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In lieu of vacuuming, or cleaning my bedroom, or other householdly duties yesterday, I wrote a thing! This takes place before Barricade "captures" First Aid, during his first winter with the hatchlings.

Project Resetverse - Winter on Earth is cold. Too cold for hatchlings. Barricade comes up with an organic solution. )
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It's snowing! :D Ginormous clumpy sloppy flakes that are sticking to everything, although they'll probably be all melted by tomorrow. First snow of the season and I don't have to drive anywhere today, so it's all good.

I dug up this mostly outlined bit from "Shield" that was supposed to take place between Chapter 1 & 2 and fleshed it out - doesn't really add anything critical to the story, which was why I left it out in the first place, but I think it has some fun bits anyway.

Have some Wheeljack ruminations and injured P-bot puppy pile )
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Niecelet successfully wrangled! Here's part two of the previous snippet-fic (if you're confused, go one post back ^_^)

In which Ambassador Quig realizes he's in WAY over his head )
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So remember that list of plot bunnies and things I posted last week? Brain decided heck with any of them, let's work on this completely different idea instead! Based on this idea for Librariobot OC characters from several months ago. Very short, but there's a second part I've been poking at and might post later today (baby sitting niecelet again, but not as late this time). I'll probably post this as it's own separate fic on Ao3 rather than with the other Project Reset snippets, just in case I get inspired to add more chapters later on. Fall busy season is here in full force, but you never know! :D

Sentinel Prime's opinion on femme-sparks in no way reflects the opinion of the author's )
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My usual Saturday-off work schedule got rearranged this week to allow co-worker to go adopt a puppy from a rescue in Illinois (I'm a puppy enabler! I admit it! :D), so not much writing time today. Next chapter of Still Waters still needs quite a bit of tweaking, so instead have a snippet!

Project Reset-verse, contains a bit of robot breast-feeding-equivalent.

Thundercracker's come a long way in four years )
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Bonus snippet! I've been helping out with niecelet once a week to give brother time to work on his photography stuff - she's walking now, as of last week, cute as the dickens and into everything. I spent last time following her up and down the stairs about 40 times and holding out my hands so she could carefully stash tiny pieces of shredded Kleenex. Such experiences may have influenced the following snippet :P

Project Resetverse - Thundercracker being baffled by hatchlings. Takes place shortly after the end of Project Reset: the Prequel )
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I don't think anyone will mind if I post this early ^^ Inspired a bit by tiamatschild's folklore meme - have some Optimus and Roller cuteness:

Protectobot Beginningsverse, warning for a couple of teaser legends slash fairy tales )
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Or, technically, Saturday afternoon, where I am. Fairly long one, this time! More of my somewhat cracky time-travelling Bumblebee headcanon (which I mostly blame on the Steve Jablonsky soundtrack song for him, and trying to make sense of Bayverse 07 Bee). If I were writing for serious business, I would probably cut all of this out as being too confusing and cluttering up plotlines and all, but since I'm not and it's what my brain wants to do, I'm indulging it :) Go wild, little neurons.

Protectobot Beginningsverse, no warnings. Sunstreaker has an issue with Bumblebee's paintjob, or lack thereof. )
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Trying to get back into the writing swing again, so going to see if I can manage to write a snippet a week, and Saturday is (usually) my day off, and also alliteration. That should be doable, right? So!

No warnings, just weary, silly P-bots :)

Introducing Saturday Snippet the first, Protectobot Beginningsverse )
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Another longish one! Found myself in need of some floofage after recent events.

Protectobot Beginningsverse - back to the VERY beginnings )
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Day off today, so we get a little bit longer snippet! Also accomplished - took my two back car seats out of the garage where they'd become a home for mice and hosed all the mouse pee off of them in the driveway while the weather was still above freezing. Fun times! They did clean up surprisingly well - they're drying in the kitchen right now.

Protectobot Beginningsverse Ebil Protectobots AU. Evil Protectobots are, not surprisingly, not very good at being evil. )


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