Oct. 2nd, 2014 06:38 pm
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Sweet googly moogly, crazy week! My car seems to be developing transmission trouble, but the transmission guy is completely swamped and can't take a look until some time next week. Transmission stuff isn't usually cheap, ack. Luckily between mom and brother, I think I can borrow cars to get to work and grocery in the meantime. I also got a citation from the health department for my brush pile in the back yard, of all things. It's not a HUGE brush pile, maybe 8 ft diameter, and I keep it for wildlife habitat, like all my "make your backyard a wildlife habitat" books say to do, but I've read rants from people who try to fight the health dept. on this kind of thing and they usually don't win. I have a feeling someone called the health dept on my neighbor who has dragged an entire very large downed tree to their backyard (hooked it up to a pick up truck and dragged it from the front yard - rather ingenious, I'll give them that. I was waiting for the rope to snap and the ambulances to arrive) along with a couple of junk cars, and they saw my brush pile and decided to cite me while they were at it. I just don't have time to haul it out by the Oct. 8 deadline they gave me so I'm paying a tree service a bucketload to clean it out. Maybe I'll get some free mulch in the bargain if they chip it all up though, so there's that.

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Things sure are definitely not!boring at work - not sure if I'm going to end up being commended, reprimanded, or both! As my most excellent immediate supervisor says, if you're not in trouble, you're not doing your job, lol. Between long work days and critter care when I get home, I haven't had much chance for niece-cuddling - hoping to remedy that this weekend a bit :)

Squirrel and opossum babies are getting big, Jazz-the-skunk is hanging in there. She's still not using her back leg but at least she's eating again. Vet is finally convinced that her difficulties are not a slipped disc or mechanical injury, but more neurological - possibly a long-standing protozoal infection like toxoplasmosis, which can cause encephalitis-type symptoms (and would explain why she was initially blind and deaf as a baby but got her hearing back). She's on two antibiotics - amoxicillin, which she loves, and clindamycin which she drools and shakes her head and refuses to swallow, apparently it's gruesome stuff. I've been spending a lot of time mixing it with various substances to try to get her to take it the last few days - the winner might be peanut butter/maple syrup/puppy milk/moistened catfood slurry, delish!

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Benson went home for good with his new mom on Sunday. This is the most recent picture of him - kittens, comfy anywhere XD

I'm gonna miss the little crazy fuzzy bean, but so happy he's got a good home. Gandalf seems to be enjoying having snuggles without his little groupie butting in all the time :)

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Average age for captive skunks is 6-10 years, and she made it to six, despite whatever unknown issue was causing her those episodes of partial paralysis. She had a respiratory infection last week and seemed to be responding to antibiotics, but then I found her last night almost completely paralyzed and unable to move, and she was gone by this morning. She'd seemed to be on a downhill slide over the past month, so I tried to give her lots of extra tlc - in the pic she's getting some happy outside skunky sniff-and-scritch time. She was a sweet, stubborn girl with buckets of personality, and gleefully enjoyed every moment right up to her very last day, and I'll miss her a lot.

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She's either conquered the purple octopus or they're holding paws/tentacles, I'm not sure which...

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Remember when they were three teeny squeakers in a crate?

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Climbing, food fights! The fattest, roundest tummies you ever did see! Skunk babies currently resemble a trio of goofy hyperactive clowns rather than the suspicious and wary wild animals they should be, but they do some nice stompy threatening when they hear unfamiliar human voices, so I'm not too worried about them becoming nuisances once they're released.  I've got a good release spot for them with just a few skunk-friendly people living there.

On a completely unrelated note - I had the coolest bizarre dream last night! Deep underground tunnel city/library with boulders and giant slabs of rock everywhere with water running over them - I wandered around exploring, touching the rocks and letting the water run over my hand. My arm was hurting in rl due to some excessive weed whacking, and the pain carried over into the dream - someone stuck Cheerios all over my arm as this was supposed to be some sort of remedy? and I was getting very tired so I found a nice shelf to take a nap, and there was an hourglass there and I thought how perfect! I can use the hourglass for a pillow and an alarm clock at the same time! :D   

Inspirational skunk quotes - Don't let the fact that your legs are an inch long stop you from trying to climb Mt. Everest )
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So what I said last week about work slowing down - nevermind! 

