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Chapter 5 of tainry's Fall Challenge in my Project Resetverse is up, and omg best one of all! The tale of Unicron and Aid/Cade cosmic snuggles, hee! <3333333333

And then there was a birthday box on my doorstep! With many wondrous things in it, including tissue paper \o/ (Toast ate part of a starch packing peanut, too, but one seemed to be enough, lol).
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I tried tucking in the Protectobots for a nap but Hot Spot in particular wasn't happy about it.

Must. Not. SLEEP.
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Got it done! Took awhile to figure out a good way to wrap up the chapter ^^

Title: Little Buddy, Chapter 2
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K+
Characters: Silverbolt, Ratchet, First Aid, Hot Spot, Protectobots, Aerialbots, Wheeljack, Jazz
Summary: The Aerialbots meet the new arrival; First Aid's still a little rattled. Contains references to mpreg.
Word Count: 5392

Little Buddy Chapter 1 link, since it's been awhile

Fireflight would like to inform everyone that Ratchet's not at all scary, except when he is. )
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Laeona updated her "Gravity" cover to fix a little detail that I didn't even catch, and in the process making it Even More Adorable, which I didn't think was possible! Gravity Shift - can you spot the difference? (spoilers in the comments, lol).

In other less fun news, the "mild cold" that I caught last week morphed into full-blown lurgy by Thursday, sore throat, mucus faucet, stuffy sinuses, headache and hacking cough, the works! Fortunately I was the last in the family to catch it, so hopefully didn't spread it to everyone else over Thanksgiving. Had a pleasant visit with sis-in-law's family, they're such awesome folks, I really like them a lot. I've been in a fun mood all day where I feel wise and imposing as an ancient Prime, possibly because my voice is all deep and gravelly XD

Feeling better today, finally, but hoping my voice lasts through a two hour program with 95 fourth graders tomorrow. Stocking up on cough drops!

Between the lurgy and holiday festivities and being back on work duty all weekend, I didn't get anything posted for Saturday, but I've been poking at a fic bit all week - just working on the ending still, should get it posted maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Also have failed to clean my carpets, but I did pick up my carpet cleaning machine from sis-in-law's sister at Thanksgiving - her carpets were very clean, so apparently it works great! She gave me a whole bottle of cleaning solution to say thanks, so now I don't even have to go out and buy any, w00t!
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It's snowing! :D Ginormous clumpy sloppy flakes that are sticking to everything, although they'll probably be all melted by tomorrow. First snow of the season and I don't have to drive anywhere today, so it's all good.

I dug up this mostly outlined bit from "Shield" that was supposed to take place between Chapter 1 & 2 and fleshed it out - doesn't really add anything critical to the story, which was why I left it out in the first place, but I think it has some fun bits anyway.

Have some Wheeljack ruminations and injured P-bot puppy pile )
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Lookit lookit lookit, she did another one!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

LJ link to laeona's incredible cover art of 'Gravity', the very first fanfic I ever wrote

*flail flail flail* I'm just in utter delighted awe. "Gravity" has such a special place in my heart, and to see it brought to life like this is so unexpected and wonderful. I'm totally teary-eyed, lol

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Toldja I was going to make a little book! Incredibly awesome cover by [ profile] laeona, looks lovely next to my MTMTE's ^_^ I need a stronger stapler - binder clips work for now. Impressive when you print it all out - 36 pages, 1-sided. That's a bunch of words!

Kreon P-bots approve! Toast is wondering if can eat P-bots )
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So there I was, minding my own business, making my way through an average if extra busy week, not expecting the universe to hold any particular surprises for me, and then there was this comment on my last post - marked "suspicious comment" and hidden by LJ, of all things, but even though I didn't recognize the user name, the link in the comment just went to another LJ journel, safe enough, and so I followed it and LOOK WHAT WAS THERE!!!!  Look what this amazing wonderful person did! I am floored, and honored, and so full of squee I don't even know what to do with myself.  I mean, in my wildest imagination of awesome things that were possible, I never in a million years would have imagined this!

Am I going to print out a copy and then print out Shield and then staple them all together into a totally real little book and set it next to me and gaze at it and pet it every now and then?  Why yes, yes I am :D
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Trying to get back into the writing swing again, so going to see if I can manage to write a snippet a week, and Saturday is (usually) my day off, and also alliteration. That should be doable, right? So!

No warnings, just weary, silly P-bots :)

Introducing Saturday Snippet the first, Protectobot Beginningsverse )
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Finally had very late Christmas with brother and sis-in-law a few weeks ago and lookee what they got me!

I got the back license plate, too, so Glyph is now officially emblemed! Grunged up already with road salt, and there are these little black plastic bits that are supposed to fit over the screws but couldn't figure out how they were supposed to stay on - maybe I'll get some black paint.
More pics - car, p-bot layer cake, kitties opossums squirrel! )
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Oh look, a fic! My writing-brain was so rusty I swear I could hear it creaking as I typed XD

Title: Driver's Ed
Characters: Ironhide, Groove, Hot Spot, Blades, Streetwise, First Aid
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K
Word Count: 1093 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Ironhide impresses the Protectobots, and then regrets it. Baby Protectobots being precocious.

