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Look what I just found! It's Pidge showing Shiro her cool arm tech, lol

Voltron fic

Mar. 5th, 2017 10:03 pm
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I wrote a thing! My first non-Transformers fanfic, although it does have five giant robots that combine into an even bigger robot, requiring a harmonious melding of minds, XD This just started rolling out in my head a few weeks ago and I realized halfway through I was pretty much re-writing "Protectobot Beginnings - Shield" in Voltron form, lol. If you go to tumblr tag #platonicvldweek there was a whole platonic Voltron challenge thing that happened to be going on, some fun stuff in there, I managed to get this one in just under the wire although I wasn't writing for the challenge specifically.

Voltron Legendary Defender: Small Fierce Things
Rating: K+
Summary: Pidge is badly injured. Shiro does his best to angst over it, but is foiled.
Word Count: 5244
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Thunderstorms rolling in, mmmmm, nice - although there's a fair to middlin' chance of tornadoes (in February, no less!), so will have to sleep with my phone turned up for alerts.

Last chapter of Winter Prompts from Project Resetverse is up! <33333333333333333333
Winter Prompts Chapt 5
Sproingy Jetfire, hee!

Voltron fandom is celebrating Shiro's birthday today (although it's canonically on Feb 29), so I've been having fun going through the "Shiro" tag on tumblr finding art of happy Shiro getting presents or just a nap, lol, and they did a most adorable interview with his voice actor on Facebook:
Josh Keaton livestream interview on Facebook celebrating Shiro's birthday

Moana voice actor Auli'l Cravahlo singing "How Far I'll Go" at the Oscars - haven't seen Moana yet, but this was lovely (intros by The Rock and Lin-Manuel Miranda) Auli'l Cravahlo performs 'How Far I'll Go' from MOANA
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Finally made my way through the second season of Voltron on Netflix and have been spamming my tumblr with Pidge squee - I realized during a scene where she says "curse my short arms" that Pidge is totally my spirit animal, lol. And then stumbled across this video recording of a podcast with Pidge's voice actor, Bex Taylor-Klaus, as guest, and omg, she IS Pidge! It's completely hilarious and adorable XD The podcast is quite fun, too - four geeky women, w00t! although there's so much laughing and talking all at once I found it a bit hard to actually hear what they were saying a lot of the time, but I didn't really mind because it was just fun to listen to them cracking one another up:

I found the podcast for Voltron Legendary Defender- Afterbuzz TV on my podcast app on my phone and downloaded the most recent episode, listened to it today while doing errands and cleaning stuff at work before I opened for the day. This one had Shiro's voice actor as guest, and d'aww, he seems such a lovely person, too, and very much a Space Dad himself. They go off on all sorts of tangents and bring up tumblr and fanart and shipwars, so that's fun too.

Looks like they've got Afterbuzz's for really just about everything - Transformers RID, Steven Universe, Legend of Korra, Agent Carter, Supernatural, Arrow - if you have a favorite show and you want to listen to folks gleefully discussing every little detail, this might be up your ally! (Also excellent for distraction if you tend to wake up at 4am trying to figure out How To Save The Entire Country With Just the Right Email hrm >_>)


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