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First wildlife baby of the year arrived today - teeny day-old raccoonlet, not in the best shape.  A hiker found her along a trail in the park, muddy and cold. She's a bit dehydrated, but fairly squirmy and squawky once she got warmed up again - didn't like the rehydration solution at all, but I finally got her to take some diluted puppy formula, so far so good.  As per tradition, wildlife babies that need hourly monitoring and care always arrive on super busy days with field trips and a thousand other things going on *flops* but I have all day tomorrow off so that should help.  Also my grass needs mowing already - yikes!
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They are a couple weeks early this year - warm super early spring, although it's supposed to get cold again next week.

And THEN, more Projectreset!verse and hatchling adorableness from tainry, EEEEEEEEEE!!! And it includes bloodroot! :D
Spring Prompts:

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More spring wildflowers )

Pic dump

May. 8th, 2016 09:30 pm
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My bluebird box had four species of birds fighting over it this spring: bluebirds, house sparrows, chickadees, and Carolina wrens. The chickadees won (I put up a couple more nest boxes - bluebird family has already moved in.)

Spring babies and plants, oh yes, and also one dog vomit slime mold )
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Nice line of thunderstorms rolled through this evening, including a brief but enthusiastic hail storm. Also a few power flickers - internet's been a little glithchy with the modem resetting, but seems to be all back to normal now.
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Bloodroot only blooms for a few days, so gotta enjoy them while you can! The leaves are pretty, too, once the flowers are gone.

These are the new hiking shoes, take two. After trying to make the new pair of Keens work, I finally had to concede, they just weren't comfortable. I was bummed, since my previous Keen hiking shoes had been perfect, but they'd discontinued the style (Boyce). This style (Voyageur) kept pinching the tops of my feet, and even though my feet were feeling better with the new cushioning footbed, they were driving me nuts otherwise. So crossing my fingers I shipped them back for return (accepted, yay!) and made the trek to a physical store to see if I could find any good hiking shoes in stock in my size (small-footed women apparently aren't expected to do a lot of hiking, or wear waders or rubber boots, usually I have to resort to online, or sometimes I can find in boys sizes).

Selection in my size was slim pickings, as usual, but lo and behold I found the same style of Keen Voyageurs, in a half size smaller than the pair I'd returned, and when I tried them on they were perfect! In the Boyce I wore a 6.5, but this style must run larger. And they were the display model so they were on sale! Not the brown/pale blue color combo I really preferred, but the olive gray/lime green is nice too. I've been wearing them all day and my toes are happy - so much wiggle room! The sole isn't bending and pinching me anymore! My arches are completely chillaxed! I may just wear them to bed.


Mar. 12th, 2016 09:12 pm
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Went hiking yesterday in not-my-park, found some spring:

Spring under cut )
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Two days ago, they were under about 6 inches of snow!
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(Except without the bullets because they keep being weird when I add them.)

I did the Humble Bundle pay what you want thing, so now I have all the MTMTE so far! Except I haven't had time to download and figure out just where I want to put them and what format - pdf? or for my Kindle app I think it's MOBI, but they don't all have a MOBI version.

Niecelet learned to roll over yesterday! And she wouldn't stop doing it - every time I put her on her back, it's floop! Belly time. Sometimes with trapped arm, lol, she hasn't quite figured out how to get that out of the way consistently. And she wants to crawl so bad! All those things she could stick in her mouth! Just out of reach! Mom and I managed a smashing rendition of "Row Your Boat" sung in a round while we were watching her - Mom has a book with a baby schedule (like the pirate code, more guidelines) that says baby should be sung to for 10 minutes, so we gave it a try, but after "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Rockabye Baby" we ran out of songs! The audience was appreciative of the ones we knew, however - we got the Happy Airplane Arms and even a bit of squealing along ^_^

Refinancing final approval thing tomorrow night. Mortgage people, coming to my house - eek! At least house just needs a good last-minute vacuum of the cat fur to be mostly presentable.

