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Mom's rescue kitty is doing great! She's just got some nasal/sinus stuff going on, which makes her breathe really loud at times, but other than that she checked out healthy.  She spent yesterday hiding under the couch when all the relatives were there, but today came out and said hi - it was just four of us and niecelet, so much quieter.  Except for niecelet, of course, but kitty was less scared of niecelet than she was of me - a few times she hissed when I tried to walk up to her, but if I can get her to trust me long enough to pet her she's all over it.  Nieclet crawled right under the table with her and got up in her face, and she seemed totally cool with that.

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Brother and Sis-in-law acquired a stray cat a few weeks ago that had been hanging around with a broken front paw for some time - he finally got friendly enough they were able to nab him and bring him inside. Big white fellow, not neutered, no microchip, friendly once he wasn't living rough although he still won't let me pet him, and is getting along fine with their other two cats and niecelet. Paw turned out to be old healed damage with a new infection, so that's being treated now too. And then another stray showed up during the bitter single digit cold snap we had last week, so mom took this one in, bringing our grand family total to nine cats, three at each house!

This one's a real cuddle bug, super sweet, doesn't mind the dog or other cats or slightly unpredictable 2-year-olds. Looks almost exactly my mom's 16-year-old other cat except a bit more compact body and she doesn't have white whiskers. Mom said her breathing didn't sound good when they brought her in, and she was still a bit wheezy sounding when I was over there tonight - she's got a vet appointment on Monday to get that all checked out.

Star Wars!

Jan. 2nd, 2016 08:27 am
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Behold, I have seen it, and can now read everyone else's spoilery postings! \o/ Star Wars has a special place in my heart - it was the first movie I ever saw in a theater, with my dad, who we would lose to cancer the next year. I was 5 years old at the time, and I remember the garbage compactor scene was what made a big impression on me, that and the movie theater had these nifty black-and-white checkerboard tile floors. I always get a pang when something nerdy and wonderful like this comes out - Dad would have really loved this movie.

Actually saw it last Sunday, but between work and second round of the cold from Thanksgiving I've been too wiped out to squee, or really do much of anything. Finally getting some energy back, though, thank goodness! - yesterday was clean critters and house and washed blankets and sheets and the old sleeping bags covering my bedroom floor that were covered with cat hair and kitty litter Skeleton Kitty had tracked all over the place. She's doing great - even let her out to roam around with the other three, just as an experiment. Pretty much non-stop hissing and growling from SK, Bones disappeared into the basement, and Toast and Gan just watched from a distance with very wide eyes, lol. After about 15 minutes, SK was happy to go back to her own private space.

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Well, not the news I was hoping for with skeleton kitty. Took her to the vet again last week for more tests, as she just didn't seem to be improving like I thought she should be - had gained a pound and a half (up from 6 pounds on her first visit a month earlier) but was still super skinny. Blood tests showed she's in kidney failure, which, unfortunately, is not something that tends to get better, although some cats can live months or years with the condition.

She seems happy if a little low energy, and isn't in pain from that condition, although she seems to have something going on with her back legs - vet suspected old fractures, although kitty is SUPER uncooperative, had to be wrapped up like a burrito for any sort of exam (and by the fight she put up this is not a kitty on her last gasp by any means!). Decided not to put her through stress of X-rays. She doesn't like having her back half messed with, but as far as I can tell it's not causing her undue distress.

So, adoption by anyone is unlikely, athough a few of my Facebook peeps (and mom, who is the softest softy there ever was) sent donations to help cover expenses, which was utterly sweet of them and very much appreciated. She seems content living in my bedroom for now, just planning to provide supportive care and diet and see how she does, and try to make the best decisions based on her quality of life. She stopped eating for a few days, possibly because of the antibiotics the vet put her on? But now that she's been off them her appetite has been gradually picking back up, and she's loud-mouthed and purry and demanding as ever.
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I've been seeing this fellow around the neighborhood and in my backyard for about two or three weeks and assumed he was someone's free-roaming cat - he always ran away if he heard me coming. Then a few nights ago I found him chowing down on the puppy chow I've been leaving out for a couple baby opossums I soft-released in the backyard, noticed he was pretty skinny and definitely hungry, hungry enough to come back when I made purr-meow noises and rattled the food. Once he realized I was food lady he got very friendly, at that point I noticed he didn't seem to be able to see well - not sure if completely blind, he sure gets around pretty good, but he doesn't respond to movement near his face unless you touch him.
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The usual story - found out in the woods by a visitor, there are no nearby homes for miles, so most likely dumped, not a stray. She'll hang out in my office until I can get her a home or an appointment with the local rescue.

she was very shy and scared, until I brought out the string and noms )

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Remember little gray rescue kitty Benson? His new mom now lives out of state and has been super busy, so I hadn't heard much for awhile, but she sent some pics today :)

He's doing great, and is best buddies with Sophie the boxer )
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Benson went home for good with his new mom on Sunday. This is the most recent picture of him - kittens, comfy anywhere XD

I'm gonna miss the little crazy fuzzy bean, but so happy he's got a good home. Gandalf seems to be enjoying having snuggles without his little groupie butting in all the time :)

assorted critters and plants and some house stuff, and one tree tragedy )

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Vet follow up visit today - clean bill of health, w00t! Eats moistened kitten chow, uses litter box like a pro, is starting to be more aware of everything and runs around and frolics like a little wind up toy.

