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Yellow swallowtail on purple coneflower

Pic dump

May. 8th, 2016 09:30 pm
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My bluebird box had four species of birds fighting over it this spring: bluebirds, house sparrows, chickadees, and Carolina wrens. The chickadees won (I put up a couple more nest boxes - bluebird family has already moved in.)

Spring babies and plants, oh yes, and also one dog vomit slime mold )
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Bloodroot only blooms for a few days, so gotta enjoy them while you can! The leaves are pretty, too, once the flowers are gone.

These are the new hiking shoes, take two. After trying to make the new pair of Keens work, I finally had to concede, they just weren't comfortable. I was bummed, since my previous Keen hiking shoes had been perfect, but they'd discontinued the style (Boyce). This style (Voyageur) kept pinching the tops of my feet, and even though my feet were feeling better with the new cushioning footbed, they were driving me nuts otherwise. So crossing my fingers I shipped them back for return (accepted, yay!) and made the trek to a physical store to see if I could find any good hiking shoes in stock in my size (small-footed women apparently aren't expected to do a lot of hiking, or wear waders or rubber boots, usually I have to resort to online, or sometimes I can find in boys sizes).

Selection in my size was slim pickings, as usual, but lo and behold I found the same style of Keen Voyageurs, in a half size smaller than the pair I'd returned, and when I tried them on they were perfect! In the Boyce I wore a 6.5, but this style must run larger. And they were the display model so they were on sale! Not the brown/pale blue color combo I really preferred, but the olive gray/lime green is nice too. I've been wearing them all day and my toes are happy - so much wiggle room! The sole isn't bending and pinching me anymore! My arches are completely chillaxed! I may just wear them to bed.


Mar. 12th, 2016 09:12 pm
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Went hiking yesterday in not-my-park, found some spring:

Spring under cut )


Sep. 7th, 2015 10:44 pm
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It's a good number. I always liked the multiples of 11, at least up to 99, after which they got harder to remember.

Here was my birthday project/present from mom today - trellis for my raspberry and blackberry bushes, so they look less like random bushes in the middle of the yard. Now they are definitely there on purpose \o/
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Two days ago, they were under about 6 inches of snow!
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Things sure are definitely not!boring at work - not sure if I'm going to end up being commended, reprimanded, or both! As my most excellent immediate supervisor says, if you're not in trouble, you're not doing your job, lol. Between long work days and critter care when I get home, I haven't had much chance for niece-cuddling - hoping to remedy that this weekend a bit :)

Squirrel and opossum babies are getting big, Jazz-the-skunk is hanging in there. She's still not using her back leg but at least she's eating again. Vet is finally convinced that her difficulties are not a slipped disc or mechanical injury, but more neurological - possibly a long-standing protozoal infection like toxoplasmosis, which can cause encephalitis-type symptoms (and would explain why she was initially blind and deaf as a baby but got her hearing back). She's on two antibiotics - amoxicillin, which she loves, and clindamycin which she drools and shakes her head and refuses to swallow, apparently it's gruesome stuff. I've been spending a lot of time mixing it with various substances to try to get her to take it the last few days - the winner might be peanut butter/maple syrup/puppy milk/moistened catfood slurry, delish!

Birthday hike pics )
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Finally getting a day off here and there to catch up with life (although not quite the break I was hoping for, since my volunteer coordinator resigned so taking over a lot of her duties and starting the hiring process all over again, hurrrg). Things accomplished: kitchen cleaned, carpet shampooed, laundry, grocery, and outside opossums cleaned out. Yet to be done: mow the grass.

It's been a really good month for monarch butterflies, at least in my area! Very heartening to see them after their lowest overwintering population ever.

Baby things and hey I found my own perfect birthday card )

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Today's things what I did:

Fed leucistic baby squirrel (she's in an outside pen now, doing squirrel things! Two more baby squirrels rescued by mom of a co-worker coming tomorrow, so she'll have some buddies soon).

Attended First Aid/CPR training in the morning - abbreviated 2-hour version instead of the daylong training we used to have. Due to budget cuts, maybe? Just the very basics; I think I'll read through one of my old first aid manuals before the daycamps start. Some new dummies for the CPR that have green lights if yer doin' it right. I could only maintain green lights for about 10 seconds, just can't CPR like I used to - my wrists don't hold up anymore, alas. I'd probably do better to just sit on someone's chest and bounce up and down >_>

Treated turtle pond with a mosquito dunk rather than dumping out all the zooplankton and dragonfly nypmhs and any other fun stuff that came with the water lilies I'm baby sitting for work - the dunk is a bacteria that only targets the mosquito larvae, safe for turtles and even most of the other creepy crawlies in there.

Stocked up on rawhide chews for Kettle and five long plastic planters for starting more milkweed seeds and zinnias. I should not wear sage green T-shirts while in garden stores - folks always think I work there and come up asking me questions, lol. Today a gentleman wanted to know what plants he could buy for full sun.

Dumped out the worm bin on a tarp on the back porch and spent most of the afternoon peeling off the worm castings bit by bit, as the worms burrowed deeper into the middle. It was long overdue - the bin had gotten so heavy it broke the lid on my secondary bin it was sitting on top of, and the goo at the bottom was anaerobic and rather sour smelling. Still, ended up with four lovely buckets of worm castings that I arranged around the roses and lilacs. Also created 12 mini-worm bins to take in to work for kid programs - used those plastic "mixed baby greens" salad containers I've been saving all year.