We've ended up with a long stretch of beautiful weather so people people everywhere, boss on vacation so I get to go to all of the meetings, the heating/cooling system breaks (again), phone lines down (again), Obsessed Fish Guy keeps coming by trying to give me his fish (he's moving to the Philippines), lots of little daycamps and daycares coming for programs, and so far there have been 2 sick raccoons, 1 squirrel who runs in circles for unknown reasons, one humongous snapping turtle hit by a car, a salamander victim of a shoveling accident, two more baby skunks, and 6 more baby opossums *flops* 


mild ROTF spoilers )



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Skunk baby playtime is gettin' rough - lots of wrestling and fur-yanking and squawking.  It's mostly the brother-sister pair with the broader stripes; little buzzy bee girl joins in every now and then, but she's usually off doing her own thing.  She's been an independent little fuzz ball since even before her eyes were open.

Haven't seen the movie yet.  Y'know.  The Movie.  But I will!  Soon!  Tomorrow even!  I have been averting my eyes from...well, pretty much everywhere, lol.  Thank you for all of the spoiler warnings floating around, although I should probably actuallly study up before I go instead of avoiding spoilers - I had all kinds of troubles with plot following and keeping track of which bot was which in the first one, the first time I saw it.  So I had to watch it a bazillion times over to figure things out.  Alas.  Poor me :P 

Edit:  Huh, mystery spacing under the cut.  Just scroll down a bit - weird LJ is being weird.
Two skunk videos and one bonus snake release (which sounds exciting, but they mostly just sit there) )
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But first, have some skunk fun and games: 

Under the cut we have two more videos, a cute itty bitty spring peeper frog, and an absolutely adorable mother wolf spider with her abdomen all covered with her hundred or so teeny weeny spiderlets.  Mama spiders giving piggyback rides to their babies gives me the warm fuzzies, but I understand this is not the case with everyone, so click at your own risk!
They really are sweet, even if they do...seeth...a little bit. ) 

Skunk spam

Jun. 6th, 2009 02:46 pm
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Hmmm, skunk spam.  Probably not!delicious.  

I have money!  Donated, no strings attached, actual money for our backyard habitat/birdfeeding area at work!  I've been running around to all of the plant nurseries this morning buying plants and flowers for our camp kids to plant in there next week.  Buying plants and flowers.  I feel like I'm in heaven!  ^_^ 

So anyway, takin' a break here to upload the latest batch of skunk vids.  The little stinkers are growin' up!  I can't keep up with the cute! Starting to show lots of personality and skunkish behaviours, and busy busy busy all the time.  Getting pretty good at swimming drinking milk from a dish, so we just might skip the bottle today.  Here's one of their last hand feedings, awwww.  They do enjoy their food so much - just totally blissed out when they drink.  If they were raccoons, they would be holding the syringe, but their poor little skunky legs are too short XD 

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Moar wildlife video spammage for ya!  Last Saturday someone brought me three baby skunks - they'd found the mom dead three days earlier, and only discovered the babies because one had crawled out onto a pool cover.  They were in really poor shape - cold and barely breathing.  Spent the first two days giving them tiny sips of fluids round the clock; then they started to perk up and wiggle around, make a little cheep here and there...and then...well, as you can see from the first vid, they're doing great now, lol.  It's been awhile since I've had skunklings so young.

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I got home tonight to find that someone had pulled the bottom of my "skunk playpen" open, and now Jazz and Luna are at large somewhere in the house (probably burrowed up into the couch somewhere).  Jazz and Luna get to run around the kitchen at night, but during the day they stay in their playpen.  Now I'll have to see if I can nab them at 2 or 3am when they wake up. *yawns*  Stella, my third skunk, gets the run of the house since she has very reliable potty manners.


Hmmm, now who could the culprit be? (plus bonus material) )






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