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Tainry wrote things! Wonderful things! And more to come!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Hatchlings in snowsuits. I repeat, hatchlings in snowsuits. This is not a drill.

In other happy news, groundhog that I rescued last fall that had a probable raccoon roundworm brain infection and poor long-term doing just fine? Still has balance/movement issues, which mainly amount to her moving slowly and occasionally tipping over (very rarely, now, not because she's any better, I think she's just got a better idea of what she can and can't do and is more careful), but has not gotten any worse, and otherwise seems super healthy. I went ahead and put her on my wildlife permits, and she had a small debut over the weekend for groundhog day and rocked it! Her long-term health is still uncertain, but definitely looking brighter :)
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Laeona updated her "Gravity" cover to fix a little detail that I didn't even catch, and in the process making it Even More Adorable, which I didn't think was possible! Gravity Shift - can you spot the difference? (spoilers in the comments, lol).

In other less fun news, the "mild cold" that I caught last week morphed into full-blown lurgy by Thursday, sore throat, mucus faucet, stuffy sinuses, headache and hacking cough, the works! Fortunately I was the last in the family to catch it, so hopefully didn't spread it to everyone else over Thanksgiving. Had a pleasant visit with sis-in-law's family, they're such awesome folks, I really like them a lot. I've been in a fun mood all day where I feel wise and imposing as an ancient Prime, possibly because my voice is all deep and gravelly XD

Feeling better today, finally, but hoping my voice lasts through a two hour program with 95 fourth graders tomorrow. Stocking up on cough drops!

Between the lurgy and holiday festivities and being back on work duty all weekend, I didn't get anything posted for Saturday, but I've been poking at a fic bit all week - just working on the ending still, should get it posted maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Also have failed to clean my carpets, but I did pick up my carpet cleaning machine from sis-in-law's sister at Thanksgiving - her carpets were very clean, so apparently it works great! She gave me a whole bottle of cleaning solution to say thanks, so now I don't even have to go out and buy any, w00t!
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Lookit lookit lookit, she did another one!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

LJ link to laeona's incredible cover art of 'Gravity', the very first fanfic I ever wrote

*flail flail flail* I'm just in utter delighted awe. "Gravity" has such a special place in my heart, and to see it brought to life like this is so unexpected and wonderful. I'm totally teary-eyed, lol

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Toldja I was going to make a little book! Incredibly awesome cover by [ profile] laeona, looks lovely next to my MTMTE's ^_^ I need a stronger stapler - binder clips work for now. Impressive when you print it all out - 36 pages, 1-sided. That's a bunch of words!

Kreon P-bots approve! Toast is wondering if can eat P-bots )
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So there I was, minding my own business, making my way through an average if extra busy week, not expecting the universe to hold any particular surprises for me, and then there was this comment on my last post - marked "suspicious comment" and hidden by LJ, of all things, but even though I didn't recognize the user name, the link in the comment just went to another LJ journel, safe enough, and so I followed it and LOOK WHAT WAS THERE!!!!  Look what this amazing wonderful person did! I am floored, and honored, and so full of squee I don't even know what to do with myself.  I mean, in my wildest imagination of awesome things that were possible, I never in a million years would have imagined this!

Am I going to print out a copy and then print out Shield and then staple them all together into a totally real little book and set it next to me and gaze at it and pet it every now and then?  Why yes, yes I am :D
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Finally had very late Christmas with brother and sis-in-law a few weeks ago and lookee what they got me!

I got the back license plate, too, so Glyph is now officially emblemed! Grunged up already with road salt, and there are these little black plastic bits that are supposed to fit over the screws but couldn't figure out how they were supposed to stay on - maybe I'll get some black paint.
More pics - car, p-bot layer cake, kitties opossums squirrel! )
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Late b-day surprise from tainry (late presents, my favorite! :D ) including many delights, not least of which was this adorable sketchlet which I just had to share: Project Reset Barricade and TC being nommed on by hatchlings \o/ <33333333333333333333333
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Meant to put this up some time ago, but work dramas intervened - Six-strand Protectobot bracelet by helpfulcatcreations :D. She's got all kinds of fun TF character-themed bracelets and can do custom designs for just about anyone - this one was a custom job and I couldn't be happier with it.

Here we have Groove and Streetwise, and I was so delighted when she came up with the idea to add the "Hey" charm for Defensor, makes me smile every time I see it <3

And then of course we have to have the rest of the team! )

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They're only toys at this point - still a mystery whether or not they'll turn up in season 2. Still, SQUEEEEE! :D (Also, Optimus voice, ftw!)

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"I'm in the right house, baby, I was born to behave *wink*"
*rolls about*
The "Ask Hogwarts" videos by the same group are also extremely fun and hilarious^^
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Despite going to bed early and waking up late, I've taken three naps today. Am currently contemplating a fourth O_o Hopefully I'm recharged for the next week - it's gonna be a busy one!

