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Saw this on tumblr and OMG best thing ever - a parody of that catchy-but-problematic "Blurred Lines" turned into something much much better! "No Spines" - an homage to invertebrates and creepy crawlies! :D Again, spider & squirmy things warning (also, muscular dude dancing with squid):
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For a few more minutes anyway, in my time zone.  Only around 12 trick-or-treaters this year - I have LOTS of leftover chocolate.  Yum.
Here, have some rat-tailed maggots! :D  (Warning:  I think they're rather cute, but if maggoty thingies squirming around squick you, might want to skip this one)
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Golden autumn tree
Gold rings never thrilled but for 
You I would marry

bugs and babble )

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It is a rule of the universe that the yearly surprise inspection for my USDA animal exhibitor's license (that I'm required to have in order to do educational programs with my skunks and opossums) will be on the day that the house is at maximum clutter and grunge >_>  At least I was dressed - I'd just gotten out of the shower!  The licensing procedures are really designed more for big commercial operations, not little one-gal shows like me, lol.  The kids were all acceptably clean, at any rate, all my critter health records were in order, and Kettle turned on her doggie charm and fawned all over the inspector - new guy, very nice fellow - and my license is good for another year.  
Fruits and veggies and 'possums and moths )

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Some of the fireflies from my yard - in time-honored tradition, I caught a bunch and put 'em in a jar ^^



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I haz caterpillars!!!


caterpillars and opossum updates and video spam )
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'Possums on wheels!  Remember the eleven wobbly babies that couldn't quite figure out where the milk was coming from?  They've figured it out!  And they want to run run run, but they're not quite big or furry enough to go in the big outside cages yet, so instead they get a running wheel.  There's one little runt boy in the pack - I might end up moving him in with a younger litter that's more his size, but for now he seems to be healthy and holding his own.  The dinky ones usually catch up eventually.

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So all this week I've been forgetting what I was doing, wandering into rooms and then wondering why, putting objects in strange places, mixing up words, and writing notes on my hand that don't make any sense (i.e. a big "G" to remember to lock up and alarm the Marina at work after my frog program.  I knew what I was supposed to do, but what the heck did "G" stand for?)  All of which is completely normal this time of year, lol, but it's been fun to blame it on the head injury ^_~  
 Are my feet cold? Click here to find out! )
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While I was so busy last week the lawn and yard kinda got away from me - just got back in from tackling the second third of my Very Happy Lawn.  Several weeks of record warm temperatures for spring around here and the grass is lush and dense and juicy.  My trusty little push mower fired right up and gobbled its way through the jungle, though it took two or three passes on some of the sections.  Tomorrow (if I can still move my arms) it's on to the final third of lawn and if I get really inspired, see if I can make a dent in the WEEDS!  The swamp and prairie plants seem to be poking up beneath them, but I don't want them to get choked out. 

more babble and mama opossum update )
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Whew - these 14 hour days are killer!  But as of today, 167 homeschool students, 16 classes, and 30 presenters and volunteers were successfully coordinated with only minor glitches (unsupervised students rolling down the big hill, which was fine and actually rather delightful, until they started shoving each other down the hill.  NO SHOVING!  I have to fill out too much paperwork if someone breaks a leg!) 

My winter brain would have collapsed under the strain, but my spring brain seems to be able to grow to handle the bazillion extra details of schools and visitors and wildlife and  volunteers and constant phone calls and interruptions - kind of like migrating birds whose brains get bigger during migration (although when I find myself standing at the sink with an unopened can of soup and turn on the water to let it run...and realize a few minutes later I'm standing there holding an unopened can of soup under running water for no particular reason - that means brain has reached capacity and now stuff is just leaking out, lol). 

Toad orgy video and tf_ic_prompts babble )


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I'm wearing shorts! :D  It was downright hot today - crazy times at the park with spring break week and 80+ degree weather @_@  Visitors keep asking if the swimming beach is open and can they rent canoes, lol.  They don't open until May people!  It's early April; we can still get SNOW for another month!  

Weird warm weather means, of course, all the wildlife flings itself into peril, so in the space of 24 hourse I have acquired 19 new opossums:  One mama opossum with 7 babies in her pouch that got mauled by a dog (she's hanging in there, so far) and a litter of 11 little teeny guys whose mom was killed by a car - I've got them snugged up in the portable incubator I got last fall and never got a chance to try out.  It's awesome - keeps them at just the right temp with no twiddling required :D

Opossum babies in the pouch vid )
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The germs - they got me!  Been home today with the snorfly crud - just a cold though, no fever or anything.  I've been snuggled up on the couch catching up on things and putting together a presentation for tomorrow (filling in for my boss - we're both sick, but she's throwing up so I'm the more functional between the two of us).  Tried to get ahead on NaNo but instead I got carried away rewriting an earlier ficlet - oh well!  Keeping up with my NaNo goals so far *gasp flop*  just barely!  I knew this was going to be a rough week for it - work is still in crazytimes mode - but if I can make it through the next week I'm home free. 

More blabber, and some videos )
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Thank you so much, everyone, for all of the lovely birthday wishes! <3 I feel so old, now, and wise, and mature! And I got cake for my birthday from mom, and cupcakes at work, and my boss got me some Reeses cups and a big 2-liter of diet Coke, and the birdwatchers gave me a whole bag of double chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles (they have cookies after the weekly birdwalks). I have, with great wisdom and maturity, been eating a little at a time pigging out on all of this for the last two days. Mmmmm. Cookies for breakfast.

