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Raks Geek - bellydancing Wookiee! And the rest of their playlist is fun, too - dancing Tardis, Klingon vs. Federation belly dance off, fire-twirling Rey, hee!
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LJ wants us to lure friends back with paid account time. Huh. Much as I miss folks and would love to see old familiar user names back again (hello dear long-time-no-see folks, if you should be lurking! *wave-glomp*) I just don't see that going over well. Although if anyone's particularly particularly desperate for a month of account time for some reason, hit me up and I'll "lure" you back ^_~

Stray bunny has undergone a complete 180 in personality. She's an absolute scamp, she is. Has broken out of just about every containment system I've devised and has been galumphing around the house (nothing like bunny herding at 3am, lol). Luckily she doesn't seem to be a big nibbler, so my power cords are all intact, so far. Her first few days she would barely eat, and it took her two days to poop and pee (which can be bad in rabbits, if things shut down or there's a blockage - I was a few hours away from calling the exotic vet), but now she's nibbling timothy hay and pellets and all the things she's supposed to nibble: carrot tops and kale and broccoli are all hits, zucchini and mustard greens not so much, and producing piles of droppings and pee on the regular. The first several days she would freeze if one of the cats was nearby and run away if I tried to touch her, now she's hopping up on the couch and shoving Gandalf out of the way so she can get pettings. Poor Gan, he hisses and then gives way to this weird cat, who has also been so rude as to leave rabbit droppings in his litter box! Watching Gan cover them in disgust was one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen XD

New education opossum at work (not at home, thank goodness - opossums and bunnies in the same house are not a good combo, and this bunny won't stay put). This guy was born with deformed front legs - they curl up so that he walks on his wrists - another rehabber rescued him but couldn't keep him, so a conservation officer brought him on Sunday. Kind of scared about being handled still, but he was having a good time stumping around the office yesterday and snorfling everything:

Work has entered full-blown crazy season, with the usual shenanigans that make me want to flop in despair sometimes, but there are frogs and flowers and many good things going on, too, and I truly do work with some amazing wonderful people. I feel like I've rebuilt my work-social circle after pretty much total staff turnover two summers ago, and there's still some weirdness at the upper admin levels, but the Big Boss has grown on me and done some pretty supportive stuff. So yay? Yes, yay. *firm nod*

Niecelet continues to be Cutest Baby in Universe. She's not crawling, quite, but she was planking yesterday - a full body push up! Very impressive, I don't know if I could do that for very long. I was giving her velociraptor screech lessons last week and managed to get video of her doing a perfect mimic screechy-squawk sound *melts* Auntie Worms is so proud :P

Thunderstorms rolling through, mmmmmm, nice *wafts rain towards West coast* Although down to freezing again tomorrow night. I've been growing Jack-in-the-pulpit seeds and they're just now starting to sprout; might be ok since they're early spring wildflowers anyway, but will probably bring them in just to be safe.


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Tipped off to this one by another LJ friend - I side-eye the whole "catch girls with pick up lines" dealie, but...yowza! I can totally picture Sideswipe or someone daring Optimus to say these and Opt is like, oh yeah, it is ON, and says them all to Sideswipe, with conviction and Sideswipe ends up going rather weak in the knees XD (Peter Cullen HOW CAN YOU BE SO ADORABLE I CAN'T EVEN *flail*)

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Found this via one of my coworkers - song is great for meditative hula hooping! Which I have gotten out of the habit of, and I really need to get back into. I keep getting wibbly at the dragonfly ^^

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I enjoy Prowl/Jazz although it's not my main thing, but this song is all over the radio the past week and every time it comes on I get Prowl in my head singing the most earnest, soulful ballad to Jazz, who then delightedly smooches Prowl senseless XD

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They're only toys at this point - still a mystery whether or not they'll turn up in season 2. Still, SQUEEEEE! :D (Also, Optimus voice, ftw!)

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Normally the baby opossums don't show up until mid-April, but Animal Control dropped off a litter of orphans last week (it's a rule, that on the craziest, busiest day of the year you will also receive baby wildlifes that need constant round-the-clock care). They weren't in the best of shape initially, and one didn't make it, but the rest have been improving and are now doing just fine. All three kitties arrange themselves around the heating pad and observe at every feeding time, but they aren't allowed to play with the squirmies, alas, poor things XD

Two baby opossum videos thisaway )
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Busy season is in full swing for September, although not quite the same level of craziness as the spring season it's still quite busy enough, with school groups and second wave of late wildlife babies (2 squirrel babies and six little opossums this week), and dry dry dry (we're under a fire watch and severe drought - last year it was floods!   I spend most days hauling water to all the poor little trees we planted in the parking lot this spring), trying to keep up with everything with our usual skeleton crew. 
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Houston, we have a hatching!  Remember the teeny luna moth caterpillars?  Six gorgeous adult luna moths hatched out yesterday and today from their cocoons!!  :D  These are two of the females that I released on a big walnut tree.  The male flew away as soon as we went outside, we've got two more laddies that are still drying their wings and will be released tomorrow, and I'm keeping one female in a paper bag over night to see if she'll lay eggs, maybe raise a second generation.



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