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In the fine tradition of my birthday curse, my father hit a deer this morning on the way to work. The one working vehicle at our house is now non working.

We really, really need help. Without repairs and another car, dad and I will both lose our jobs.

This is my car fundraiser, please help financially if you can, or share/blog/tweet/etc if you can't. Please, I'm begging.

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So many on my f-list going through some really rough times - this is one of the ones that can at least be improved a teeny bit with some monies:

Originally posted by [ profile] poptartodoom at So, Chihiro needs more dental work...
Ever since Chihiro's dental work, where all of her molars were removed, she's been having problems with a troublesome canine that the vet opted to leave in despite thinking it might need to go, as she'd already been under for three hours, and he thought it could be saved.

After three months, four rounds of antibiotics, multiple vet visits, and two of her incisors falling out due to the gum inflammation and infection? Yeah, it's gotta go.

[ profile] dinogrrrl has been amazing. She took Chihiro in when my parents said I couldn't keep her, she's been taking Chihiro to the vet and giving her antibiotic after antibiotic, and tolerating Chihiro terrorizing her two cats with a level of grace I can't even comprehend. She's paid out of pocket for vet visits and medication, because CareCredit won't give a 6 month interest-free plan for anything under $100. I don't know where I'd be without her.

I started another fundraiser to help offset the costs Chihiro is rapidly accruing. I set the goal at a rather lofty $1500, with the hope of being able to pay off this surgery, the remaining balance on my CareCredit card, and to repay [ profile] dinogrrrl for all of the things she's paid for out-of-pocket, from vet visits, medication, food and litter, not to mention for simply caring for my baby when I've been unable to.

I have run out of unemployment, and still haven't found a professional job. Presently, I'm back at the Wendy's that was my first job back at 16, as the general manager was gracious enough to take me back. I'm on minimum wage and so I'll be making even less money than I was getting in unemployment, so I really have no idea how I'm going to juggle everything. My guess is unsuccessfully. If anyone happens to know a rich person who'd like to sponsor me and help me resolve all my debt so I can move on with life, I'd be happy to make their acquaintance. ;P
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Originally posted by [ profile] poptartodoom at post
I've created a fundraiser page for Chihiro's dental work. Please give it a look, and maybe give Chihiro a little help. Thank you so much!
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Originally posted by [ profile] femme4jack at Helping Sharpest Asp (Merfilly) Update - only $217 to go!
Got an update from [personal profile] sharpest_asp (Merfilly). The total of ChipIn and private donations now stands at $2783. That means we are only $217 away from the goal!!! Can we get there before the weekend ends? I think so!

If you are willing, please signal boost how close we are, and don't forget the awesome thank you gifts here and here, and the thank you comment fic party here and here for ANYONE who has helped in any way. You can help by being a responder to a prompt at the comment fic parties, and then you can leave a prompt of your own! So much fun!

Thank you everyone! What a beautiful, inspiring experience this has been.

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Originally posted by [ profile] poptartodoom at So.
So.. my doctor has me off work for a week, because I desperately need it if I want to actually recover and be functional at work again. This is fantastic, and technically the first vacation I've had since BotCon 2010.

Unfortunately, due to being so sick lately, I have burned through all of my PTO. I will be taking this week for no pay, though thank god I've got FMLA to at least keep my job.

This is where things get dicey. So seems how I'm going to have ridiculous amounts of time on my hands, and a perfectly functional shop, I'm going to be churning out as many shiny things as I can. I'm going to have a "Help Poptarts Pay the Rent" sale, where everything in my shop is now 10% off with the coupon code "EKPNEEDSRENT". (Actually, it's less rent and more the REST of the bills, but it might also be a chunk of my rent.)

Ever wanted a piece of Transformers jewelry but didn't buy it yet? Now's the time! I'll be featuring new sparklies as I make them, and I also am hoping to finally get around to using my new BEE-OTCH stamp I ordered before BotCon this year.

Any commissions will also qualify for this 10% discount, too. :)

Helpful Cat Creations
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These are my neighbors just to the south - several towns in southern Indiana got wiped off the map as well and the devastation is just heartbreaking.

Originally posted by [ profile] ryagelle at Help for Kentucky tornado victims

I just found out that the school in Salyersville that my mom works at has been condemned because of tornado damage. They don't know when or where they'll be able to set up classrooms again to finish out this school year. Some 1200 students have been displaced, and the Community Center building is full of storm victims, so they can't take them there.

West Liberty has been leveled. There isn't a single home or business left standing in the whole town. The school is gone, the century-old courthouse is gone, along with its still-under-construction replacement, the old Methodist church that stood at the corner of Main for a hundred years is gone.

I can barely believe it. It's like a nightmare, only I never wake up.

What's craziest about this whole thing is that it seems to be already starting to fade from the national eye. Both of these towns need help desperately. This is a poverty area. Most people can't afford insurance, and certainly can't afford to rebuild--especially with the businesses they relied on for income destroyed as well.

Anyone who can donate to help these areas, please, we would be eternally grateful. I've got some links to a few of the more reliable disaster-relief and rebuilding assistance organizations. And please, if you can't afford to donate, pass the word along.

Architecture for humanity:

Habitat for Humanity:

And the Lexington Herald-Leader's article on other ways to help:


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