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So last week I suddenly realized, hey, I can't remember the last time I had a cold. Rock on, immune system! Immune system apparently high fived itself and then took that as permission to go on vacation, because now I've got the lurgy, alas. And we're still in full blown crazy season as daycamps overlap with the "balanced calendar" school year, so field trips on top of wildlife calls on top of visitors on top of...unusual levels of disheartening and demoralizing things from the upper administration. I'm maintaining some level of cope by thinking of them like tornadoes - don't try to reason with them, just hunker down as best you can, then pick up the pieces and rebuild.

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Results of vet visit - little grey dude has ear mites and an upper respiratory thing, but is otherwise healthy - about 4-5 weeks old as I was guessing and weighs exactly one pound. He's been treated for the mites, dewormed, and has some antibiotics. He's also found himself a very good home! \o/ It's an awesome lady who works for one of our contracters at the park, and she's had kittens before but never one this tiny, so I'm going to keep him until he's a little older (and also it will give him a chance to socialize with other kitties and dogs). So yay, I get a baby to cuddle for awhile without the long-term commitment ^^

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Well, tis the season. Someone dumped this little dude at the park - he's a tiny guy, I'm guessing maybe a month old? Nice and squirmy, drinking formula from a syringe, but his eyes and nose are pretty runny (I cleaned him up for his photo op) and he's been sneezing a lot, so I suspect he's got some sort of upper respiratory thing going on. Hopefully can find a rescue or at least get him checked out by a vet in the next few days. It's a mini Gandalf!

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Crazy spring continues to be crazy, but hanging in there, for the most part. My cold from a few weeks ago has progressed to a lingering bronchitis, which has been wiping me out, glurg. I can have some energy back nao, plz? I have a whole day off today at least, to mow grass and do laundry and grocery and perhaps vaccuum if I want to get really ambitious, lol. And catch up on f-list! I see you thar, awesome writings ^^ Other exciting news:

Murray the Purry (aka "The Cat With the Floopy Ear") has been adopted! I made an appointment for him with a no-kill cat shelter, but one of our awesome park volunteers was willing to take on his vet fees, etc. and adopted him instead. She has a dog, so we did a test-meeting to see how that would pan out. Murray hissed and gave doggie the stink eye, but didn't even bother to get up from his cozy spot on the couch, so I think they'll be, if not best buddies, at least able to tolerably coexist. And since he's still sort of "in the family" I'll be able to get updates on how he's doing ^^

Here, have a video of the latest batch of baby opossums - mum hit by a car, the usual. I've never seen a set of babies so obsessed with grooming! All day long, wash wash wash. XD Four total, although there are only two in the video.

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Miss Bones is still with me, and doing much better - in fact, Miss Bones is no longer a descriptive name for her since she feels like an actual kitty now instead of a bag of sticks. Still looking for a home, one "well if no one else takes her" possibility ;) but it's only in the last few days that her digestive system has finally evened out - I really want to be sure she's healthy before sending her off, so no rush ^_^

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Got Miss Bones checked out at the vet today - I'm dipping into my wildlife donations a bit to cover it, since she was dumped at the park:
weight = 5.4 lbs (and gaining quickly, the way she's eating! I think that's doubled from yesterday.)
age = vet estimated about 1 year, where I was thinking 6 months or so, so she's an itty girl.
Negatory on the microchip, not that I'm surprised. I forgot to ask if it looked like she'd been spayed, but I greatly doubt it.
FIV/FLV negative, w00t!
No ear mites, just a bit of wax.
Flea positive, which I didn't discover until sitting in the vet's office, eep! Revolution flea treatment, check!
Rabies shot, check!
Deworming, check!
A few worried meows, but she was sweet and cooperative for everything - some of that's probably because she's half-starved, but I think she's going to turn out to have a really mellow personality.

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Didn't notice the earthquake here in Indy, but my power went out and kicked back on at about the right time O_o Yikes!

Norway spruce tree chopping and meet INTIMIDATOR, who would make a pretty cool Decepticon )

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