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This was from my front porch last night - most of the worst of the storm stayed north or south of me, so I weathered everything ok, but my boss's family had to be evacuated by canoe from their home further south in the state.

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Why hello thar, Isaac! Got a good drenching today; haven't seen the official tally but looks to be at least 2-3 inches in my porch bucket. Original predictions were for 6+ inches which would have caused quite a bit of flooding, but this was just about right. Just enough to put a nice dent in the drought, not so much as to cause major issues.

My nasturtiums are finally blooming, after barely hanging on through all the heat this summer:

More pics, including baby snakes! )

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Round Two

Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:58 am
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We really lucked out - instead of another inch of freezing rain we got mostly sleet, which doesn't stick to the trees and power lines, plus temps rose above freezing for about three hours last night, which I think started to loosen a lot of the ice already on the tree branches.  The wind today is knocking a lot of the ice off the trees, so we haven't seen the extensive tree damage and power lines coming down - from what I can see in my neighborhood lots of small branches down but nothing major.  Other parts of Indiana were a lot harder hit, but in my area, at least, we're doing great!   The roads and sidewalks are still coated with a whole pancake layer of ice, sleet, melted sleet, freezing rain, and now some snow on top, so most folks are staying home today (including me, yay!  Haven't heard what shape the park is in yet, but I have a feeling things are a bit messier up there) to let the road crews try to chisel us out. 

A few more ice pics, plus some Toast )
ETA:  Another day off tomorrow - the park is still closed as well as most of the schools.  The parking lots and stairs and walkways are all ice skating rinks and most folks don't have nifty Yak Trax.  The ice is so thick crews just haven't been able to make much headway clearing it out. 

Round One

Feb. 1st, 2011 11:36 am
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We've gotten probably a bit less than half an inch of ice so far - Round Two is supposed to arrive sometime this afternoon and at least double that amount, possibly triple it.  Even the half inch was enough to shut down the park and bring down trees in some areas, but other parts of the city seem to be fairly passable - still, glad I don't have to worry about driving in it.  So far the power has flickered a few times but come back on right away.  I've been cooking some of my frozen food this morning just in case - I've got plenty of canned food, but cold soup might get a bit tedious after awhile ^_~   

Ice pictures )

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Water - check!
People food - check!
Dog food - check!
Kitten food - check!
Possum & skunk food - check!
Outside opossums - stocked up
Flashlights and candles - check!
Sub-zero sleeping bag - check!
Chargeable things - charged!

Forecasting a possible inch and a half of ice in my area by Wednesday morning - that's the kind of stuff that brings down trees D: *hugs trees*  I could use a few more cookies and snacky things, but when I drove by the grocery on the way home, cars were circling in the parking lot trying to find a space.  I'll live, lol.  The news folks are having a wonderful time, telling us all about their radars, and the awesomeness of their teams, and how on the spot and to the second they are, and, once in awhile, they also say a bit about the weather :P   I left the locks off the outdoor opossum cages, but I'll probably end up having to chisel them open at some point, as it doesn't look like things are going to thaw out any time soon after the ice.  Everyone stay safe and cozy out there, k? <3  

Toast thinks everyone should just calm down and take a chill pill. )
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Itty bitty kitty is growing!   Just since Friday he's definitely gotten bigger!  He's also developing important kitten skillz such as the scritch-my-head-nao head butt, climbing of pants legs, tangling oneself in a bunch of rope (I won't let him have string - what if he strangled!  or ate it!  Paranoid mom is paranoid), meowing piteously at an empty food dish, and pouncing.  Still working on the pouncing, actually.  If you've ever seen a very small child going off a diving board - lots of inching forward, and knee bending and bouncing as if preparing for a huge leap, and then...after all that drama...just a very unspectacular drop.  Kind of like that, lol.  

The adorable is beyond all normal bounds and expressions of adorable.  Instead of saying "awwww" and "how cute," people just stare and flail and look at each other in astonishment:  "OMG!"  "I KNOW!"   He's even adorable when he poops.  That's badass.  

Here are a couple of vids - sorry he doesn't really show up super good.  I read in a dog training book somewhere that if you have a black dog or cat, don't expect to make it big in show business because they just don't show up on camera at all. 

These videos may contain more than the recommended daily allowance of adorable. Please watch responsibly.  )


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