Daylight savings this morning - I've been having to get into work extra early all week for various events or to allow extra time for bad driving conditions, so it wasn't much of a transition, except brain very helpfully decided to wake me up three hours early instead of just one *yawn*

Snow is melting! And under the snow there will be epic mud. Temps in the 40's and sunny, it felt almost tropical today! Hopefully the ponds will thaw enough for my pond study class next Saturday.  Maybe there will even be froooooggsss! :D 

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I was starting to think I'd made a terrible mistake in deciding to overwinter the yellow-bellied slider in my backyard pond - I thought she'd be happier there than in a dinky tank in my basement, but if I'd known we were going to have one of the coldest, longest winters in decades I might have reconsidered. Still, my pond pump kept running even through the harshest days and I had a heater that kept some of it ice free, so it should have held oxygen, and the closely related red-eared sliders at another park that lost power in a snowstorm for four days and ended up frozen solid in blocks of ice thawed out and were just fine, so I wasn't too terribly worried, but I kept checking the pond every day for her as things warmed up and turtles were emerging and basking in all the ponds in the park...and still no turtle. I wondered if maybe she'd crawled out into the yard earlier in the year before I'd noticed her and frozen to death?

and then Saturday I noticed some funny holes in my water lily )

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Half an inch of snow last night, although most of it melted right away, and a freeze warning tonight - my daffodils are looking a bit frosty!

It was a good day to stay home - managed to catch a cold, so spent most of the day cuddled on couch with kitties, reading and watching tv and coughing and sniffling. And lots of sneezing! I half thought I might be developing pollen allergies, since it's supposed to be a rough year for them, but this definitely seems to be progressing in a cold-like fashion, and I was fine all weekend outside gardening.

more plants and critters )


Mar. 8th, 2014 08:57 pm
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They weren't there yesterday morning!

I've optimistically put away the Wookie coat and snow pants, although not the emergency sleeping bag and blankets in the car. Still snow and freezing temps in the forecast, but the sun just feels warm now, more intense. I want to PLANT SOMETHING 8D

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Also known as Balloon Plant, Swan Milkweed, Family Jewels and several other names, lol, but I'm fond of Hairy Balls :P It's a tropical plant, so I've started the seeds inside since temps can still drop below freezing around here for awhile yet - invested in a plant stand with a clear plastic cover over the whole thing to keep the kittehs out of the nice pots of dirt. Maybe I'll start some cat grass for them again, and bring it out at intervals for nibbles ^^

Today was going to be my go crazy gardening day - first day off where sun is shining and temps near 60F (you think I go a bit daft over snow, you should see me when there's ACTUAL SPRING - the squee would be scary, except I'm usually tired from all the sproinging about to get too out of hand) but instead I ended up curled on the couch most of the day, purging my tanks every time I stood up, blaargh (cramps and a stomach that's been a little touchy all week, but I feel much better now - diet Sprite and lots of oyster crackers, successfully imbibed, w00t!). So today was kind of a bust. Saturday's supposed to still be nice though, and then rain all next week.

And, in keeping with my current juvenile humor mood, this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Warning for a bit of cat anatomy, but if you have a cat it's nothing you haven't seen before! XD
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Wow what a beautiful night - warm and windy, the moon and Mars rising in Leo to the east, Optimus Orion bright shining overhead, Jupiter and Venus setting in the west, whooosh! \o/

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Check out my corn seedlings! 

 "Knee high by the fourth of July" is the saying here in good ol' Indiana, meaning your corn is right on schedule for harvest.  At this rate, my cornlets are going to be knee high before they're even planted!  (Note to self:  next year, wait until April to start the corns.)  Mirage is pleased; the corn will soon be big enough to offer multiple lurking opportunities.

Wildflower pics, and poor poor opossum, he needs snuggles...or he would, if opossums actually enjoyed being snuggled )


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After the deep freeze, we've thawed out again big time!  Near 70's F and rainy, which means FROGS!  LOTS OF FROGS!!!  The little western chorus frogs were singing full tilt in the pond today - totally awesome and I may have suffered some hearing loss while video taping, but it was worth it!  Just look at this handsome little guy EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Pondward we go... )
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Temperatures in the 50'sF this afternoon, bright and sunny so I went searching for frogs.  Didn't even need a coat!  The ponds were still frozen, all I heard was one very sleepy chorus frog cree-ee-eeking, but one of the little spring ponds had melted on the edge where the sun was shining and I found FAIRY SHRIMP!!!  SPRING REALLY IS COMING!!!  It shouldn't surprise me because of course it does, every year, but when there is confirmation like sunshine that feels warm and fairy shrimp swimming and sandhill cranes migrating and male salamanders leaving their offerings of sperm-on-jelly in the ponds (which will probably happen on Thursday, when it's supposed to rain) I'M ALWAYS SURPRISED! 

For the weekend:  temperatures in the 20'sF and snow, and even I, lover of precipitation in whatever form it cares to assume, sigh at that forecast.  Just a little.  Because spring IS coming, I believe it now *frolics about* 

Click here to watch the shrimplets swim )


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