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Another 7 to 13 inches of snow headed our way - with the way it's coming down I'm leaning towards the upper estimates. Haven't heard anything official yet, but I rather doubt I'll be able to get to work tomorrow. I brought plenty of urgent work stuff home with me (the spring calendar! I haven't even started it, and registration starts Saturday!), so probably won't be able to use the time for gleefully writing fic, alas. Here, have this amusing video by a school in...Kentucky, I think it is - they got a little tired of making the same old "school is canceled tomorrow due to weather" announcement after the 8th or 9th time XD

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Hope everyone has a beautiful and joyous New Year <3  Have a lovely snow crystal from my back porch ^^ 

Spent New Year's with mom, who is suffering from "very quiet house" now that grandma is in a nursing home (which has been...hard, but there was no way we could afford the round-the-clock care at home any more.)  It's been a little weird - I think we've forgotten how to talk to each other about anything not grandma-related, but we had fun watching LotR (I've decided First Aid has Gollum fingers, only not!creepy and not!greenandslimy, lol) and eating a whole plate of chocolate chip cookies.  The first disk of Two Towers ended just before midnight, mom and I rolled off the couch and staggered outside, half asleep, and rang our bells a few times (we're such balls of fire :P) while the neighbors shot off some awesome fireworks.  Go neighbors!  These are the same ones that celebrate every holiday by covering every square inch of their yard with giant plastic light up and/or inflatable...things...and we laugh, but the fireworks were kickass ^^.  The sky was dark and clear with Orion high and beautiful and sparkling across the sky, blue moon up there somewhere but I think it was behind the house. 

In other news, I no longer like coffee!  There was that one cup that tasted good, but now...glearg.  O_o  Maybe it will come back.  Who knows!  Not me!   In the meantime, I stick to tea ^_^ 
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Our main bird person at the park where I work moved to part-time, so I've been doing a lot more direct handling with the education birds recently (which I much prefer to the paperwork end of things - finished the last ghastly-tangle-of-red-tape wildlife permit report and renewal today *heaves sigh of relief* we're good for another year!)  And if the Protectobots are my baby opossums, then this fellow is Sunstreaker:

He's a Great-horned Owl with a permanent wing injury, making him non-releaseable.  NOT a tame birdy, not at all.  He...tolerates us, barely, but give him any excuse and he'll be happy to put his talons through your arm/face/whatever.  (I know of people who have gotten their whatevers taloned.  It is not a happy fate.)  When I get him up on the glove, HE is holding me, not the other way around.  

Owl video clip and random snow pictures )


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They're saying10 inches on the news, but I think where I am it's closer to 12 - and it's still coming down like gangbusters! They don't plow the roads in my neighborhood, so I'm effectively trapped until some of the bigger trucks tamp things down a bit and I can get my (massively long) driveway shoveled.

Happily, the park is closed anyway, so I don't need to go anywhere and I can stay home and play - it's GORGEOUS! First real snow of the year - not much by the standards of folk who live in real snow country, but for Indiana this isn't half bad. I'd show you, but I left my camera at work yesterday - I could just kick myself *kicks self*

Kettle (my black lab/collie mix) has been bounding around - the snow comes up to her chest and sticks to her back until she looks like a polar bear, and the neighbor's little terriers have to leap in the air like rabbits to move at all, hee hee ^_^

Update:  I can see at least three cars stuck on the side of the road from my window - mmmmyeah - I think I'll stay right here thankyouverymuch...

Update the second:  I'm about 2/3 down the driveway, very peaceful, my last shoveling for this evening under a crescent moon and Venus in a clear deep blue sky.  The road seems mostly passable now, except for some corners where folks still get stuck; I'll  tackle the last 1/3 tomorrow and should be good to go.  I shall sleep very well tonight! 

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Warning: Naturalist Nerd Alert

It graupeled!  Last night, little styrofoam-looking pellets of snow, also known as GRAUPEL!  My favorite kind of snow (although not so good if you live in avalanche country), created when regular six-sided snow crystals get coated with supercooled water droplets known as rime.  You can recognize them even when they are falling because they bounce when they hit the ground, like little teeny ping pong balls.  Aren't they just the coolest *glees*  ^_^


A few more graupels and some random soda )


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