When I saw this pic of Roller from his wiki page I thought, hmmm, I sense Ironhide's influence, somewhere :P Hence inspiration for previous snippet. I mean, lookit the size of that thing! XD

Also, check out this comment thread from the snippets - the delightful [ profile] xianghua drew First Aid on a cupcake! And Hot Spot on a cupcake! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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Not until tomorrow night, actually, but if you're in North or Central America (sorry rest of world, but you get some next year I think) check out the moon Monday night/early Tues morning -  2:41am EST or 11:41 PST is the total eclipse, with the shadow starting to cross the moon about an hour or so earlier, and the whole thing lasting a bit over three hours .  Looks like we're going to be in the middle of a snowstorm where I am, alas, but I'll probably set my alarm anyway, just in case. 


Oct. 7th, 2010 11:46 pm
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I found water pennies today!  As much poking around in ponds and streams as I've done, and I've never found water pennies, but today I rolled over a rock there was a little lumpy bit, and I peeled it off and it had LEGS!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD and it glommed on to my finger just like it thought I was a rock *happy flail*  When I put some in a dish they cruised around at the bottom like these funny little trilobites, and they were just so absolutely EEEEEEEE!!!  \o/  New funny bug.  It makes me happy in my soul ^_^  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but here's a YouTube link if you're curious - this one's from Thailand, but looks very similar to the ones I found: 

Water Penny

Hmm, I think I could get a better video than that one, but it would mean going in to work tomorrow, and I have a whole day off.  Two days off, even.  In a row!  But I want to go back and poke more water pennies ^_^
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[Poll #1616650]
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This post is purely for the purpose of showing off this absolutely gorgeous icon, product of  [ profile] therixkeycopy 's  amazing icon-fu *glomps*  It's sheer poetry, literally!  It fits Blades so perfectly, and I've loved that poem forever.   And it's just so...pretty :D  It makes me happy to look at it o^__________^o <333333333333333333333

ALSO!  Many heaps of thanks to anonymous!  I didn't have to delete any icons to make room for this one, hee :D  Thank you so so much <3333333333333333333  *flings love at universe* 
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Ended up last night with a fever of 103F, alternating huddling on the couch shivering in all my blankets with sprawling out sweating on the carpet with a cool washrag on my face O_o  Good times.  Doing better today, down to 101F, although now I'm losing my voice so I sound suitably pathetic, lol.  AND to add insult to injury, a wasp stung me on my ear, which is a very unpleasant place for a wasp sting, although I'm sure there are worser places - it's gone from hurting like the dickens to itching fiercely whenever anything brushes against it, and is a becoming shade of cherry red ^^ 

Tomorrow is the creek stomp with the little daycamp group I've done programming for for nearly ten years now - my coworkers are doing a great job filling in for me, and I suppose tromping about in the water is not the best idea, even if I'm feeling better, but durnit.  I love the creek stomp!  *grumps*

But, on to the squee - I know a lot of you've seen these already, but if not, be sure to check out the adorable and absolutely incredible TFA Protectobot spec sheets by [ profile] mustardwketchup !!! Apparently, my P-bot writings helped inspire them, so they're partly my fault! :D  My existence in the universe is justified ^_^ 

First Aid Groove Streetwise Blades Hot Spot Defensor

I love them all so much! *snuggles 'em all* <3333333333333333333333333333
Stunticons are next! *glees*

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[ profile] rageai  has her Transformers-themed hand-made quilted EXTREMELY AWESOME AND AMAZING scarf Etsy store Damn Skippy Designs up and running!!!!  Go forth, and admire teh purties, I command you *commands*

I am the proud owner of my most treasured Protectobot scarf - it's been keeping me warm and cozy all winter.  I can have P-bot snuggles whenever I want! ^_^  The design is in P-bot colors, but not obviously robot related, so I can wear it to venues where my obsession with giant alien robots is not generally known (which is...uh, most places, lol) and garner lots of admiring compliments (the wee little skunk and bugs and flowers in the fabric patterns also help disguise where my true obsession lies ^_~).  Plus, I've discovered the dark crushed velvet back of the scarf is not only extremely cuddly, it also makes the perfect surface to catch snowflakes to show the kids!

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Thank you so much, everyone, for all of the lovely birthday wishes! <3 I feel so old, now, and wise, and mature! And I got cake for my birthday from mom, and cupcakes at work, and my boss got me some Reeses cups and a big 2-liter of diet Coke, and the birdwatchers gave me a whole bag of double chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles (they have cookies after the weekly birdwalks). I have, with great wisdom and maturity, been eating a little at a time pigging out on all of this for the last two days. Mmmmm. Cookies for breakfast.

Also![info]seikk wrote me a wonderful, sad-but-it-made-me-so-happy fic!   *dances around in glee*  I love it so much! (sorry Groove dearie). 

More babble, sort-of-spider pic and baby squirrel vids )
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[ profile] tirya56  drew the end scene from "Cyberswan Song!"  :DDDDDDDDDD  She's a little tech-deprived at the moment, so it's a bit blurry, but that cannot disguise the total squeeworthy adorableness *squees at the adorable*  Hee - it captures everything in that scene so perfectly, just delightful!!   <333333333333  o^____^o


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