Took the kitties out for sunshine - Toast won't stay in the yard anymore, and I hadn't let him outside for quite awhile. Finally converted a big dog kennel (inherited from a co-worker who used to live nearby from when we were taking care of a bald eagle one year that required twice daily medicating) into an outdoor cat playpen. The openings are too big for it to work for most wildlife, so it's just been a storage area for empty crates for several years. Used some of the logs and limbs from the hackberry tree that had to be cut down last year - Toast loves it! Gandalf enjoys it too, but prefers that I be in there with him; he's such a people kitty, lol (except when the neighbor walked up to the fence on the other side, which was apparently The End of The World, and he started growling and flinging himself head-on at the side of the pen O_o) Haven't tried Bones yet - she shows absolutely zero interest in going outside, and I think she'd be distressed, but maybe if I took her out in a carrier as a safe space, and then she could decide if she wanted to venture out or not.

Transplanted some raspberry wine bee balm, planted petunias in the planters, weeded around the Golden Alexanders, mowed one half of the backyard before it rains tomorrow.

Still to do:

Feed and clean the six baby opossums. I wanted to move them outside today - they're getting stinky! - but ran out of time and energy. Plus thunderstorms and rain tomorrow, so maybe better to wait until the weekend.

Shower! I'm a bit stinky, too ^^

Things that aren't gonna get done today:

Laundry, vacuuming, dishes...
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Half an inch of snow last night, although most of it melted right away, and a freeze warning tonight - my daffodils are looking a bit frosty!

It was a good day to stay home - managed to catch a cold, so spent most of the day cuddled on couch with kitties, reading and watching tv and coughing and sniffling. And lots of sneezing! I half thought I might be developing pollen allergies, since it's supposed to be a rough year for them, but this definitely seems to be progressing in a cold-like fashion, and I was fine all weekend outside gardening.

more plants and critters )

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Kettle suspiciously sniffing my second-newest resident, a yellow-bellied slider someone brought us at the park. Poor thing had been living in the washbin she arrived in in our office - we don't have anything big enough for her at work, so I brought her home last week.

Beasts and bugs and present! )

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Noticed yesterday that Toast was limping a little on one of his hindfeet, and that he just wasn't acting like his normal chipper active self - vet today confirmed he's running a high fever, but couldn't find an injury or obvious cause (of course he didn't limp at all at the vet). He's got some antibiotics to see if that helps, and I've got him isolated in the bedroom to keep track of intake and output from the other end - he's been eating, although he prefers the regular crunchies to the fancy wet food I got him. None of my kitties really like any of the canned noms I've offered them, weirdos.

More pics - critters and plants, also slime warning! )

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Benson went home for good with his new mom on Sunday. This is the most recent picture of him - kittens, comfy anywhere XD

I'm gonna miss the little crazy fuzzy bean, but so happy he's got a good home. Gandalf seems to be enjoying having snuggles without his little groupie butting in all the time :)

assorted critters and plants and some house stuff, and one tree tragedy )

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Work, life, still fighting the lingering lurgy *flops* but here have some plants and things!

My healthy dandelion population. I encourage them because, groundhog! How can you not love these spheroids of awesome, I ask you?!

more greeneries and one baby bird )

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Also known as Balloon Plant, Swan Milkweed, Family Jewels and several other names, lol, but I'm fond of Hairy Balls :P It's a tropical plant, so I've started the seeds inside since temps can still drop below freezing around here for awhile yet - invested in a plant stand with a clear plastic cover over the whole thing to keep the kittehs out of the nice pots of dirt. Maybe I'll start some cat grass for them again, and bring it out at intervals for nibbles ^^

Today was going to be my go crazy gardening day - first day off where sun is shining and temps near 60F (you think I go a bit daft over snow, you should see me when there's ACTUAL SPRING - the squee would be scary, except I'm usually tired from all the sproinging about to get too out of hand) but instead I ended up curled on the couch most of the day, purging my tanks every time I stood up, blaargh (cramps and a stomach that's been a little touchy all week, but I feel much better now - diet Sprite and lots of oyster crackers, successfully imbibed, w00t!). So today was kind of a bust. Saturday's supposed to still be nice though, and then rain all next week.

And, in keeping with my current juvenile humor mood, this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Warning for a bit of cat anatomy, but if you have a cat it's nothing you haven't seen before! XD
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Why hello thar, Isaac! Got a good drenching today; haven't seen the official tally but looks to be at least 2-3 inches in my porch bucket. Original predictions were for 6+ inches which would have caused quite a bit of flooding, but this was just about right. Just enough to put a nice dent in the drought, not so much as to cause major issues.

My nasturtiums are finally blooming, after barely hanging on through all the heat this summer:

More pics, including baby snakes! )

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Full house

Aug. 14th, 2012 10:02 pm
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Beren, my other dog who was long ago kidnapped by my mom. He's spending the night so tomorrow I can take him to the vet to get a mass removed. Probably just a fatty tumor, he had one removed last year that was suspicious but turned out to be benign, and now he's got another on his leg that's just irregular and worrisome enough that we're having it off, just to be safe.

With two big dogs, three cats, two skunks, and ten stinky opossums getting big enough they want to run run run it's a busy place around here!

Construction, kittehs, roses and a few other oddments )

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