! )

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