Also![info]seikk wrote me a wonderful, sad-but-it-made-me-so-happy fic!   *dances around in glee*  I love it so much! (sorry Groove dearie). 

More babble, sort-of-spider pic and baby squirrel vids )
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Climbing, food fights! The fattest, roundest tummies you ever did see! Skunk babies currently resemble a trio of goofy hyperactive clowns rather than the suspicious and wary wild animals they should be, but they do some nice stompy threatening when they hear unfamiliar human voices, so I'm not too worried about them becoming nuisances once they're released.  I've got a good release spot for them with just a few skunk-friendly people living there.

On a completely unrelated note - I had the coolest bizarre dream last night! Deep underground tunnel city/library with boulders and giant slabs of rock everywhere with water running over them - I wandered around exploring, touching the rocks and letting the water run over my hand. My arm was hurting in rl due to some excessive weed whacking, and the pain carried over into the dream - someone stuck Cheerios all over my arm as this was supposed to be some sort of remedy? and I was getting very tired so I found a nice shelf to take a nap, and there was an hourglass there and I thought how perfect! I can use the hourglass for a pillow and an alarm clock at the same time! :D   

Inspirational skunk quotes - Don't let the fact that your legs are an inch long stop you from trying to climb Mt. Everest )
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So what I said last week about work slowing down - nevermind! 

We've ended up with a long stretch of beautiful weather so people people everywhere, boss on vacation so I get to go to all of the meetings, the heating/cooling system breaks (again), phone lines down (again), Obsessed Fish Guy keeps coming by trying to give me his fish (he's moving to the Philippines), lots of little daycamps and daycares coming for programs, and so far there have been 2 sick raccoons, 1 squirrel who runs in circles for unknown reasons, one humongous snapping turtle hit by a car, a salamander victim of a shoveling accident, two more baby skunks, and 6 more baby opossums *flops* 


mild ROTF spoilers )



Videos: new skunks and opossum cage upgrades )


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Skunk baby playtime is gettin' rough - lots of wrestling and fur-yanking and squawking.  It's mostly the brother-sister pair with the broader stripes; little buzzy bee girl joins in every now and then, but she's usually off doing her own thing.  She's been an independent little fuzz ball since even before her eyes were open.

Haven't seen the movie yet.  Y'know.  The Movie.  But I will!  Soon!  Tomorrow even!  I have been averting my eyes from...well, pretty much everywhere, lol.  Thank you for all of the spoiler warnings floating around, although I should probably actuallly study up before I go instead of avoiding spoilers - I had all kinds of troubles with plot following and keeping track of which bot was which in the first one, the first time I saw it.  So I had to watch it a bazillion times over to figure things out.  Alas.  Poor me :P 

Edit:  Huh, mystery spacing under the cut.  Just scroll down a bit - weird LJ is being weird.
Two skunk videos and one bonus snake release (which sounds exciting, but they mostly just sit there) )
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But first, have some skunk fun and games: 

Under the cut we have two more videos, a cute itty bitty spring peeper frog, and an absolutely adorable mother wolf spider with her abdomen all covered with her hundred or so teeny weeny spiderlets.  Mama spiders giving piggyback rides to their babies gives me the warm fuzzies, but I understand this is not the case with everyone, so click at your own risk!
They really are sweet, even if they do...seeth...a little bit. ) 
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09:36  Despite three new belts, boiling, and baby oil, broke vacuum is still broke #
09:40  Gah!  That's the fourth can of fish food my dog has eaten this week! #
10:15  I think I shall call the little boy skunk baby "Hubble," because he was the first to open his bright little eyes and peer around #
10:57  Hmmm, "extra large dirt canister" - sounds like the vacuum for me! #
11:49  20 minutes on the phone to get through to vacuum customer service.  "the screws are taped to the handle."  *headdesk* #
12:01  This vacuum...does not suck.  It just streaks the dog hair across the floor.  I'm gonna go back and get the cheap little one like I had before. #
13:03  Dear McDonald's, no matter how relentlessly you advertise your "McCafe" - an airplane banner?  really? - it will never change the essential fact that I think coffee tastes like a terrible, wretched, scorched mistake. # 
13:04  Why do I keep whistling the tune to "Chicken Dance"? #
13:15  Hee hee, the carts at the hardware store all say "do not overload."#  
14:52  Little vacuum sucks!  It sucks like the wind!  and it was on sale too #
14:55  I may or may not have purchased pots of bee balm, joe pye weed, and cardinal flower at the hardware store, because I have perfectly good seedlings.  They'll be beautiful in three or four years.#  
18:26  Three litters of baby opossums cleaned out and moved to the outdoor cages.  Between that and clean carpets, I feel almost civilized!# 
21:12  Got a baby shower gift for my cousin - lady bug scoop for bath toys that attaches to the tub faucet.  I want one toooooo #
21:30 Thunderstorms and tornado warnings tonight, but it's all to the north right now - quite a lightening show! #
21:46  mmmm, thunder. 

Are ya getting tired of kyoot wildlifes yet, lol? I'm sorry...I'm surrounded! )


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