In which Hot Spot gets himself into a bit of a spot )
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Meant to put this up some time ago, but work dramas intervened - Six-strand Protectobot bracelet by helpfulcatcreations :D. She's got all kinds of fun TF character-themed bracelets and can do custom designs for just about anyone - this one was a custom job and I couldn't be happier with it.

Here we have Groove and Streetwise, and I was so delighted when she came up with the idea to add the "Hey" charm for Defensor, makes me smile every time I see it <3

And then of course we have to have the rest of the team! )

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Snow day, w00t! Or, more accurately, cold weather day - they decided to shut everything down due to the snap-crackling cold temperatures, including my park. So today I'm vegging out with blankets and cuddly kitties and it's 1:30pm and I'm still wearing my PJs! :D And snippets! Protectobot Beginnings-verse this time.

Warning for non-graphic references/implied mpreg in a couple of these. This batch is arranged in chronological order.

In which the Protectobots really don't want to take their naps, and the Aerialbots get an upgrade. Also, contains Sideswipe. )

Fic: Lost

Oct. 11th, 2013 08:55 pm
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This started as a snippet but ended up writing itself out - I was channeling a bit of flaily exhausted flop-in-despair work angst, here, I think (although don't worry, things aren't nearly so dire as for the poor P-bots here ^^)

Title: Lost
Characters: Groove, Hot Spot, Blades, Streetwise
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: T
Word Count: 1391 words
Warnings: Massive angst, tissue warning, implications of suicide (of the "gestalt giving up the will to live" variety)
Summary: They are beaten and battered and everything has gone terribly terribly wrong. But they're not dead yet. Side story to the yet-to-be-written "all by himself Sads!verse First Aid but don't worry everything turns out ok" Series.

How much can a broken gestalt endure in order to return to one of their own? )
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Snippets! Protectobot Beginnnings AU, two fluffy, two silly, and one angsty. Warning for implied past mpreg in the last one.

Arranged in roughly chronological order, so #5 happens after #4, in case of sads ^_~ )
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Look what a few days off in a row will get you! I wrote fic! :D Also I cleaned my basement, which was a solid two day project involving two trips to Goodwill, at least eight bags of trash, and a full bin of recycling (why the heck did I keep so many cardboard boxes and enough bubble wrap to mail my car to the moon?) It's all lovely and organized now, and I won't have to shovel a path through it when the sewer hook up folks come to give estimates on hooking up to the city sewer (oh joy. also, oh $$ O_O).

Title: Supply Run
Characters: Blades, Aerialbots
Universe: Protectobot Beginnings AU
Rating: K
Word Count: 1037 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Wherein Blades needs snuggles. The Aerialbots take Blades on a supply run, but have a hard time remembering just how young he really is. Takes place shortly after the events in Shield

Also, Blades hasn't had much of a chance to learn the fine art of the insult yet, but there's no better inspiration than Slingshot! )
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I kinda knew bring promoted was going to suck, and it has. Need a display of live local spiders, complete with informational signage and spider feeding and handling demonstrations to enlighten, delight, and/or horrify hundreds of schoolchildren and park visitors? I'm your gal! Navigating complex administrative heirarchies? Not so much. I am getting much better at having people unhappy at me over things I can't fix, so yay, life skills? Two more weeks until boss is back from leave (and I got a phone call from a young Chinese speaking lady from boss's work cell number - we got as far as "ok, thank you, bye!" Apparently her new adopted daughter is quite technologically enterprising? XD)

In other news, the antibiotics seemed to have kicked whatever was ailing Toast - I have my third restroom escort back! Although today he's been squinting one eye, and the eyelid seems maybe slightly swollen? Hrrrm.

Thanks to tumblr, I discovered they have Protectobot Kreons!

As it's been rather a rough month, I decided to splurge and order me some )

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I made "she" the default pronoun for everyone in my Protectobot fic "Separation Anxiety" (fluff, no warnings). Does it read the same? Does it feel different? Does your imagination try to paint a different picture of them based on gender expectations? Even though in my headspace the Protectobots aren't especially 'male' as it is often characterized (more of a cooperative vs. heirarchical team structure, etc.) to me it just...feels different, somehow, in a way I can't quite find words for.

Separation Anxiety - the original version on LJ, on DW

Separation Anxiety, the sisterhood version: 'They were having trouble understanding the concept of separating from one another, even briefly...' )
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So normally I regard Valentine's Day and romance the same way I do golf, or football, or Angry Birds, or cilantro - sort of a bemused amusement and a bit of vicarious "well I'm glad all those folks seem to be enjoying it all so much, huh. Bonus chocolate, score!" But this time I had a rare moment of getting into the spirit! :P

Contains talk of unspecified robot smexings, although Protectobot!beginningsverse is probably plug-and-play. I'm still not sure I managed to achieve even a "T" rating, though, lol. Number two has a bit of an age difference, but they're both robot-legal.

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves... )


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